RP/Writing Contest??

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RP/Writing Contest??

RP/Writing Contest??

Ambroma and Daysha enjoy a nice, quiet walk. As they step into a small meadow, a shaft of light shines through the trees and onto Ambroma. She screams and seemingly disappears.

But Daysha sees, out of the corner of her eye. The ground seems to open for a moment as Ambroma falls. And, whether coincedence or not, the leaves above her shift and the shaft of sunlight is blocked out again. Daysha crouches down and feels the ground where Ambroma was. A divet in the ground- her fingers trace it in a perfect square. She pushes. Whatever system was keeping the trapdoor in place seemed to have served it's purpose once than given up, becuase it falls down a sloping tunnell. Daysha only hesitates a moment before she jumps in.

The tunnel is like a children's slide, but Daysha imagines it was probably less fun and more terrifying for Ambroma. As Daysha slides, she starts to hear voices at the other end. She slows her descent and soon the tunnel becomes flatter. She stands up and begins to tiptoe. She sticks her head around the last bend and spots Ambroma, looking flustered and confused. But even more curiously are the dozen or so teenagers around Daysha and Ambroma's age. In front of all of them stands the oldest man Daysha thinks she's seen. She ducks back out of sight behind the bend and listens to the ancient man.

"Hello. I trust you have brought no one with you?"

There are some murmerings of agreement, although the other teenagers seem to be just as confused at Ambroma and Daysha. 

"Good. You have been chosen."

This is an idea I had for a mix beetween a RP and a writing contest. Basically, each person writes one thing, from the point of view of one of the other teenagers in the room. You can feature Ambroma and Daysha a lot but it cannot be from their perspective. And, although I know this gives advantage to the people who post first, you must make sure your story makes sense with what people have posted before you. You by no means have to follow their storyline (but you can!), but it has to be belivable that theese two things happened in the same universe. and at the same time. At the end of the month I will judge and pick a winner. That winner can judge the next set of storys or pick a new story beginning or do whatever seems to make sense. As I have stated before, I am extremely unreliable as to when I will be on Cricket so I will set a reminder for myself to judge but if you post a question or need for clarification I'm sorry if I don't reply. Do whatever makes sense to you or if someone else has an idea you can follow their judgment. Goodbye and have a nice day!  


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Cool! Can't wait to start!

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