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The Lysander Winslow Academy: Solo Write

Dear [Character’s Name], 

On behalf of the Lysander Winslow Academy, I am happy to congratulate you on your acceptance into our prestigious school. The Academy has one of the most exclusive programs in the country, and we only accept the very best.  Judging from your exceptional scores on your aptitude tests, we can confidently conclude that you belong here with us at LWA…

Torusadour. A country known for its magnificent architecture, vast variety of botanical gardens, and above all else; the glamour and glimmer of its flamboyant high class. 

The year was 1924, and life had never been better for them after the wildly fruitful War of Corabetskie. The era came to be known as the ‘Victory Feast Age’ by President Kesley J. Oriven, and true to its name; the wealthy made sure to eat their fill.

Faster cars, fancier clothes, finer perfumes. Everything had to be the best of the best; education was no exception.

Of course, the public schools of the country were renowned as some of the best in the world. But the private schools? Those were even better.

Especially one boarding school in particular; the Lysander Winslow Academy. Smartest professors, most polished courses, biggest library… 

Everyone who was anyone sent their teens there. From celebrities and CEOs to politicians and high-ranking military officials; if their names were recognizable, their kids were enrolled in that academy.

The boarding school was now reopening its doors after previously shutting them on behalf of the War, and applications were being sent in droves. Acceptance letters were getting thrown right back.

To the relief of everyone, things were just as they were before. The war changed nothing.




1. You may submit a character anytime, even after the story has started.

2. Please be patient for updates.

3. No superpowers!

4. Please stick to the setting! 1920s Torusadour is practically the same as 1920s USA, minus the Prohibition.

5. Foreign exchange students are allowed, but please note that Zdroiskan and Agorusen students would be solely from political or high-ranking military families. Foreign exchange students from Noretsk and Siraden do not apply to this rule, as their governments function differently. No students from Lazagkrus or Vlastyia are allowed.*

6. You may make multiple characters.

*Noretsk and Siraden are allies with Torusadour. Zdroiska and Agorus have a very fragile peace with Torusadour. Lazagkrus and Vlastyia are considered enemies of Torusadour.


Character Files - Refer to the rules for guidance.





Physical Appearance:


Parent('s) Job(s):

Background (OPTIONAL):




Pick a color:




Hello everyone! Tenebrous here. I would like to start by apologizing for the abandonment of The Phantoms of the Photographs ( The summer was far more packed than I anticipated, and it got away from me. Upon revisiting the story, I felt as if the plot I had in mind was flimsy, lazy, and quite frankly; dull.

So, I went back to the drawing board, and cooked up something new!. I'm rather fond of it, and I hope you are too. Thank you for your patience! <3

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(September 20, 2023 - 11:03 am)

though... I don't think you have to reserve with this one... Well, just saying I WANT TO ENTER ig...

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This. Is. So. Awesome. The delivery, the information, the... the... the EVERYTHING ACKK!!! Just wanted to say it was such a joy reading this all and I loved it and also the emphasizes and the rules especially #5 and the history and the names and I'm not explaining this right I'm leaving out so much sorry well basically just yess, I am VERY rather fond of it and it's great you are too and take as long as you need!!! Anyways, here is one charrie I will be submitting more later on because how could I not:

Name: Susurrus Gale

Age: 14

Gender: cis female, she/her

Voice: as in how does her voice sound like, then a bit gruff and scratchy, as in how does she talk then very prim and proper and as in what she takes about, the most wildly absurd things

Physical Appearance: average, brown eyes, brown hair in a braid, always wears some sort of hat and one flower somewhere on her person, both change daily

Personality: polite, fantastical, creative, imaginative, quite shy actually, hates to make conflict, wants to stand out but not stick out

Parent('s) Job(s): parents are event planners

Background (OPTIONAL): maybe later



Dreams: hopes and goals- to

Pick a color:



submitted by CelineBurning Bright, age she/they(?, The FireMist Sea
(September 20, 2023 - 9:23 pm)

Strengths: staying quiet, resilience, figuring things out (but has to say thought process out loud, tho she can not if you don't want), organized, physically strong, creative, dreams big

Weaknesses: stopping once she's on a roll, stubborn, speaking up, a bit socially awkward, a bit of a people pleaser and puts others needs before her own

Dreams: hopes and goals- to fix the world (maybe by taking it over first...), organize it and make absolutely everyone and everything equal and right in a way that all love... she's confident she can do it, she already has many schemes up her sleeve. At night- monsters come for her. She mostly forgets by the time she wakes, though, with only a vague sense of... troubled, that's the word, bothering her throughout the day.

Pick a color: pale pastel blue

Shipping?: yes please, with anyone (preferably girls if possible but time period so idk)!

Other: so excited! I love your name, btw! Glad you're back!!

