Random nonsense writing.

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Random nonsense writing.

Random nonsense writing. Or writer's block maybe cure. Or journal. Or whatever.




as I have said, I am in a very writing mood right now. Like, sometimes I get in this mood, where writing becomes a NEED, I HAVE to write. But I have nothing to write about. Except nonsense, oc! So this is for whatever you want, write things with no point, no plot, no coherent sentences, whatever! Just write! I'm told this also helps with writer's block, but who knows. Anyways, nonsense is fun to write anyway. And if you don't want feedback, Ig you could always say so, or you could post as anonymous, bc writing is also a rly good way to figure things out! But anyways... hope ppl have fun with this! 

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Not sure if you need it, but that is one amazing piece of monolouge you've got there! The scenic descriptions, the actions of the doctor, and most of all the memory... Wow! It really hits hard, and you did it with only a few simple phrases instead of piling info into the reader's head. *claps*

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Whoah, sorry for seeing this rather late, Zealatom! Um, I really don't know what I should say apart from... I actually, really, needed that!


I'll try to improve my writing more so that I can consistently write like this. What I tend to share on the CB is the tip of my writing iceberg, the ok parts that are readable. The other ninety-five percent is terrible word vomit buried under the surface of the deep dark ocean that I'll never show anyone because its incredibly unstable and tends to bite angrily when provoked- OW!

I think you get the idea... My quality is incredibly shaky.

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Here we go with another nonsense writing when I was bored.



Part 1


This is the story of Fred and Potato. They live in a big forest far away from anyone or anything. One day, Potato went missing! Fred looked everywhere for him. Up the mountain, down the hole near his house, even at the nearest campsite, but Potato wasn't there. Hopeless and scared, Fred looked around. As a few leaves were blown around his head,  Fred's eyes followed them all the way up to the sky. Two birds flew around in a circle. Fred sighed. If only Potato could see this. But soon Fred's gaze was fixed upon a rustling bush in front of him. Fred's breath quickened as he reached over to pick up a branch. Poised to strike, Fred was going to poke the bush. But then the bush started grunting. A small, round figure emerged from the bush. Fred gasped and grabbed Potato and squeezed him tight. After they had eaten dinner and gotten ready for bed, Fred turned off the light. As he climbed in bed, he mumbled a goo night to Potato. As always, potato was silent, but a squirrel outside sang a lullaby to her children, putting Fred to sleep without a care in the world. What Fred didn't know was that Potato had a bite taken out of him at the center of his chest. Small, sure, but a plant called a Moonflower was growing in his heart and soon he'd be gone.

To be continued...

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Random first sentences cuz I'm in the mood:

The pigeon soared over the city, wings spread wide, feet tucked under, freedom propelling it along.

"I've never seen a dog like that!" 

Gazelles leaped over the golden plains as the last of the sun's rays descended into complete darkness. Who knew when we would next see them again?

"It's for your own good, Little Fox. Turn yourself over and they will treat you well. Put up a fight and you may not live to tell the story."

Birds chirped from the tops of the trees as Big Boulder tumbled along, destroying everything in its path and leaving a trail of fear whenever it went. This might be a happy story if the Boulder was animate and had feelings, but alas, it was just a Boulder, unknowing of the panic it was causing.

The tiny ship rocked to and fro in the mighty waves, but still it stayed aloft, with its occupants clinging tight to the handrails.

An otherworldly howl split the air and I felt my ears pop from the pressure.


I might turn these sentences into stories later but who knows. 

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sometimes I come up with random amazing quotes at 3:00 AM. like this pure masterpiece:

even when the sky is stormy, I'll always fly by your side.

I love this. I use it as much as possible in writing, and then I decide it's too dramatic and beautiful to use 

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And cuz I'm in the mood:


She wasn't certain what she was supposed to do now. She had completed all the tasks, defeated the monster, outwitted the obstacles, drank the magical elixir. But now that she was standing at the door, she didn't know if she should knock, leave, just go in. Her family was behind that door. The family that she had abandoned so many years ago. The family that had abandoned her. But they hadn't known who she was, then. Maybe, now, they'd be more... more what? Welcoming? Loving? As if. Maybe they'd be more willing to help. After all, so much was at stake. She took a deep breath, touched the door. Spoke the words. It creaked open, so slowly. Maybe... no, she was going to do this. Everyone was depending on her. She stepped inside. And gasped.

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Also, cool quote @Darkvine! It rly is rly dramatic/beautiful!! So much meaning in one sentence... Let's see if I can try... or just make up random sentences! :)


Her eyes glowed a glistening blue, like ice cracking, breaking free. She wasn't certain yet where the currents would lead her, wasn't certain if she would survive being away from everything familiar, being thrust out into the world. But she knew she had to try.

Once upon a time, I was a young lizard, just like you, Isaac. I spent my days lollylaggling and boondoggling and such nonsense. I wish I could've learned from you now. But no matter! What's past is past, congratulations, son! For what? For not being me! (Totally random...)

