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Location Stories

Location Stories

so, I was typing in my location and thought this would be cool (actually, I was typing "Sea of Possibilities" for Random Thoughts/Things and thought that would be a cool alternate name to The FireMist Sea "). Plus, Darkvine I think had something about the "corn-infested Midwest" on that thread too, which I always would make a good story, and Hex also always has cool locations, as well as many other people on here! You can also post locations you think are cool/would make good stories, and people can kinda get prompts from those too! Have fun!


I just thought of a random location so:

I am surrounded by fog. All directions, misty blue seeps into my vision, obscuring whatever is around me. Of course, there is nothing around me to obscure anyways, so I don't see why the mist should go through all this pointless trouble. Magic Mist is just weird like that, I suppose.

wow, the tone change halfway through... :/ And short bouts like what I just did are perfectly fine too btw! Anyone (and everyone) is welcome to interpret my location however you want (I'll think of a better one later...)!

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I'll try using my location of Celestial Sky.

The vast night sky around me is nowhere near what most people call a "black, empty space". Instead, it is sprinkled with stars of a million different colors, from blue to white to yellow to red. Shades of midnight purple, galaxy pinks, and navy blues are brushed across the sky like an artist on canvas. And this is not the only one in these galaxial worlds; no, there are many of these out there, for those who care to look.

As for Celine's map to nowhere:

It is long, never-ending, winding endlessly, twisting and turning, but it is still a path. It may seem like it leads to Nowhere, but in the end, all things lead to Somewhere, even if the compass points in the Nowhere direction. Eventually, it will right itself to point to Somewhere. All things do, no matter what. So therefore, I shall follow this map leading to Nowhere, for even if it is leading to Nowhere, I will still end up Somewhere.


Twilight says <nycxi>! Seems like Twilight's location is in New York city!  

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Ooh, love these (especially the description of yours!)!! 

I will probably write many variations of this, but~


The sea was burning. Not truly, of course. But it might as well have been. Its waters were alight with flame, a red firey glow that reached into the darkest depths and brought light into the emptiest nights. A beacon of hope. And then the mist cleared and the waters lapped clear and blue again, all trace of the fire at sunset gone. A lone girl stood at the shore. The waves gently greeted her toes, sand shifting to support her feet. She looked off into the distance. The sun giving way to moon and starts. And smiled.

(just a random person, not necessarily me btw)

And because that was horrible! :)

It wasn't on any maps. Not marked down on a single parchment of paper, nor labeled with ever a quill or a pen. No cartographers even knew of its existence. In fact, it didn't exist. Nothing exists except for that which you know, and here was an unknown, one people dared not cross into. Blah blah blah ok I'll come back later when my writing's more in a writing mood

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