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(September 22, 2023 - 1:41 am)

Name: Ainsley Winters

Age: 13

Gender: female, she/her

Voice: musical, but not high. 

Physical Appearance: curly red hair, tall, pale skin and freckles, green-blue eyes; if there's no school uniform she'll wear a white shirt and a short skirt with tights underneath, as well as a red-and-green flat cap, every day

Personality: guarded and reserved, a little bit eccentric, easily offended, smart, good at arguments

Parent('s) Job(s): Her mom is the head of a science firm; her dad, however, committed a crime (thievery) when she was very young, was arrested for five years, and then let out. She is scared of him and embarrassed by him (however, she does have her mom's last name). He does not have a job.

Background (OPTIONAL): She's an only child. The first four years of her life were really fun, before her dad's crime was found out, but she doesn't remember them really well. Then, of course, her dad was arrested. The rest of her life was kind of sad, because she was shunned a lot. After her dad was released, Ainsley really wanted her mom to divorce him, but Ainsley's mom wouldn't. She is hoping for a fresh start, of sorts, at the school.

Strengths: Brave and will not back down easily unless anyone insults her. She's also good at thinking in a crisis.

Weaknesses: Is bad at perservering, and, if she is insulted, will crumple.

Dreams: To become a writer under a pen name. (She really doesn't like who she is at all.)

Pick a color: Pink

Shipping?: possibly, with boys

submitted by Seadragon
(September 20, 2023 - 8:52 pm)

Foreign Exchange Students' Names Guide:

Noretsk - Finnish names

Siraden - French names

Zdroiska and Vlastyia - Russian and Belarusian names

Agorus - Bulgarian names

Lazagkrus - Romanian names

submitted by Tenebrous, age Thought I, Should Add This
(September 21, 2023 - 7:19 am)

Name: Celeste Starcreek

Age: 16

Gender: female

Voice: around an Alto, calm and serious tone most of the time

Physical Appearance: long dark hair and blue eyes

Personality: introverted, kind, independent, irritable when the weather is too hot, can seem cold to those who she doesn't know well, however caring and loyal to her friends

Parent('s) Job(s): traveling journalists

Background (OPTIONAL): just raised in a perfectly normal family, though her parents are typically off doing something for their jobs and typically her sister is in charge of her

Strengths: can be gentle, smart, and good at leadership skills if tossed to her (though she usually avoids being in that position)

Weaknesses: can be pessimistic and prickly when it's too hot

Dreams: all she wants to do is live a nice and quiet life with her friends

Pick a color: silver

Shipping?: sure, with boys

Other: friends with Violet


Name: Violet Shimmercress

Age: 15

Gender: female

Voice: around a Soprano, a bright, energetic voice that matches her personality

Physical Appearance: shoulder-length dark hair, bright blue eyes, probably wearing something purple

Personality: optimistic, energetic and enthusiastic

Parent('s) Job(s): her aunt is a teacher of some sort

Background (OPTIONAL): her parents died and she now lives with her aunt, and she often misses them but never shows it on the outside

Strengths: bright, passionate, sees the bright side in things, full of good ideas

Weaknesses: impulsive and doesn't really listen to other people's opinions

Dreams: she wants to travel the world

Pick a color: purple

Shipping?: open to boys

Other: :)

submitted by Moon Wolf, age lunaryears, A Celestial Sky
(September 20, 2023 - 11:41 pm)

Name: Victor Moreau 

Age: 17

Gender: Male, he/him pronouns 

Voice: Tenor, if you want singing voice. He speaks with a bit of an accent, being a foreign exchange student. He also doesn't speak with all that much emotion - not completely monotone but probably has less emotion in his voice than most.

Physical Appearance: Pale skin, dark hair and eyes. Average height. 

Personality: Victor is very analytical and rational. He's not good with emotions so he tends to avoid them. This means his mental health is probably not great. 

Parent('s) Job(s): His dad is a diplomat. His mom is a musician who's only really famous in the city Victor's from. 

Background (OPTIONAL): He was born and raised in Siraden and is an only child. His dad is often away from home for his job, so Victor has become very skilled at writing letters, since it's most of his communication with his father. He learned how to sing and play a few instruments from his mother. While music is not his passion, he loves his mom so he usually tries to keep up with practicing music in his free time - learning about someone's interests is how he shows he cares about them.

Strengths: Smart, dedicated, and diligent. Independent. Good with words and skilled at getting a point across. Great writer.

Weaknesses: Struggles with expressing emotions and empathy. Stubborn. Sometimes unwilling to listen to others' ideas.

Dreams: Victor would like to be a philosopher. He is also very interested in astronomy. He wants to be both a philosopher and an astronomer (he is a bit of an overachiever).

