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OC Truth or Truth

Character building excercise! Use any character to play truth or truth, whether this be a random OC, a roleplay character, an AE (perhaps an ae you don't yet have, but you're trying to come up with one!) or anything else!  There's no dares bc figments of one's imagination can't exactly complete those, and there's a slight modification to the rules: Anyone can post a question, but they must answer the previous persons question before doing so.

First question, i'm sure many of you have heard of it before:

A trolley is headed down the tracks toward five people who are tied to the track and cannot move.  However, if you pull the lever next to you which you can easily reach, the trolley switches course to another track where there is a single person tied to it.  Would you pull it?

(To further deepen your understanding, you can also consider: what is going on in the character's mind as they weigh the options?  Would it matter who was on the track or who put them there?  What would the aftermath look like?) 

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(September 15, 2022 - 4:56 pm)

Imma just post this here for context--

Name: Asymptote

Pronouns: She/they

5-word personality: Jaded, hyper-fixated/focused, extremely determined, tragic

Would do anything to get her lost lover back / keep them safe, even if it meant bringing death to others.


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(September 15, 2022 - 7:16 pm)

Name: Aryan

Pronouns: she/he

5-word personality: insecure, self-conscious, defensive, lonely, curious

From the Dominion/Rebellion roleplay 

submitted by Tsuki the Skywolf
(September 16, 2022 - 7:44 am)

Name: Jeremy Connell

Pronouns: He/him

5-word personality: Self-distructive, caring, serious, genius, insecure

He is, by definition, a genius, mostly about health and nursing.


I'll answer the question when I get home later and have autocorrect :D

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Ok. So he is from a story of mine with no official name, only being called Project SPS (Smart People Story, lol) for now.

As for his answer, it would definitely depend on who was on the tracks. Say on one side it was 5 people he hates, but on the other side it's someone he loves. That would be difficult. He would probably consider both options, but of course land on not moving the lever at all. Afterwards, though, he would hate himself for it. Forever.

But if was, say, a stranger vs 5 people he has mixed opinions on (like his arch-enemies, his boyfriend, and his best friend) he would go for the stranger, and still regret it.

He wouldn't want to kill or harm anyone, though. Unless it is that one person... and the main baddie who isn't technically a person, more like a god or whatever Bill Cipher is... 

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Name: Mischief Kuro
Age: 15
Personality in 5 words: Sneaky, Sarcastic, Coy, Up beat and Flirty
She likes People, but her horns freak people out. She's thinking of cutting them of.

Screenshot 2022-09-16 at 14-10-17 ななめーかー.png
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(September 16, 2022 - 1:16 pm)

Name: Rachel Linn

Pronouns: any

5-word personality: talkitive, strict, even-tempered (is that a word?), mysterious, secretive

From: My ImAgInAtIoN

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Aryan doesn't have a lot of friends, so he wouldn't have a partner or a best friend on the track as he's not really close to anyone... as the trolley came closer she would try frantically to think of a way she could prevent anyone from dying at all but ultimately he'd know there was no way she could stop the trolley.  Her first instinct would be to ask for help from the nearest Dominion member in hopes that they had a way of stopping it, but if there was none around...

If there were five rebellion soldiers on one side and one dominion member on the other, he would have an extremely difficult time deciding, but in the end not pull the lever at all.  The lives of the five soldiers would haunt him forever.  If there were five dominion soldiers  and one rebellion, she'd almost definitely pull the lever.  That life would still haunt him, but he would be able to justify it in his mind by realizing instead of killing one she'd saved five, especially if the overlord was happy he'd killed a rebellion member.  Now say there was two dominions, two rebellions and a citizen on one side and a citizen on the other, she'd think of any way possible to sabotage and thus derail the trolley, or release the people before the trolley got there.  His first move may be to rush over and free the dominion members, but the less panicked and more able to think logically he is, he'd try to free the first person, then pull the lever so no one gets hit after all.  Depending on how far away on the tracks the people are on the trolley, he'd likely pull the lever first and then rely on his on speed to free the first person before the trolley got there.

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(September 19, 2022 - 7:42 am)