Detailed character sheet! 

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Detailed character sheet! 

Detailed character sheet! 

This is just a random thing for character building I wanted to do. Basically i made a detailed character sheet that you can use to develop AE's, OC's or whatever you want better. It's not for a RP or Ski Lodge just for fun. Here it is! 

First name: 

Middle name(s): 

Last name: 






Personality type: 

Negative traits:

Positive traits:


Detailed appearance: 




Biggest fear: 

Biggest insecurity: 






Love interest: 





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Ooo. This looks fun. I'm only going to put up one a day...because this is a lot to write. I'm doing Strawberry first because...I really like this AE
First name:Strawberry
Middle name(s): Freasa
Last name: Rosado
Ethnicity: Spanish and American.
Birthday:February 27 (look up what that day is. It's pretty funny)
Pronouns/gender:She/her. Female
Personality type: INFP
Negative traits: (warning, sad back story SPOILERS. Go read the back story first) Constantly on a sugar high to stop sad thoughts from creeping in.
Positive traits:All ways happy, she has a drive to win, a HUGE people person and sometimes can't respect personal space, but in a good way (like constantly giving hugs or tousling peoples hair)
Habits:play with bits of clothing, bite finger nails or pieces of her hair.
Detailed appearance:smooth tan skin, scattered with freckles, fluffy black hair, a wavy green streak in the front, large green and blue eyes, thick eye lashes, she has a small scar under her chin (from falling of her bed after jumping around on it).
Interests:Baking, flowers, animals and for some reason Skiing.
Likes:Bunny's, hanging out with her friends, making friendship bracelets, Talking to Mira (Rora's AE) about strawberrys and brewing her own tea.
Dislikes: Cold days and mistakes.
Biggest fear:Losing all her friends because they think she's needy.
Biggest insecurity:That she talks to fast or can be too loud.
Abilities:Really good a making her own Recipes, surprisingly athletic and great with kids
Power(s): None that I can think of. Unless baking Cream puffs that taste like heaven counts
Family:Um..I'll explain in her Backstory.
Friends: Chai, Mira, Hour, Mhaya, Reuby (my OC Reuby) and Oliver.
Enemies:No one
Love interest:Oliver ( but only a crush)
Height: 5'1
Weight:100 pounds
Backstory:Her family left her when she was very young, the Moonnight family took her in when she was 6. In the years between 3 and 5 she wandered the streets. She sometimes thinks about that but when she does, it breaks her heart. She has no idea who her family was, but she thinks of Reuby's family as her own. The reason she is all ways on a sugar high is because she does not want to cry in front of others
Other: She owns a cafe ( you all prolly know that) and she also owns ten pink bunnys (or, Hot Pink Bunnys. If you read muse you should get the ref)

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Sure, this might be a fun way to get to know some AEs and OCs better... Let's start with Chai

First name: Chai 

Middle name(s): uncertain 

Last name: uncertain

Species: human, we think

Ethnicity: we're pretty sure she's American and has Irish heritage 

Age: 14

Birthday: September 21

Pronouns/gender: female, she/her pronouns (although she sometimes feels non-binary and generally finds the idea of a gender, or absence of one, sort of confusing)

Personality type: not sure

Negative traits: can identify others' feelings and is empathetic, but struggles to understand when they need personal space. Sometimes pushes people's limits without realizing it. EXTREMELY energetic and always needs to be moving.

Positive traits: kindhearted, sweet, fun-loving. Generally a great friend, even with her character flaws.

Habits: collecting, eating, and admiring candy, giving hugs, giggling excessively and for no particular reason, thinking about dumb things and then regretting thinking about them because she should've been paying attention 

Detailed appearance: auburn hair that is long and curly, big, bright orange eyes with stars and sparkles in them, freckled cheeks. Wears an orange sweater underneath blue denim overalls and brown Ugg boots (she's known to misspell Ugg as Ugh)

Interests: candy, making friends, crafts, walking, running

Likes: all of her interests, as well as being with her friends and making them happy

Dislikes: talking about her past, thinking too hard about the meaning of life, football, and vegetables 

Biggest fear: she claims it's running low on candy but if she had to think hard about it she may find that it's losing the people she loves.

Biggest insecurity: she sometimes gets what she refers to as a "look through the keyhole" (inspired by Via's POV in Wonder) where she finds herself extremely annoying and wants to stop being so childish

Abilities: great at giving hugs (and advice, weirdly), as well as jumping very far and remaining optimistic about everything.

Power(s): none, it seems

Family: unknown

Friends: Oliver, Dawn, Strawberry, Mira, Vo, Rogue (sometimes), Indy, Quinn (sometimes), Wanderer

Enemies: Red Starlight's AE, Scar, is the closest Chai has come to having an enemy 

Love interest: none, as of right now

Height: she's super short for her age. Maybe 4'5. 

