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Missed your bus. Got the train times wrong. Need a place to stay, but all Inn's are closed? The Mirai Yume Inn welcomes you. Where time slips past slowly, and the sun and stars always shine. Please make your self comfortable, the only payment...is a seacret.


Sorry, the begining is a bit short. I had the idea at 11:45 last night. You can be a guest at the Inn, or someone who works there. The only condition for a worker, is they can't be human. Other than that, go crazy with the characters (weather they be yourself, or a new character) I'll post the current workers soon.




Worker or Geust:

Human or Other:



Packing list:

How long is your stay: 



Last dream they had:




I hope to see you all there! 

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here is my Ae i will pick them up later


worker or gaest:Gest 

Human or other:Fox spirit

Pronouns:they/them leaning toreds female

Appearance:In human form:long bushy ginger hair,bright green eyes,a slender,bushy fox tail.Fox form:regular fox with green eyes.

Packing list:just some clothes and a dagger

how long is your stay:till they regains ther memory



Last dream they had:running from a pack of wolfves and falling off a cliff


Other:Mirai means feuture,and yume means?hmmmm

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(November 13, 2022 - 7:27 pm)

Yume means Dream. It's the Futere Dream Inn.

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(November 14, 2022 - 6:22 pm)
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Name:Kako To Genzai


Worker or Geust:Worker. Owner

Human or Other:Other, but unknown. 


Appearance:Shape shifter, but current form is. A young looking human, pale ish skin, shoulder length black hairm soft green eyes. Wearing black kimono

Packing list:N/A they work there.

How long is your stay:Forever 

Personality:Calm, collected, kind at times.


Last dream they had:They don't have dreams


Other:No thanks

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Hi Reuby! (can i call you that..?) This is my character:

Name: Aleia Ruelle (Aleia meaning heavens; highborn; exalted, Ruelle meaning famous wolf)

Age: 18

Worker or Guest: Guest

Human or other: Aos Si fae

Pronouns: she/her

Appearance: Ethereal, glowing golden skin, long dark hair, cold golden eyes

Packing list: Thick silvery leggings, golden shirt embroidered with blooming flowers, black ankle boots, daggers, retractable enchantment staff

How long is your stay: However long it takes to restore her magic to its fullest

Personality: Fiery, smart, strong, kind when she wants to be, stealthy, often very cold

Allergies: Iron

Last dream they had: Being trapped in a moonlit room torn apart by demons

Shipping: Yes, but only with boys

Other: n/a

Reuby, could you do the first post since you created the premises and such? Thanks! 


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Sure you can call me that. And I have more workers to post, but I will start soon.

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Ok thanks!!

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when does this start?

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most likely next weekend.



Worker or Guest:Worker.

Human or Other:Other, made of souls.


Appearance:Shoulder length blonde hair, brilliant green eyes, pale skin. Somethimes, a part of his body will burst in too glass wing butterflies.Wears green or gray Yakuta.

Packing list:N/A

How long is your stay:Forever 

Personality:Sweet, loyal, calm. Two sided, but to in a bad way.


Last dream they had:A girl named Miu came into his Udon shop, and told him, she wanted to be empty.



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(November 21, 2022 - 6:10 pm)

Name: Jace

Age: 13

Worker or Guest: Guest (snuck in without paying)

Human or Other: Yes, witch/elf/werewolf hybrid

Pronouns: He/him

Appearance: Golden white hair, black eyes with no pupils, pointy ears with one moon earing, pointy chin, pale skin, tall, muscular.

Packing list: Just the clothes on his back and 7 throwing knives conceled in his jacket.

How long is your stay: Until they find him and kick him out.

Personality: Untrusting, lonely, complicated.

Allergies: N/A

Last dream they had: 

Shipping?: Yes, with other boys.

Other: He x-country ski raced when he was little.

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Name: Jynx Levisay. Either name will work.

Age: 12.

Worker or Guest: Guest, please.

Human or Other: Human. Elf? I was born on the Boiling Isles. That should give you enough information.

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Appearance: Long, spiky blue hair; turquoise, almond-shaped eyes with long lashes; wears a navy blue tunic with a white, long sleeved undershirt and gray leggings; wears white combat boots.

Packing list: Tunics, leggings, long sleeved shirts, combat boots, daggers, rulers (for whacking people over the head), a 30 foot measuring tape, and Mushu (HE/HIM/HIS); my tiny white and blue wingless dragon palisman. And don't forget my Hex Mix.

How long is your stay: As long as necessary.

Personality: Sharp witted, clever, snarky, sarcastic. Has a temper.

Allergies: None.

Last dream they had: Falling off an abandoned radio tower.

Shipping?: I guess? Just boys.

Other: Can use magic.

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So..are we doing this rp? I'd make the first post except you know the premises more than we do Reuby so...yeah. I might drop out of the rp if it doesn't start soon though.

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Hey Reuby! Not to pry just feeling like this roleplay isn't happening. Are we doing it? I'm going to drop out if it doesn't start this week just because of the holidays. 

Oh, and quick question. If we are doing this rp, is it a solo write or will we write our own povs? 

Thanks, sorry if I'm being a bit rude lol.  

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I am so sorry. I've been doing other things. (like my Christmas party). Again, I am so sorry. This will star Saturday.


Here's the last worker



Worker or Geust:Worker

Human or Other:Other. Spider spirit


Appearance:Long black hair, purple bandages winding all around her body, gold eyes, pale skin and wears purple Kimono.

Packing list:N/A

How long is your stay: Forever

Personality:Strong but silent


Last dream they had:Being pushed of a cliff by a hord of towns people


Other:LET THE RP BEGIN...on Saturday.


to answer your question Morticia. You put up you own POVs 


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