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~Solo Write~

~Solo Write~

This is a solo write I've been planning for a while, and I'm so excited to launch it! The setup is this: there are two rival boarding schools, the Dragon and the Unicorn. To casual observers, they seem ordinary. But they're actually run by the most dangerous organization in history, with students who aren't just any students - they're the descendants of the Archenians, the magical beings who vanished from the world centuries ago. No one knows why the schools were founded, or why a deadly rivalry exists between them, or how the descendants of the Archenians ended up there. Least of all the students themselves.

One day, though, the students discover, through a tragic accident, what lies beneath the surface of their peaceful world. They're being trained to be loyal to the aforementioned organization and use their magical powers to help it accomplish its nefarious deeds when the time comes. Worst of all, the time has almost come. The
students must try to forget their old rivalry and work together to decide what to do, but it won't be easy. They embark on a journey unlike any undertaken before as they risk their futures - and their lives - in a desparate fight to save everything they care about. Their forgotten pasts will confront them. Friendships will be tested and old rivalries between the Dragon and Unicorn students will spring back into flame even as their destinies intertwine. Ancient worlds and sacred spells will be reawakened, leading to adventure, magic, and danger.


The charrie sheet is below. You can join as yourself, sign up an AE, or sign up an OC. Two charries per person, please!



Age (13-19, please):

Dragon or Unicorn?:



Most treasured item:



Background (optional):

Shipping? (Just tell me whether the charrie is open or not):

Oh, and this is very important - please note that the schools are
located in a typical USA city, and the students look and act like
ordinary humans.

There's an unlimited number of slots, and the solo write will start in a couple of weeks. Hope you all enjoy!

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(June 12, 2023 - 8:59 pm)

Sounds interesting!

Name: Eve Brightwillow

Pronouns: she/her

Age: 16

Dragon or Unicorn?: Unicorn

Appearance: Fair complexion, though slightly tanned by the sun, long wavy dark brown hair, bright blue eyes, usually wearing simple dress in pastel colors, or a uniform if the boarding school has one

Personality: ENTP, curious, straightforward unless her life is in danger, a bit selfish, achieves her goal most of the time, but not a lot of empathy

Most treasured item: A simple necklace with a crystal pendant, gifted by her late grandmother

Powers: Mostly nature-related, able to create plants, vines, etc.

Strengths/weaknesses: She's quick to action and to save herself, though it's both a strength and a weakness, she's quick to learn and resourceful, but she doesn't really consider others' feelings much, except for when she's close to them, and asks questions at wrong times 

Background: By some incident or maybe on purpose, she and her brother got put into different schools, causing a lot of conflict within her family, also she's a character on a story I'm working on

Shipping: Open, to boys


Name: Erik Brightwillow

Pronouns: he/him

Age: 18

Dragon or Unicorn?: Dragon

Appearance: Fair complexion, though slightly tanned by the sun, like Eve, short dark brown hair, bright blue eyes, usually wearing standard shirt and pants in more monochrome colors, or a uniform if the boarding school has one

Personality: ESFJ, virtuous, gentle, wise, basically the "golden child", but he's not as brave as everyone thinks he is

Most treasured item: A diary, gifted to him by the same late grandmother

Powers: Wind-related, able to create powerful gusts of wind, able to manipulate the air so that he can fly or float

Strengths/weaknesses: Physically strong, tries to be brave even if he isn't feeling like it, afraid of others discovering that he isn't all that perfect

Background: Basically above. When Eve and Erik were younger, they got along very well, but as they grew older and went to different boarding schools, they became more distant and resented each other more, and basically became the opposite of each other

Shipping: No (as the opposite of Eve)


This idea sounds great! Can't wait to see how it turns out 




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(June 12, 2023 - 11:39 pm)

I am so joining this because its on a whole other level of cool, but I have two questions I would like to ask before I fill out the form.

1, Do charrie appearences have to be 100% human? Can they have non-human elements, like wings?