Weight: between 80 and 95 pounds

Backstory: she wandered around most of her life, floating from foster care to orphanages to the streets. At some point she met Rogue and was taken in with her by me when she was 13. 


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The character described here is a girl who lives in a desert, which has been taken over by its powerful northern neighbor. Her tribe is oppressed and she joins a band of outlaws to fight for its freedom.

Name: Reynara Akhalia of the Fountain

Ethnicity: She's from an (imaginary) desert, of a tribe called the Destas.

Age: 17. She was born on the first day of the Month of the Moon (July 1st for us).

Personality type: A mix of ENFP, ENFJ, and ENTJ.

Positive/negative traits: She's a great leader, fun-loving, exultant, direct, fiery, energetic, and reckless. But she can be reluctant to give up her position as "alpha" and sometimes doesn't see when she's gone too far.

Detailed appearance: Reynara is quite pretty (as usual in stories) with thick, glossy brown hair, clear-cut features, hazel eyes with golden flecks in them, and light cinnamon skin. She usually wears a sari-like costume of scarlet or, to be more practical, dark green.

Abilities: Reynara can lead people well, manage horses skillfully, and persuade people to tell her their secrets.

Backstory: Reynara's tribe is oppressed by a
large and powerful empire called Elderrin. With a band of Destas, she begins to fight
for her country's freedom and eventually wins. She isn't the head of the
band, which is led by a rather handsome young man (Andarar) and his girlfriend (Indiria),
but she's definitely one of the most important figures.

Family: Reynara has a brother who doesn't approve of her being basically an outlaw. She also has a kindly father and lots of aunts, uncles, and grandparents, who all provide support for her. Friends: She's particular friends with Indiria, because they share many traits and long-term ambitions. Enemies: Reynara is, of course, a sworn enemy of the northern kingdom (called Elderrin) and its government officials. But she also is an enemy of a little old man who everyone trusts but her. She feels he's a spy - and she turns out to be right.

Love interest: Here we get interesting :) As usual in books, Reynara is... in love. She loves a man who's the son of an Elderrin government official, but has decided to join the Destas. He's just right for her - courageous, charismatic, and inspiring, with her same basic motivations and dreams. However, he counteracts her usual impulsiveness with his tendency to strategize and think things through.

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First name: Louis

Middle name(s): Owen

Last name: Reilly

Species: human, very small amount of fairy ancestry

Ethnicity: Welsh and possibly Cuban heritage

Age: 14-15

Birthday: September 11

Pronouns/gender: male

Personality type: melancholic INFP-T

Negative traits: shy, low self-esteem, can be absent-minded

Positive traits: quiet, artistic, unexpectedly brave, loyal, determined

Habits: doodles on everything (notebooks, shoes, his hands), tends to speak quietly, snaps his fingers when he's trying to remember something.

Detailed appearance: slight of stature, has curly dark hair, bright blue eyes, light tan skin, and freckles. He wears sweaters/t-shirts & red Converse high-tops that have the words "walker, there is no path/the path is made by walking" (-- Antonio Machado) written on the side of the sole in Sharpie.

Interests: reading, hiking, exploring, bird-watching, drawing.

Likes: books, poetry, solitude, the woods, adventure, museums, Imagine Dragons.

Dislikes: crowds, small talk, ignorance, cities, neon colors, doctors.

Biggest fear: being rejected

Biggest insecurity: he worries he comes across as odd or too shy, and often feels different and out of place among his peers.

Abilities: he reads fast?

Power(s): he can travel in space/time at will.

Family: his mother, Eva; his father left when he was young.

Friends: David and Kathleen Tennyson, Cal James, Gwendolyn Howell

Enemies: the king of the fairies

Love interest: n/a

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 124

Backstory: he was born and raised in a small town out the country; his father, Ian, left when he was eight. He became friends with David (called Tennyson by his friends), Cal, and Kathleen when he was twelve, and with Gwen, when she moved to the small town (Cunningham), when he was fourteen. He later (accidentally) opens a door to the world of the fairies, and chaotic magical shenanigans starring him, his friends, the aforementioned fairy king, and a laconic part-fairy with magpie wings ensue.

Other: he's one of the main characters of my latest novel-in-progress; I may be back later with the rest of them.

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This character sounds like someone I would like to know, and the plot of the backstory is very interesting! I hope you do post more about it later!

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Thank you! :D the plot is still rather vague at the moment, tbh -- I wrote the story and i lost motivation/inspiration halfway through, so I've decided to redo the whole thing, refining characters, plot, etc, and write it for NaNoWriMo this year. The characters themselves are the aspect I'm most certain about at the moment.