Pick a color: Red

Shipping?: Sure, anyone's fine

Other: If the school has an observatory, Victor will probably spend much of his free time there, and at the library. 

I think I'll make another character a little later, but this is all for right now.

submitted by Periwinkle, age Pi, Somewhere in the stars
(September 21, 2023 - 3:43 pm)

Name:Kenadey Silvouro

Age:15 1/2


Voice:Soft, smooth and wonderful.

Physical Appearance:Olive skin, sweet golden green eyes, shoulder length black hair pinned back with a golden butterfly clip, her color pallete consistes of white, green, gray and brown. Likes sweaters and ruffeled shirts.

Personality:Quiet, studious, sensetive, bookworm, nervous.

Parent('s) Job(s): Her mother"s name is Ophelia and her father's Jonathan. Her mom works as a secratery and her dad a police officer.

Background (OPTIONAL):Fairly high class family, comes from a lonely life. Her social anxiety makes it hard to make friends. She's been getting better, though she still stutters over her words.

Strengths:Sewing, reading, mathamatics, she's good with animals.

Weaknesses:Large crowds, public speaking, group projects.

Dreams:She loves books and would like to work a library.

Pick a color:Moss green.

Shipping?:With guys or girls.



Name:Amadeus (Ame) Charles-Forlenton



Voice:Sweet like honey, smooth, charming.

Physical Appearance:Pale alabaster skin, bright icey blue eyes with flecks of gray, curly strawberry blonde hair, a big birth mark running up and down his back , it's round and splochy and kinda looks like flowers.

Personality:Ladies boy, charming, clumsy, very sweet and not snooty WHAT SO EVER. 

Parent('s) Job(s):Both his parents are in jail (for reasons not mentioned). He lives with his Aunt and Uncle and their daughters. He's workign at a cafe in the city.

Background (OPTIONAL):Even higher class than Kenadey. Their both from the same city but have never met.

Strengths:Physical activity, acrobatics, cooking.

Weaknesses:Science, not good with kids or babies.

Dreams:He would love to be a model.

Pick a color:Silver-ish gray.

Shipping?:With men


submitted by Reuby Moonnight
(September 21, 2023 - 7:12 pm)

I'll start writing on the 27th. Any character submitted before then will make it into the first chapter!

submitted by @Everyone, age It’s, Tenebrous
(September 23, 2023 - 6:51 am)

Name: Greta Provost

Age: 16

Gender: Female, she/her

Voice: Very low and kind of raspy

Physical Appearance: Dark skin and shiny dark hair, brown eyes, usually wearing some kind of muted pastel colors.

Personality: Naturally a very extroverted person, but 

Parent('s) Job(s): Low ranking manual labor.

Background (OPTIONAL): Her parents are from Siraden. She grew up very poor.

Strengths: Very observational and good at picking up on small details, also very good at getting people to let their guard down around her.

Weaknesses: Kind of insecure, doesn't always fit it.

Dreams: To one day have a job that will pull her out of poverty and support both her and her parents.

Pick a color: Pastel blue.

Shipping?: Yes, with girls please.

Other: Can't wait!

submitted by Silver Crystal, age Infinity, Milky Way
(September 24, 2023 - 8:26 am)

Some more!

Name: Kaarina Aho

Age: 15

Gender: they/them

Voice: lilting and soft

Physical Appearance: two thick black braids, brown eyes, kind of a soft appearance if that makes sense, brown skin if possible

Personality: lively and animated, very cautious, a bit of a pushover when with ppl they think are cool, holds truth and honesty above all though

Parent('s) Job(s): mom is a dog groomer (why not), and never knew their dad

Background (OPTIONAL): Noretsk

Strengths: ideas, standing up for what they believe is right, fitting/blending in

Weaknesses: doesn't like risk, not always very reasonable, allergic to dogs

Dreams: in the night - nightmares. Always nightmares. Feeds their paronia. in the day - their crush. for their future - being cool, rich, popular, and sure of everything

Pick a color: powder pink

Shipping?: yes please, with girls

Other: neighbors with Evie, grew up together and best friends


Name: Evie Laine

Age: 15

Gender: she/her

Voice: a thick accent even though she's lived in Torusadour her whole life

Physical Appearance: slight, red hair in pigtails, big glasses, big eyes

Personality: forgetful, very sporty and competitive, not that popular per se, but owns it, self assured and a bit cocky at times, but handles defeat well

Parent('s) Job(s): dad is a cat groomer and never knew her mom (huh.. similarities..)