2, Is there a, um, guideline of some sort to follow for filling out the 'powers' section of the form? Because I (really) wouldn't want to create a OP character by accident and cause a gigantic fuss. For instance, would it be ok for a character to have two powers because their most treasured item is a enchanted artifact?

This is just me wondering a bit. I look forwards to joining your solowrite, Iridescence!

submitted by Ultimatium
(June 13, 2023 - 7:39 am)

Charries should look completely human, except for small details like eye color or extreme good looks, but you can make them be shapeshifters if you want so that they can shapeshift into different, less-human appearances. As for powers... charries should have just one power each, which can be related to the elements or something different, but I guess having an enchanted artifact could allow them to indirectly have another power. No more than two powers per charrie, please, though!

Thank you for joining! I look forward to having your charries along!

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(June 13, 2023 - 11:12 am)

Name: Summit Raincon

Pronouns: he/him, trans, AFAB.

Age (13-19, please): 18

Dragon or Unicorn?: Dragon

Appearance: He's tall, with tan skin, brown eyes, and dark brown hair. His hairstyle changes often, thanks to his shapeshifting abilites. It's always something creative and unusual, usually dyed a bright color. He has dense freckles all over his face and arms, so dense that they form splotchy birthmark-looking things--they might actually be birthmarks. He's got some burn scars on his right arm from an accident with a dragon, although the burn scars aren't that bad. He's also got several other scars on his face and arms from various accidents. He likes to make up colorful stories about how he got them, but aside from the burn scars, most of them are from pretty mundane accidents. He's pretty strong and rather agile. He's got pretty good dexterity. He used to wear a binder but now he just uses his shapeshifting abilities. He's got several ear peircings, and he usually wears simple earrings he made himself of wood, glass, metal, or bone. He's got several of those friendship-bracelet-type things on his left wrist, and he wears a watch on his right. He's left handed. As for clothing, he usually wears a sleeveless t-shirt and sweatpants in dark gray or black, with sneakers or hiking boots. During training and battles, he's got some cool armor, but it's usually pretty light--he'd rather rely on his agility to keep from getting hurt in return for more mobility.

Personality: He's pretty chill. He's often laidback and relaxed in his free time, but when there's something important, like an emergency situation or a difficult training challenge, he can be very focused. He's rather intellegent and very creative. He likes to make art. He's also rather good with tech, he likes to work on random technology projects in his spare time. Really he just likes to do things with his hands and his brain, and he dabbles in all sorts of hobbies that let him do just that, but his art and tech projects are his favorite. He also does a few sports. Any sport involving the dragons, he loves it. He's also pretty good at hockey, and he likes climbing things--he does rock climbing but he'll climb all sorts of thimgs. He'll often get into trouble climbing random walls/trees/other things on campus. Speaking of getting into trouble, he loves playing pranks. Never harmful pranks, though--he'll never hurt anybody and he'll never cause damage that can't be fixed, and if he does cause damage, he's always willing to be the one to fix it. Another one of his random hobbies is lock picking, which he's pretty good at. He often uses it in his pranks. He's rather accident prone when it comes to boring household things. None of the scars mentioned in the appearance except for the burn scars are from working with the dragons or anything else remotely cool. When it comes to anything dangerous, he's very rarely injured, but when it comes to random mundane accidents, he's always getting himself hurt in minor ways. He's not clumsy at all, rather the opposite, but he's somehow very accident-prone. He likes growing plants, except he'll never grow cacti. He'll grow other succulents, though.

Most treasured item: He's got two, actually. One is his magical 2,721-in-1 multitool. It's magical, and it has all sorts of attatchments. When it's all collapsed into the handle, it's only about 3 inches long and made of black plastic in its collapsed form, and many (haha most) of the attachments wouldn't be able physically fit inside the collapsed form without the help of magic. Some of the attachments are useful, like the variety of screwdrivers and weapons, while some are more random, like the three-foot-long stuffed shark it can turn into (the shark's name is Sharky, by the way). Several of the attachments are weapons--the multitool can even split into two to allow the user to double weild with two weapons at once. The handle can change sizes to fit the weapon or other attachment being used, because a longsword with a 3 inch handle wouldn't be very easy to weild. Sometimes the handle will sometimes disappear entirely, like with the stuffed shark. Somebody who wasn't Summit and didn't know the secrets of the multitool wouldn't be able to get it back to the collapsed form from the stuffed shark. His other most treasured island is one of his little knot friendship-bracelet-things. It's actually a magical energy sheild. The bracelet is just it's collapsed form, like Percy Jackson's sword/pen.

