NaNoI though

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NaNoI though


I thought I posted this (2 times?? Or was that just a daydream?? It happens, so sorry if it was) already? @admins, is NaNo a banned subject? Sorry, just wondering, don't mean to be disrespectful or anything!

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yeah, it's kind of a banned subject because it refers another website. like, i'm pretty sure we're allowed to refer to it as national novel writing month because that's not the name of the website. and it's perfectly fine to talk about the writing part, as far as i'm aware.

if you're planning on doing it, i'd love to hear about your novel :D

CB used to support that other site, but then learned about privacy issues.


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Oh, ok, thank you pangolin and admins! I just wanted to say good luck to everyone who's doing it! :)

yup, this is my first time, so excited (learned about this from the CB, so thank you all! I sorely need this, I have literally gone nowhere with my novel in 3 years, and now I'm bursting with motivation)!! Off to try to do as much homework due in the next few weeks as I can to make time! And my novel's a bit of a cliche fantasy but not really as the main character may not be as honorable as these main characters usually are...

oh, also she's a cat. And she's lesbian. And she's an adventurous introvert. And I love her.

Eek!! Tomorrow!! ACKKK!!! :DDD 

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I'm also doing the writing and am very excited about my story!

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ooh, that story sounds really cool :D

i hope everyone is having a very productive november first :)

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349 words written today (that means I'm on track for my goal of 10,000 words this month right now)! 

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GUYS. I actually wrote something straight from my brain yesterday, and it's SO COOL.

I hope I'm not plagiarizing without knowing.

Also I hope my writing style isn't too similar to The Girl Who Drank The Moon.

BUT IT'S SO GOOD. And I write like Kelly Barnhill, apparently! (I think this myself, nobody has said this before, though) 

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the words are not wording right and i lowkey hate everything i've written but OH WELL that's a december problem

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I have to make myself not go back to read everything I wrote bc then I'll edit and...

but today I let myself read what I wrote yesterday... MAJOR mistake. I've already deleted a whole paragraph of progress (oc, I AM figuring the plot out as I go, so..)!

but yesterday I wrote 2608 words! Currently I have 474 written today. :)

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I am totally in what I'm calling the writer's exhilaration right now!! I wrote a grand total of 0 words yesterday (a result of WAY TOO MUCH homework and MANY tests to study for) so today I had to really catch up whenever I could. Just came back from a writing streak over 2K words (it just sounds like as much as is really is when you say it that way) and I. Am. In. The. Zone. I literally have this huge grin on my face I CANNOT wipe off. Even my brother when I went to charge in my laptop was like, "you look weirdly excited..."



Feiya says YEBWE. I take that to mean, yep, we can do this! 

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oh my gosh, that's awesome :DD

i feel like i've made a lot more progress than i thought i would! i've only written 225 words today, but i'm going to have a lot of time to write later today because i'll be home alone so there'll be fewer distractions. i'm aiming to write 4K words today (i tend to set higher daily goals for myself during the first week, because i usually struggle much more during the second and third weeks)!

um yeah! *environmentally friendly confetti for everyone, you're all doing great*

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Wow, a writing project makes you PRODUCTIVE!

1h 28min ago I finished 5000 words.

in that time I've FINALLYY written

a. My Kyngdom response

b. My Jewel Hotel response

c. My AE diaries response

d. My chat thread response

e. Started my City of 1000 Stars response!

so wow! But now I've just reset a-d for another round of procrastination... I know how to fight it now though! So yay! :)

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Geez! You guys have already written so many words! I'm only at 730 words. I figure I am prob gonna do most of my writing over Thangsgiving break. My goal is to get to 1000 words my tmrw.

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only 1261 words today but oh well Ig there's only so much you can do with 40 min


ooh, that's a good goal! I'm probably gonna write mostly during Thanksgiving break too, except I also want to try to set higher goals for myself like pangolin's doing just to give myself some cushion just in case (awesome idea btw pangolin!)

and, yep, everyone really is doing great so far!! A kitten caboodle:

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Hehee nevermind that it's midnight right now I just finished another sprint and I'm feeling GREAT!!

Ik I've already said this and I'm probably gonna say it a bunch more times but seriously, I think focusing on my novel was the best decision I've made in a while!! It's making me SOO productive, and not just in my novel (though especially there, oc!)

- I FINALLYY finished all those packets of Chinese homework I've been procrastinating because whenever my brain looks at it it shuts down and I always spend hours daydreaming instead. But writing makes my WANT to be productive, and so I sat down and did it and felt so proud handing in all my missing work the other day (btw, they were missing because I was absent (either bc I was sick or bc I had a soccer game) that day, not because I don't do my homework (although, yknow, I had no motivation at all to do my old homework that was weeks past before November))!! :D

- I actually washed my hair in the shower/took a short shower!! Now, Ik this is horrible and stuff, but me and showers? We either get along great and time flies when I'm in there and before I know it it's been 40 min (Ik, Ik so sorry environment, this is why I try not to shower, bc I take such LONG showers, to make up for it I just don't shower as frequently (timers don't work, though sometimes I sing and do a song limit, which sometimes works) and I try not to wash my hair/spend more time in there), or we don't. This time I was agreeable to the shower bc I wanted to have time to work on writing.

I even showered with a daddy longlegs moving around in there! Nothing was stopping me from accomplishing my goal!!

- I cut my nails! They grow SO FAST and URGHH it feels like I'm never-ending cutting them and when they're too long EVERY SINGLE WEEK my cello teacher's like "hey, your nails are so pretty and I know you want to grow them out but-" and EVERY SINGLE WEEK I'm like NO I didn't even KNOW what "growing out" WAS before you said it the first time I don't CARE about looking pretty just because I'm a GIRL it's just I don't like cutting them it takes too much effort cause I'm just lazy that way and EVERY SINGLE WEEK she doesn't believe me...

so I'm so glad I finally found the motivation to ACTUALLY cut my nails instead of just thinking about doing it...

- I did my school homework and learned my dance for my performance! A minor, everyday feat, but I'm proud nonetheless.




-and finally, oc, I WORKED ON MY NOVEL!! :D 16 pages of just story so far, which doesn't sound like much at all, but... still, wow. I worked quite happily in this beautiful elegant room in my house that I still can't believe exists lit with seemingly fairytale-like (electric) torches from 11:40PM-12:40AM today and it was absolutely magic, bc if you don't have time, make time, and what are midnights but to be used? :) (But don't actually. This is extremely bad for you, do NOT follow my example)

And the weirdest thing is my brother's actually really supportive of me, checking in on my progress daily, which is nice, unlike my parents who I think care but don't really understand how big of a deal this is.

Thank you all again. Love you and I believe in you! We can do this! It may not be perfect, but it'll be progress, and that's what's important :) <33 

and also remember, please don't stress yourself out trying to write every day if you don't want to/if you feel like you have to! To anyone who needs this, writing is a challenge you're taking on, and that's great, but don't lose sleep over it or make yourself unhappy working on it! I'm only working at this hour because it makes me feel happy and alive and proud, only do what is best for you! :) <3


Word Count ~  8360 - WAY more progress in 5/6 days than in 3 years!

btw, Feiya says BYVER. Beaver? HYXVN. Wyrm?!? Why did that pop into my mind?!? Too much TPotOT Ig...

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