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Write a Script

Write a Script Tag Game! :D

Yes, I know there's a tag game right now (and I created the thread lol) but here's a different approach.

It's a tag game but we get to write a script for it instead. Here's how it works: (or perhaps an example of how it will work)

1. I'm going to need to create some characters huh...Each CBer who joins gets to make ONE character. Then we'll get to use all those characters as we write the script. Please try to introduce characters slowly.

2. Then we get to write the story! I'll have a list of people who sign up. For CBers who are in the Tag Game, it basically works like the tag game but instead of a story we write a script.

Here's an example: (ramblings of whatever, don't blame me)

Pammie: Ah, there's no one here to disturb my peaceful nap.

Hedgehog: BOO!

Pammie: Oh dear. I'm going to pretend that didn't happen.

Then I would tag someone else to continue the script.


Please let me know if anything is not clear and feel free to ask questions!

Rora <3


P.S. I'll post ideas for the script as soon as some CBers join.

submitted by Rora
(March 5, 2023 - 5:11 pm)

Ooh fun!

submitted by Luna silvermoon
(March 5, 2023 - 6:32 pm)

Does this mean you want to join...?

submitted by Rora
(March 6, 2023 - 6:31 pm)

Does this mean you want to join...?

submitted by Rora
(March 6, 2023 - 6:31 pm)
submitted by TOPography
(March 6, 2023 - 6:32 pm)

I'll join! Should be fun! (Btw the example of the script that you posted is very funny :D)

submitted by Poinsettia
(March 6, 2023 - 7:51 pm)

Ok, I am DEFINITELY joining this! Sounds like so much fun!!

submitted by starry sky, age 13, Whoville
(March 6, 2023 - 8:30 pm)

okay but this sounds so cool! im totally joining :D

submitted by ~Amarillis~, age 12 eons, Hills of Smog
(March 7, 2023 - 8:59 am)

I'll join!!!

submitted by Suki, age 13 eons, Nowhere
(March 7, 2023 - 10:03 am)

Okay, so...

I'm terrible at ideas most of the time. So why don't YOU CBers contribute one idea each. Looks like I'm going to have to do one too...

My Idea: A girl wakes up and realizes she is in a foreign land.

Please let me know what your ideas are! @Poinsettia, those are my stuffed animals. I have absolutely NO IDEA how I came up with the idea of Pammie. She's supposed to be really nice, and good at acting so I chose her.

When we decide what ideas we have then I'll post the character form. 

submitted by Rora
(March 7, 2023 - 12:55 pm)

I'll join! my idea hmmm...

Lost in a creepy wood at night and then idk 

submitted by Hawkstar
(March 7, 2023 - 3:41 pm)

I suppose I'll join! I have an idea: the girl wakes up, and a magical wizard tells her that she must find a way to get out before such and such time, then disappears and leaves her in the magical world. that'd be fun.

Jibbers says uzaxz.

"Who's axe is this?" Jibbers says, glancing around before they pick it up warily. "Jibbers likes it," they add with a tiny smirk.

PS. If anyone has an idea of what kind of creature Jibbers could be, let me know. I'm still trying to figure it out. 

submitted by Miriam H., writing feverishly
(March 7, 2023 - 4:40 pm)

Well, let's see. A girl waking up in a strange land sounds like a good beginning. But if I'm going to contribute an idea... what about a girl who gets on a carousel, and it takes her back in time?

submitted by Poinsettia, age immortal, a time carousel
(March 7, 2023 - 10:02 pm)

here's mine:

lost at sea with your worst enemy


submitted by Suki, age 13 eons, Nowhere
(March 7, 2023 - 10:03 pm)

My idea: discovering an alternate universe where another version of you is living a life you could have lived...

submitted by starry sky, age 13
(March 8, 2023 - 9:24 am)

Hmmm I gotta say I love everyone else's...but here's mine:

Everyone on earth is dying, one by one, one minute at a time..

like a dystopian sort of script? idk.  

submitted by ~Amarillis~, age 12 eons, Hills of Smog
(March 8, 2023 - 10:04 am)