Powers: Shapeshifting. He can shapeshift into anything as long as it is alive, including creatures that don't exist.

Strengths/weaknesses: Strengths - good at making friends, smart, physically fit. Weaknesses - sometimes not serious enough, has a weakness for snakes, afraid of cacti (not like terrified for his life, but cacti scare him. You couldn't blackmail him by threatening him with a cacti, but he'll go out of his way to avoid them).

Background (optional): I have absolutely no ideas for this at the moment, which is probably good because this form is already pretty long.

Shipping: Yes, with boys.


Ack, this was supposed to be a detailed but not to long form. I'm afraid it's grown rather long... sorry about that.

Also are you Opal?

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(June 13, 2023 - 12:25 pm)

this looks SO COOL and I'd love to sign up an OC but I don't really have time right now, so I'd like to reserve a slot, please :)

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(June 13, 2023 - 4:19 pm)

Sure! Your slot has been reserved :)

Also, @Scuttles: no, I am not Opal.

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(June 13, 2023 - 7:33 pm)
Name:Angle Nomore.
Age (13-19, please):16
Dragon or Unicorn?:Unicorn
Appearance:Pale skin, red and black eyes, off white long fluffy hair wit light pink tips. Often wears a dark red lip gloss ane a small amount of make up. Tall and curvy, long white eyelashes.
Personality:Despite her name, she's not that polite or angelic. Even though she's quite she's rude and dismissive. Usually ignores people she doesn't like, her tounge is sharp and her tone often drips with venom. She acts like this alot, but only in public. If she likes someone, she'll switch between liking them and not (tsundere)
Most treasured item: Her pink heart shapped diamond.
Powers: She can control a red-ish pink smoke that swirls around her, it can grab and push things away.
Strengths/weaknesses: They are fairly agile, but still a inside person. She can talk her way in and out of almost any situation. She's not good at expressing real emotion.
Background (optional):Rich, manipulative famly. Only child.
Shipping? (Just tell me whether the charrie is open or not): Bi (girls and boys), so yes.
Name: Ember Sky.
Age (13-19, please):14
Dragon or Unicorn?:Dragon
Appearance:Short choppy, light blue hair, the undersides dyed a neon orange color, stormy grey eyes, double peirced ears.
Personality:Quiet, sweet, enthusiastic about things they like.
Most treasured item:Onyx guitar
Powers:Control over blue fire.
Strengths/weaknesses:Great singer, not so good at talking infront of crowds. Terrible at writing but a math wiz.
Background (optional):N/A
Shipping? (Just tell me whether the charrie is open or not): Yep! With boys.
submitted by Reuby Moonnight
(June 14, 2023 - 6:32 am)

Name: Ash

Pronouns: she/her

Age (13-19, please): 13

Dragon or Unicorn?: Dragon 

Appearance: Slim and short, with an athletic build, always prefers to be barefoot, long braid down to waist that is the exact colors of a fox, slightly pointed ears, light markings almost like tattoos on her body, wears dark, tight fitting clothing, freckles, small nose, and one gold eye and one silver eye.

Personality: Mischievous, smart, thoughtful, insightful, guarded.

Most treasured item: Her journal

Powers: She can shapeshift into a fox, has telepathic abilities, and her song can almost do anything magical, except it takes a lot out of her (possibly killing her) and she can't control it. So she doesn't do that very often.

Strengths/weaknesses: Quick to anger, cutting sense of humor, doesn't easily trust people.

Background (optional): Not something she ever talks about.

Shipping? (Just tell me whether the charrie is open or not): Sure.