Background (OPTIONAL): Noretsk

Strengths: sports, physical stuff, confidence, defeat

Weaknesses: cocky, sometimes can't live up to her standards, a bit of a perfectionist, more later

Dreams: gtg

Pick a color: gtg

Shipping?: with girls

Other: gtg!

submitted by CelineBurning Bright, age As Needed, Lysander Winslow Academy
(September 24, 2023 - 11:15 am)

Dreams: day- taking over the world (doesn't actually want to do it, it's just fun to think about), night- flying, future- meh, wants to live in the present for now 

Pick a color: chartreuse

Shipping?: with girls

Other: excited!!!

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(September 25, 2023 - 1:40 pm)

Hmm there's not as many male characters, here's two more boys for some balance

Name: Robert William Alden (William is his middle name but he always introduces himself using his full name. Most people call him Rob or Bob)

Age: 16

Gender: Male, he/him pronouns 

Voice: not really loud, but something about the way he talks just screams "pay attention to what I'm saying!" And if you want singing voice, baritone. 

Physical Appearance: Light skin, short red hair. Big green eyes. Often smiling. 

Personality: Rob is extroverted. He's outgoing and confident. He is smart but doesn't put much effort into anything, really. He just sort of floats through life. 

Parent('s) Job(s): His dad is a significant politician and his mom is a writer with very successful books. She writes under a pen name so she isn't famous but her books bring in a lot of money.

Background (OPTIONAL): His family is fairly significant in Torusadour, and they are quite wealthy. He has received a very good education all his life. However I wouldn't call him super smart, he's really only averagely smart. He's just received good enough education to pass the aptitude test.

Strengths: Talking to people, expressing himself, making friends. Team player. Loyal.

Weaknesses: Actual deep conversations. Despite being good at making friends and connecting with people, he doesn't actually care about all that much or think very deeply. He does care about the people in his life and genuinely love them, but he doesn't have all that deep of a relationship with them.

Dreams: He's not really thinking about the future. He's just living in the moment. 

Pick a color: Orange

Shipping?: Sure, with anyone is fine

Other: "It's just life, so keep dancing through" - Wicked


Name: Alexandru "Alex" Mitrea

Age: 15

Gender: Male, he/him pronouns

Voice: Heavy accent. Low. A bit rough and scratchy. For singing voice, baritone.

Physical Appearance: Alex is tall for his age and big like a football player. He has dark hair and olive skin, but his eyes are a stunning amber color. 

Personality: Quiet and shy. He's extroverted but very awkward and not good at expressing affection. Extremely loyal. Pretty smart.

Parent('s) Job(s): His mom died when she was young. His dad is a military offficial.

Background (OPTIONAL): foreign exchange student from Lazagkrus. Alex's dad remarried when he was seven. Mostly his dad isn't around too much, but he has a pretty good relationship with his stepmom and she took care of him when he was young.

Strengths: Very loyal. Good friend. Smart (like Robert, he's no genius, but he's a little smarter than average and a diligent learner). Kind.

Weaknesses: Timid. Awkward. Bad at expressing his emotions, which frustrates him, and bad at showing or receiving affection. 

Dreams: His dream is to feel like someone in his life is proud of him. What he actually needs is to be proud of himself.

Pick a color: Blue

Shipping?: Yes, anyone's good

Other: n/a

submitted by Periwinkle, age Pi, Somewhere in the stars
(September 24, 2023 - 12:55 pm)

Ahh true. That was a bit annoying for me. Ok, then more (also I wanna just submit more anyways sorry)! :)

Name: Soleil Leloupe (can go by Lei)

Age: 15

Gender: he/him, male 

Voice: very loud and genuine voice

Physical Appearance: messy black hair dyed with random colors all over, round glasses, baggy clothes

Personality: (almost) always optimistic and cheerful, quiet and soulful but quiet as in his aura, he's not actually quiet, if that makes sense. Ig more like thoughtful. Cares a lot and always genuine, if anything bad happens always blames himself and works hard to do better next time. Can get irritable and snappish when very very very frustrated though, but always apologizes quickly after.

Parent('s) Job(s): moms (if possible), one makes toys for babies and the other works in advertisement (not me just coming up with random jobs here.. *whistle whistle*)

Background (OPTIONAL): Siraden

Strengths: can always find the silver lining, thinks before he speaks, doesn't waste words, very trustworthy and dependable

Weaknesses: frustration, interaction with his crush (awkwarddd...), see below

Dreams: night- winged horses, don't ask Day-crush, oc! But not all-consuming, also dreams about --> future- working in the bed industry (oh, did I say something about random jobs?). It's a sensible, respectable profession, alright? Sleep is important! Beds being aesthetically designed is important! Beds, period, are very important. What would we do without them?! WE WOULD TURN INTO SLEEP-DEPRIVED ZOMBIES, THAT'S WHAT!! Sorry, he gets very defensive.

Pick a color: aqua

Shipping?: yes, with his crush oc! Jk, anyone, even if not his crush!

Other: exciteddd!!!!!

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