Chatterbox: Inkwell

It’s time for a new start. 


The Dominion has been ruling for to long. It’s time for us to step take control. 

A hundred years ago, the dominion council came in, and took over. We now live in a world of fear, where people are watched all day, and are imprisoned with the slightest mistake. Some of us obey. The others are ready to destroy. The Rebellion was formed. 

Join us, and let’s take over.


Okay, so that’s the idea. Dominion is one side and Rebellion is another.  I have created the character for the leader of both sides, and one character for the Rebellion side. Form is below! 



Name - 

Gender/Pronouns - 

Appearance - 

Personality - 

Weapons (if any) - 

Dominion, Rebellion, or Citizen? - 

Other (backstory counts as other) - 


My characters - 


Name - Versa 

Gender/Pronouns - Female, She/her

Appearance - Dark red hair, deep brown-red eyes, dark red tunic and pant, brown boots.

Personality - Kind and strict, clever, determined.  

Weapons (if any) - Throwing stars and knife.

Dominion, Rebellion, or Citizen? -  Rebellion leader.

Other (backstory counts as other) - 


Name - Unknown, everybody knows him has the overlord (yes, got it from tv shows) 

Gender/pronouns - Male, he/him

Appearance -  Black hair, cold blue eyes, black cloak with hood that goes until ankles.

Personality - Cruel, ruthless, smart, thirst for power.

Weapons (if any) - Swallow (search it up) plus daggers.

Dominion, Rebellion, or Citizen? - Dominion leader

Other (backstory counts as other) - 


Name - Vivienne

Gender/Pronouns - Female, she/her

Appearance - Black hair, purple eyes, deep purple tunic

Personality - Determined, daring bold, kind to certain people.

Weapons (if any) - A dagger that can become a swallow or bow and arrow.

Dominion, Rebellion, or Citizen? - Rebellion member 

Other (backstory counts as other) - Part of rebellion, but was captured by Overlord. Currently in a cell. 


Okay, we’ll begin RPing when we have 3-4 people on all three sides, (counting Vivienne)  up to 3 people per person please, and please don't put all of them one one side! (I know, i have two people on one side, sorry!!" 

Have fun!!

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Is this okay?

Name - Vix

Gender/Pronouns - they/them

Appearance - heavily gelled brown hair in a pixie cut, dark, glassy eyes, olive skin. Almost always wearing a white hooded cloak, black leggings, and black boots. Has a tattoo on the back of their neck that reads "YOURS" in ancient runes.

Personality - They seem to have very little personality and show little emotion, usually just smiling creepily or staring absently. They are ruthless, however, and will do anything to please the overlord, and can be manipulative at times.

Weapons (if any) - a beautiful silver sword and matching dagger, as well as two bottles of poison.

Dominion, Rebellion, or Citizen? - Dominion.

Other (backstory counts as other) - Vix is the loyalest member of the Dominion you'll ever meet and one of the overlord's most trusted. It is unknown exactly where they're from, but rumored that when they first joined the rebellion, they had a strange gray collar around their neck and showed much more emotion. Hmm...



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omg they seem so interesting:000 

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Name: Nightshade
Gender/Pronouns: I HAVE NO GENDER. (My pronouns are they/them)
Appearance: Deep purple hair, green eyes, always dresses in black, a scar over one eye
Personality: Does not like people
Weapons: A silver dagger
Dominion, Rebellion, or Citizen?: Rebellion member
Other: n/a
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Name - Alaina

Gender/Pronouns - female, she/her 

Appearance - Crown braid that is dark brown with streaks of blond hair, dark brown eyes, tan colored tunic and dark brown tights.

Personality - Inquiring, persuasive, cognitive, unnoticeable, quiet, and wary. 

Weapons (if any) - She is skilled at mounted archery, but carries no weapons because it makes her seem completely harmless and is an advantage if she is in the wrong place at the wrong time and suspected of something.

Dominion, Rebellion, or Citizen? - Citizen, but is considering joining either Dominion or Rebellion, and weighing the options carefully at the beginning of the RP.

Other (backstory counts as other) - She's 14, and her backstory is that she works as a seamstress for a living. Her father was part of the Dominion and was killed by the Rebellion, but her older brother was part of the Rebellion and thrown in prison by the opposite side. Consequently, Alaina is always careful that neither side suspects her, causing her to be as inconspicious as possible. She also has misgivings about both sides, but she doesn't want to stand on the side either. 