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(June 14, 2023 - 7:27 am)

Name:Inanna Skye


Age (13-19, please):18

Dragon or Unicorn?:Unicorn

Appearance:Tall and willowy. Long blond hair that is always in a braid down her back to her waist, or wrapped around her head. Creamy complextion, big sky blue eyes with long lashes. A small, slightly pointed nose and a bright smile. Usually wearing either school uniform (if there is one) or a black jumpsuit w combat boots

Personality:Stern but kind. Clever and can be sarastic to a extreme level. not shy and will often speak her mind. Very straight forward about what she wants.

Most treasured item: A staff that can shrink into a small wand like stick that she always keeps in a pocket on the left arm on the jumpsuit (or school uniform) It cannot break, even when small. 

Powers:She can speak to animals, and they adore her, and pretty much do anything she asks. she is a bit like cats in ways. she is very agile and can sneak in the shadows. When ever she jumps or falls, she always lands safely on her feet. she can also see pretty good in the dark

Strengths/weaknesses:very sneaky. Very stubborn, so I guess that could be both a strenth and weakness. tho she is friends with all animals, she finds that snakes are slippery things, and she trys not to use them, in fear they will turn on her. she is a bit like cats in ways. she is very agile and can sneak in the shadows. When ever she jumps or falls, she always lands safely on her feet. 

Background (optional):n/a not much to put here

Shipping? (Just tell me whether the charrie is open or not):She is wiiiide open


Name:Derik Hanes


Age (13-19, please):!7

Dragon or Unicorn?:Dragon

Appearance:Shorter and stocky, muscular build and strong jaw. Brown hair cut military style, dark eyes and very straight teeth. wears anything that looks nice. Always wears black combat boots.

Personality:Very stern, a bit too obidiant to those higher then him. He can have a bit of a temper. But when he is not working or under pressure, he is very relaxed and easygoing, fun to be with.

Most treasured item: his combat boots. they have many pockets on the inside, and they have this boosters at the bottom that can turn on and off at Derik's command, so he can fly.

Powers: Fire related

Strengths/weaknesses: very strong physicly and mentally. despite this, with the right person or thing, he can be broken easily. He is scared of rats for the most part, but tries not to show it. He can put on a brave act when someone he likes is around, even though he is shaking in the knees. But, he can be brave at great times of need without even relizing it.

Background (optional):n/a

Shipping? (Just tell me whether the charrie is open or not): Open

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Alright, thanks for going out of your way to explain that, Iridescence! Now for those forms.

Name: Arya Hazeline

Pronouns: He/Him 

Age (13-19, please): 15

Dragon or Unicorn?: Unicorn

Appearance: Average height, with long hair that comes down to his shoulders the color of glossy hazelwood, most of the time bound in a ponytail by a tartan colored elastic band. Rather (or should I say quite?)attractive. His eyes change color because of his power, and when he isn't using it his eyes cycle through a array of neon colors. Often found in a flashy T-shirt and jeans, most of the time with sunglasses because he doesn't want to risk hypnotizing the people on his side without meaning to.

Personality: Vivacious, extroverted, all around the place. Very manipulative if he wants to be. Keeps his thoughts to himself.

Most treasured item: A framed picture of him and his sister. (It seems to be ripped on the right side...)

Powers: Hyposis. He does it mostly through maintaining eye contact, and when the person is fully hypnotized he can control their body and insert a fragment of his consciousness into their mind to tap into their senses, i.e. see what they see and feel what they feel. It'll stay in the person's mind for about a week even after they've managed to break out of his spell. If he cannot obtain eye contact he can use his voice instead. The controlling effect is much weaker though, and at most the victim would simply fall asleep.

Strengths/weaknesses: He's cooperative, good at sticking to his team and good at following orders, but he's self centered and when it comes to dire situations he becomes more of a chaotic neutral existence. Don't be too surprised when he gives you the slip. His power isn't very useful in direct battle either, and he can only control half a dozen people at maximum.

Background (optional): Your choice!

Shipping? (Just tell me whether the charrie is open or not): Yea, sure, why not?