He was evil, through and through, yet he wanted to be good. And some people will tell you that that's what makes you good, this wanting, that he was already good because of if. But he knew that it wasn't true. He knew he was still evil. Because even though he WANTED to be good, when he did bad things, he felt no remorse, no guilt. He felt nothing at all. Except for a longing to wreak more havoc on the world. In truth, he wasn't good at all. It wasn't in his capacity. Sometimes, you just don't get what you want. So you have to make do with what you have.


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The Last Flight

The first flight of a phoenix is a joyous one, as many know. Rising from the ashes, the young phoenix stretches its flaming, golden wings and takes off, soaring through the clear blue sky. It is a sign of new life and growth, a sign that the mother needn't take care of the young phoenix anymore. 

The last flight of a phoenix, however, is a sorrowful one. The significantly older and larger phoenix takes off to the sky slowly, its feathers now reddened with age, a bit like a dying star. It eventually falls to the ground, back into ashes like the way it was born. It is a sign of an ending, a sign that the phoenix has fulfilled its duty in life faithfully.

However, the last flight of a phoenix is especially sorrowful when this phoenix is the last of her kind. Fyerae, a once youthful and golden phoenix, with striking yellow eyes, is now older and more slow, her feathers now shades of scarlet and crimson, lined with faint edges of gold, a sign of her once-youthful self. Fyerae, once proud and holding her head high, now bows her head down with grief. Humans had hunted phoenixes to extinction, treasuring their flaming golden feathers as much as gold and diamonds. Now, Fyerae was the last of the phoenixes, about to take her last flight.

Fyerae stretches her heavy, crimson-colored wings, lifting herself off the ground for the last time. She soars above to the sky, which has turned orange-red as the sun was setting. Her golden eyes glint in the sun, taking in everything for the last time. But right before she falls to the ground, she gives a gift. A gift that can only be given in the time of the greatest need: the gift of survival. And she falls to the ground in ashes.

But coming out from the ashes is something new. It isn't quite like a phoenix, with its golden feathers, but instead, reddish-brown. It is a hawk. A species that will live longer than the phoenixes have. 

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Brainstorming paragraphs for my new writing project and I came up with this:

It has widely been debated whether sentient robots dream digital dreams. No one actually knows for sure, at least just yet. Another equally curious debate is that whether they will become slackers after obtaining consciousness, but unbeknownst to the masses, the answer to this question is a straight no.

The fact that the only sentient robot in existence wakes up at 8:00 every day in the morning doesn't leave a lot of room to argue otherwise.

I might post the rest one day. Who knows. 

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okay i haven't done one of these in a while so heres a short one

Rosary beads in a party city.
Father Mackenzie walked into the bathroom at about nine at night, and began to draw a bath. He sat on a small wooden stool and watched the tub fill. Steam fogged up the mirror, and the lenses of his glasses. Once it was full, he turned the faucet off and got in. Somewhere in his fevered, exhausted mind, he realized that he hadn't taken his robe off. It was heavy, and rough on his skin. He inhaled the steam rising around him. He heard a voice say, "Let my mouth be ever fresh with praise," and then he realized that it had been his voice. He laughed, a hollow sound, and feel into a deep sleep.
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I live in the dark. Yeah, sure, you may be thinking. You're a vampire! Of course you live in the dark! But, no. I live in the total dark. You see, the other vampires, they can't stand sunlight, but that doesn't stop them from installing lamps and all sorts of electric lights in their houses. It's a new age, after all, and vampires are notoriously known for being very trendy. But me? I'm different. I was born with a different curse. If I'm exposed to light, any light at all, I'll die a painful, instant death. But on to more positive subjects! My name is Cassandra, call me Cassie, and I live in the closet! No, not your closet, of course not! That would just be weird. I live in your neighbor's closet. You know, the house next to you that used to be just another simple ranch home until it was torn down and replaced with a white-walled mansion? Yeah, that's my home sweet home. The closet isn't even really a closet. It's more of a box attached to the outside of the house that people use for their water systems. But a closet sounds so much more roomier than a box, y'know? You probably don't, but that's beyond the point. My closet has everything I need. Which isn't much. Vampires can survive for billions of years without even a taste of blood, contrary to common lore. The blood isn't even a necessity at all. No, we vampires feed off of something much darker. We feed off of life. Now, this may sound like the stuff of your nightmares, like we're devouring lifeforces or whatnot, but no, sorry for my earlier setup. I just like to get a bit dramatic sometimes. It gets a bit dull in this closet, as you can probably guess. But life is basically water and so we're basically Aquatic mammals. We need water to survive, and that's really all. A bit of a letdown, isn't it? That's why we spread those rumors about the blood. Makes so much more money that just more ol' fish. So, that's why I chose this water closet to live in. Constant, running water. That, and the holes. That is, the absence of 'em. Lots of structures have at least some sort of microscopic holes that can let even the teeniest bit of light in, and bam, I'm done for. But not this closet. It was made especially for me, the curse only started an day after I was born, of course, to give my parents the necessary amount of time to enchant a place where I could live long and prosper. A day and my parents found me this cramped space. Thanks, parents! As for why I was cursed... well, that's courtesy of my parents again. See, they stole something. Something that didn't belong to them. And so they paid the price the customary way. Or, rather, I payed the price. I know, vampires Society

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And now I realize the inconsistencies sorry. That's what I get for rushing Ig.

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