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First name: one of the great mysteries of our time. Originally David (called Tennyson), but now I'm considering Eliot/Darcy/Alexander/Stirling/making his middle name his first name. Suggestions are welcome.

Middle name(s): subject to debate, as above, but it's currently Akito.

Last name: Tennyson

Species: human

Ethnicity: half Japanese-American, half white American

Age: 14-16

Birthday: December 28

Pronouns/gender: male

Personality type: sanguine ENFP-T, I think.

Negative traits: impulsive, hotheaded, mercurial, prone to anxiety.

Positive traits: energetic, funny, dramatic, charismatic, spontaneous.

Habits: taps his fingers or fiddles with a pen when he's thinking, writes in illegible cursive, calls his friends by their surnames, hugs from the side.

Detailed appearance: short (much to his chagrin), has straight, short, very dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, light tan skin, and narrow callused fingers. He wears rectangular glasses and scuffed-up, often untied doc martens.

Interests: playing viola, history, ancient mythologies and languages, adventure.

Likes: cities, people, music, old things, campfires, summer.

Dislikes: loneliness, anxiety, pretense, labels, school, anything orange-flavored.

Biggest fear: death; his own and his friends'.

Biggest insecurity: he's often socially anxious, though it's not usually visible; he worries people think he's weird or hyper.

Abilities: he's good at talking to people.

Power(s): n/a

Family: David and Keiko, his parents (a pediatrician and a former model/actress); Kathleen, his elder sister by a year.

Friends: Cal, Louis, Gwen, Kathleen

Enemies: the fairy king

Love interest: Gwen, I think.

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 123

Backstory: his parents moved to Cunningham, David's hometown, when he was four and Kathleen five; he met Cal in kindergarten, Louis in sixth grade, Gwen in the summer before tenth. He's sentenced to death by the fairy king, but is (probably) rescued by Gwen, Cal, Kathleen, and the imaginatively named Magpie (the aforementioned half-fairy with magpie wings). Louis does not take part in that particular shenanigan, being at that time a fellow prisoner of the fairy king, albeit for very different reasons.

Other: n/a

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Whoa, another character I'd like to meet!! He actually sounds kind of like me :)

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(oooh! this seems fun!) 

First name:  Sini

Middle name(s): (i haven't given him one;-;)

Last name: Batxer

Species: (hmmm) human.

Ethnicity: African american, chinese.

Age: 14 or 15 (depending on how you look at him) 

Birthday: October 21.

Pronouns/gender: Male, He/him.

Personality type: Strict, Overprotecive, Kind.

Negative traits: (hmmm) Sometimes Rude.

Positive traits:Kind, Silent, Great Listener.

Habits:Turning into his snow leopard form whenever he feels trapped.

Detailed appearance: White Short hair with light silver highlights. Grey eyes. Dark Brown skin. Often wearing hoodies or black t-shirts with jeans. Thin body. Robotic Arm.

Interests: reading, Writing, Hanging out with his friends and his little brother,.

 Likes:Reading, Snakes, Steak, Cats.

Dislikes: People with chainsaws, Wolf packs, Loud Parties.

Biggest fear: Losing everyone he loves.

Biggest insecurity: His eyes.

Abilities: (isn't that the same thing as powers?)

Power(s): Turning into a pure white snow leopard. Climbing walls. (SPIDERMAN???)

Family: His Little brother, Charlie. His father, Anthony.

Friends: Newt, Santana, Izzy.

Enemies:(i haven't given him one yet)

Love interest: Matthew (or Matt)

Height: 6'2

Weight: (idk tbh)

Backstory: (his backstory is pretty grusome so im not gonna put it.)

Other: (idk what to put here)

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First name: Agent

Middle name(s): N/A

Last name: N/A

Species: ???

Ethnicity: He appears to be African-American 

Age: He appears to be 31 years of age

Birthday: ???

Pronouns/gender: He appears to be male

Personality type: Laid back until provoked

Negative traits: Agressive towards fish

Positive traits: He saves the world every rainy day.

Habits: Smoking (It dosent harm him)

Detailed appearance: He always wears a hat and coat that repels rain

Interests: Cooking

Likes: Killing the "οτhεr οηες"; his pet child, billy

Dislikes: fish, the "οτhεr οηες" and water

Biggest fear: A giant fish eating him while he sleeps; his pet child, billy becoming an adult and leaving

Biggest insecurity: his humanity

Abilities: being unseen by humans until they come into contact with his skin, or he comes into contact with water

Power(s): being able to summon one random weapon every rainy day; being able to see the "οτhεr οηες"

Family: his pet child, billy

Friends: The Informer, Padre

Enemies: the "οτhεr οηες"; fish; water

Love interest: Crystal Johnson, Billy's mom

Height: 6'5

Weight: 250 pounds

Backstory: One rainy day, he woke up. The next, he killed.

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