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Ski Lodge!&n

Ski Lodge!



If you don't know what it is, it's basically a story, but people go *kaplutz* in it, basically they die. I'm pretty sure this is my first ski lodge, so send me your feedback!


In the town of Down Under, people are sworn to an oath to never venture out into the Above World. There are twelve Guardians of the Down Under, and each of those Guardians represent a different Zodiac. These Guardians act to make sure no one adventures to the Above World. But only the Guardians can venture Up There. The Guardians make trade with the Above World, and they ensure the balance between them and the Underground. If we look in a specific tunnel, we would see the people who choose and train the possibly-future Guardians. There are three figures, and they are deciding who to invite to become the last three Guardians needed.


"We need three more people to become Guardians, so who should we invite?" says Figure one. Figure two sighs. "That's a tough choice to make," Figure two says. Figure three had been staying exceptionally quiet. Figure three leans back in their lawn chair. Figure three says "I have an idea. Here's who we'll invite..."


Charrie sheet, one for each person, and there are 11 slots! Late joining is aloud, thogh you might not be a main character if you join late.


Age (10-17):





Zodiac (please pick Scorpio, Areis, or Libra):



For the zodiac slot, if you see a lot of people doing the same one, do a different one! Have fun, and enjoy!  


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No, wait, I didn't mean the 'have fun'.

(Sam says <"wppon">! Are you rying to say weapon?) 

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breaking da glitch

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Hi! I'm reserving :)

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Name: Moon Wolf

Age (10-17): around 12-13ish

Pronouns: she/her

Appearence: sleek black hair, dark eyes, a hair tie on right wrist, a moon pendant necklace, smaller than average

Personality: creative, shy at first until talken to, a bookworm, talkative among friends, smart, thoughtful

Strengths/Weaknesses: strengths are reading, writing, generally kind, weaknesses are impulsiveness, being distracted easily, and awkwardness

Zodiac (please pick Scorpio, Areis, or Libra): Aries (what my AE was named after lol)

Luggage: necessities, a notebook and pencil, a hair tie, snacks, and books

Other: :) excited for the ski lodge

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Hi! Do you mind if I reserve? I can write my person like maybe tomorow. Also is this a solo write? 

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Yes, you can reserve. This is a solo write.

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Wait, sorry. Is this a solo write or a ski lodge?

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I don't actually know what a solo write is. This is a ski lodge.

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Name: Hawkstar

Age (10-17): 15

Pronouns: she/her

Appearence: Tall and skinny, 5'7, with short, almost shoulder length coco colored hair. Brown eyes, full lips and a normal sized nose. freckles across cheeks and nose bridge. Long, slender and quick fingers. Ears are small and have slight points. Usually dressed in brown gray tunic, forest green leggings and a brown, long, hooded cloak. bare foot in warm seasons, booted in cold weather. Has a braided leather belt with sheaved hunting knife. Either has a wooden staff, or a bow and quivver full of arrows. Never both. Is very handy with both weapons I have hawk wings that appear on my back, 4 feet long on each side.

Personality: Kind, firm, clever and fun. can be very open with laugh and smile, or closed off and mysteriously grumpy. Enjoys company of others usually, and hates to be left out or miss something. Loyal and helpful

Strengths/Weaknesses: great at sneaking around, climbing, running, swimming, all that. Smooth talker.
Hates being left behind, as already said, and betrayed. not good at understanding why someone would hurt without reason. Despite loving animals, I am wary of reptiles. 

Zodiac (please pick Scorpio, Areis, or Libra): Libra



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