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oooooooo i can't wait to see how this plays out

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Name - Betty

Gender/Pronouns - she/her

Appearance - Silvery gray hair tied in a bun with a tiny bow, wears old-fashioned dresses, short and wrinkly, just your average little old lady

Personality - kind, always smiling, aloof, silly goofy, rather senile

Weapons (if any) - came

Dominion, Rebellion, or Citizen? - Citizen

Other (backstory counts as other) - 

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Forgot to post my other character 


Name - Siala

Gender/Pronouns - she/her, female

Appearance - light skin, gray eyes, long gold hair,

Personality - fiery and fierce despite her kind and soft appearance. She is a 'destroy first, ask questions later' kind of person

Weapons (if any) - sword

Dominion, Rebellion, or Citizen? - Citizen and obeys the Dominion, but later wants to join the Rebellion

Other (backstory counts as other) -  

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huh. the other character sheets didn't post.



Name - Rolex

Gender/Pronouns - they/them pronouns

Appearance - medium tone skin, brown eyes, medium length light brown hair

Personality - determined and strong, will do anything for what they want

Weapons (if any) - knives 

Dominion, Rebellion, or Citizen? - Dominion, but is slightly reluctant to destroy the Rebellion

Other (backstory counts as other) -  


Name - Kasken

Gender/Pronouns - he/him

Appearance - light skin, blue eyes, long arburn hair in messy dreadlocks, scar on right hand

Personality - sandpaper, if you know what I mean

Weapons (if any) - two swords and a knife

Dominion, Rebellion, or Citizen? - Dominion

Other (backstory counts as other) -  Rolex's mentor

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Name - Deva

Gender/Pronouns - Nonbinary, they/them

Appearance - Long dark brown hair, blue eyes, sienna brown skin, tattoo of a dragon on one of their arms.  Usually wearing a leather jacket, ripped and paint-stained jeans, and combat boots.

Personality - Extroverted, clever, athletic, always has a witty or sarcastic comment.  They're confident and cocky, narcissisic, and more than a bit cynical.

Weapons (if any) - Katana, also decently skilled in martial arts

Dominion, Rebellion, or Citizen? - Rebellion

Other (backstory counts as other) - They grew up in poverty and became a mercenary at a young age, partially to earn money but also because it seemed exciting. They never liked the Dominion but didn't care much about it until they were captured and almost killed by Dominon soldiers.  A member of the Rebellion saved them in exchange for their loyalty to the cause.

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Name - Hunter

Gender/Pronouns - She/her

Appearance - Shortish brown hair, muscular, fairly androdgynous outfit

Weapons (if any) - Large hammer

Dominion, Rebellion, or Citizen? - Citizen (working under Dominion, but sympathetic to the Rebellion)

Other (backstory counts as other) - Because of my fear of my sister being taken out of school (She loves school, and she desperately wants a future in academic subjects), I obey the Dominion. I am a bladesmith. Before the takeover, I worked as a street vendor creating ceremonial/decorative/toy blades out of found items as a street vendor. However, I did have an affinity for regular blades, just not the conncections to procure materials or them to sell well, so when the Dominion took over, they got me to make weapons (both funcional and ceremonial for the rich), and though I originally detested their cause (and still dislike them and their methods, such as threatening my sister) I appreciate the business they have brought me and am slowly being corrupted by it. I still have time to swayed either way...

Sorry for the long backstory, I was thinking about it all day and it kept building in my mind.

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I somehow left out the entire (and very important) personality section? I don't even know how I managed to do that one, but here it is:

Personality: Friendly but not very good at social interaction (gruff but not mean). I laugh easily but I don't crack a lot of jokes myself.

Tell me if you need more, I wasn't entirely sure what to put for this section but I can try to expand it if you want me to.

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Name - Arya

Gender/Pronouns - he/she

Appearance - very thick longish voluminous hair, slight curl, brown hair, large hazel eyes with long eyelashes, adrogynous body type but is biologically male.

Personality - insecure, defensive, really approval-seeking, if hunter from toh and catra from she ra had a kid 

Weapons (if any) - dual broadswords, staff

Dominion, Rebellion, or Citizen? - dominion

Other (backstory counts as other) - was an orphan; adoptive father who is also now deceased was part of dominion, is basically the whole dominions pet child

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