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recently i've been

recently i've been writing random stuff- little snippets of stories where i just start writing and see where it takes me. my most recent one actually turned out to be a little meaningful/inspirational maybe? so i've decided to share it here. the first section is just a lot of metaphorical nonsense describing chaos and i never found out what "it" was, but that's the fun part of these- you don’t have to know. so here it is:

When I saw it, everything changed. Everything I had known was tossed to the winds and shredded by an angry demon goat’s teeth. My thoughts and emotions were a tangle of twisted and knotted shoelaces and strings and earbud wires that would never be untied. I couldn’t feel anything, see anything, hear anything- just the terrible feeling, sight, and sound of pure chaos. The realization that the greatest knowledge is the knowledge that nothing can be controlled or understood. That nothing really matters, that everything you’ve worked for, that you are working for, that you will work for, has as much of an effect on the world as a pebble has when thrown in the ocean.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The pebble could hit a fish and kill it. Another species could depend on the fish as its only food source. A tiny pebble has a chance- a small chance, but a chance- to make a difference. A big difference.

So whatever you do. Whatever you think, whatever you’ve spent your entire life working on or whatever you still haven’t even considered doing yet, know that it may be for nothing. It may be useless and it may have no effect on anyone. There’s a chance the only thing it will do is waste your time.

But there’s that small chance that it matters. That a small pebble randomly thrown into the ocean will kill a fish. That whatever you do makes a difference.

And that’s why we keep living.

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I like the message of this - it's so true, you should never give up trying just because you think it won't do any good, because it oftentimes has effects you could never imagine. The last two paragraphs are the best, I think - they lead up to a wistful but just-right ending, as if the speaker has finally found what he/she was searching for :)

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i have returned with another! i actually have seventeen of these so far, but i won't share all of them. i'll spare you that pain haha

this one's about art, you can tell me what you think about it. or not. up to you. i rather like it, but it may come across as a bit cheesy. we'll see i guess :D 


It’s a funny thing. Art means so much. Art is painting, drawing, singing, dancing, acting, yes. But art is also thinking. And when you think about it, it’s all art. Architecture. Technology. The last things you would think of as art are still art. Even people, maybe. People can be art. Anything that is beautiful in any way, literally or figuratively, can be art. Even the ugly things.

Once I was in an art class in middle school and we pondered the question, “What is art?”. At the time, the answer was simple: anything that could be in a museum. Pieces of history, sculptures, paintings. My one example of something that wasn’t art? A rat. According to middle school me, “a rat is not art.” But isn’t it? Maybe nobody created the rat, or maybe someone did, but it’s beautiful to someone, right? Maybe someone who loves rats, or maybe just to someone who appreciates life. There are countless lives out there being lived. Animals and people who can move and think and so much more and that, right there, is amazing. Is beautiful.

So what is art?

You may still think that art is paintings. Drawings. Songs, plays, sculptures. And those things are art, without a doubt. But maybe, just maybe, we are too.

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