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I have no idea what to do for this but I was thinking that whe could do one of those collaborative story things? Anyway here goes.

The month of July was doomed to be unlucky. Not only did it begin on a Sunday which meant there would be a Friday the thirteenth but it also happened to be the month Charlotte turned thirteen. On Friday the thirteenth.

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(July 6, 2023 - 7:13 am)

Thirteen was always the most unlucky number, in Charlotte's opinion. And she would have to survive a whole YEAR of beinging that number. And the most unusually July was to be one she would never forget.

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The thirteenth came quicker than she would have liked. Her mother and father and brorther all congratulated her on being thirteen. The unluckyness (idk if this is a word) all started in the morning when she broke a very expensive china plate. From there, it just got worse.

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She stepped in thirteen different piles of poo on the way to school, fell 13 different times on 13 different places and had to ask for 13 different band-aids. This seemed like too much of a coincidence to not be. I wish I weren't 13! Moaned Charlotte in math class as she completed 13 extra math problems as punishment for being late that day (poo was time-consuming to clean up).

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If only today wasn't the 13th, thought Charlotte as she went through her miserable day. She was completely frustrated and wished this day would be over quickly. But soon, she would realize that there was more worse things yet to come. In fact, some of the things that followed could be considered...magical.

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Charlotte went to her locker and pulled it open only to watch her thirteen different school books fall out. She groaned and knelt to pick them up. Her history book had fallen on its cover, so that it lay open on the floor. The page it was opened to was a picture of a fairy sitting on a mushroom. Intrigued, Charlotte picked up the red book and read the page opposite the illustration. 

Not many fairies are left, it said, just a small handful are scattered around the earth. Some people have said that they have seen fairies flitting around their backyards in the early mornings of July. Charlotte perked up at this sentence and reread the sentence until the PA screamed at the students to get to their next class, startling her and making her jump.


I love writing and I love seeing other aspiring writers coming together to write a (amazing) story! expect to hear from me soon! 

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Charlotte's next period was PE, where she was subjected to thirteen laps around them gym and thirteen pushups for complaining. As she struggled through the numerous pushups, her arms shaking beneath her (PE had never been Charlotte's best class), her mind was some place else. That history book, that passage on fairies... Something about this whole situation felt peculiarly like fate, like it was destined to be. Charlotte resolved to visit her history teacher next period, which was lunch, to see if she knew anything about the fairies mentioned in the textbook. 

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She went to room B13, her history class, near the end of her lunch. Pushing open the door, she walked inside and saw thirteen symbols on the chalkboard. Ms. Bird smiled and beckoned Charlotte in.

"What brings you here, Charlotte?" She asked, giving her a slight hug.

"Just a question," Charlotte said excitedly. "What do you know about faries? And why are they mentioned in our textbook?"

"Hmm, quite an intresting inquiry, indeed." She rubbed her wrist. "Well, the term fairy is sometimes used to describe any magical creature, including goblins and gnomes, while at other times, the term describes only a specific type of ethreal creature or sprite. The historical origin of fairies range from Persian mythology to European folklore such as in Ireland, Scotland, and Germany. They were also popular in Middle French midieval romances. The modern concept of 'fairy' in the narrower sense is unique to English folklore, and was later made dimunitive in accordance with tastes of the Victorian era, as in 'fairy tales' for children. But if you wish to learn more, I suggest you go to the Library. Ask for Miss Penny Entwistle and then she'll help you with that. Also, I'm not sure about why it was included in our studies, but," Ms. Bird said with a twinkle in her eye, "You never know when you might see a fairy." 

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