And just for the sake of it, here's the second. 

Name: Albine Weisswish

Pronouns: He/Him

Age (13-19, please): 15

Dragon or Unicorn?: Dragon

Appearance: Average height also, with white hair(dyed) of medium length. Pale, sort of white-ish skin. Wears white, long sleeved shirts and long black pants. Has his eyes always closed, but he isn't blind. (Everyone thinks he is though.)

Personality: Introverted and lonely. Independent. You could say he has a heart of stone, but that isn't the case. He sure acts like he has one though.

Most treasured item: A photo of himself. It seems to be ripped on the left for some reason. (now hold on there...)

Powers: Swordcasting. He can duplicate and control swords at will, for exanple firing them at the enemy or making them circle around his body like a aura of blades. He can only create/control so much swords though, and once he goes higher than 10 swords he tends to black out. By the way, he finds his way even with his eyes closed because he can extend his consciousness to a certain radius around him to scan his surroundings. (It's the basic principle of swordcasting.)

Strengths/weaknesses: Loyal and independent, but that independence makes him a loner. He's a perfectionist that pushes himslef to the limits without paying thought to himself. However, he is very sentimental inside, but he can't bring himself to voice his thoughts out loud, often leading to misunderstandings. 

Background (optional): HmmmMMmmmMMMMMmmm...

Shipping? (Just tell me whether the charrie is open or not): Yes.

And that was a loooooong post. 

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Also Iridenscence are you Artemis?

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(June 14, 2023 - 11:57 am)

Nope :)

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(June 14, 2023 - 3:23 pm)

Ooh, this sounds super cool! Don't mind if I do. I'm gonna enter one of my OCs. 

Name: Naiche Alstor

Pronouns: He/Him, although he uses those for the simplicity and takes them very lightly. He doesn't identify as a boy. 

Age (13-19, please): 15

Dragon or Unicorn?: Dragon

Appearance: Naiche is fairly short and pretty skinny. He has light brown skin and eyes that are naturally blue, though his eyes constantly change. His hair is dark brown and is normally shortish, almost reaching his shoulders. His hair is wavy with a slight bit of curl and it always looks very messy. He has pretty big ears that are mostly covered by his hair. As for clothes, he wears almost anything. He doesn't like long sleeves as much, so he tends to wear short sleeves. He often wears simple outfits, t-shirts and pants or skirts. He's been know to randomly wear dresses as well. 

Personality: Naiche is slightly introverted, although he's an expert at talking to people. He's optimistic, friendly, kind and gentle. He doesn't do the best in emergency situations and tends to panic easily, despite being good at problem solving. He jumps to conclusions a little too fast. He's very clever and understands social cues well. Even though he talks quite a bit, he understands when to stop. He's a bit clumsy, often not looking where he's going and knocking stuff over. He tends to over-apologize, to a point where it gets annoying. 

Most treasured item: A photo of his family, all smiling and laughing together. He also always has a sketchbook with him. 

Powers: Naiche is a bit of a shapeshifter in a way. He can change almost everything about himself. His body shape and type, hair, eyes, voice, ect. He can't turn into any animals or creatures, he has to stay entirely human. It's easiest for him to change his hair and eye color. He pretty much changes his eye color everyday, just for fun. When he gets stressed, his eyes flash rapidly all different colors. He likes changing his voice as well, but mostly sticks to his normal one. He can technically tranform into anyone, but it takes a lot of effort and he hates doing so, as it feels like he's stealing someone's identity. 

Strengths/weaknesses: Strengths: Excellent at comforting people, great with younger kids, pretty good at drawing. Weaknesses: gets distracted very easily, cares a bit too much about other people and not enough about himself, freaks out quickly.

Background (optional): He lives in a small house with his mom and dad. He has four younger siblings. 

Shipping? (Just tell me whether the charrie is open or not): Open! He tends to prefer more masculine people. 

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Are you Poinsetta?

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(June 14, 2023 - 7:04 pm)

yes... you guessed me :) How did you know?

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