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Lotus Hotel and

Lotus Hotel and Casino RP

Walking through the glass doors, you find yourself in a lobby. It is large, and circular. A see-through tube elevator was in the middle of the room, with a tube slide wrapping around it. People were bungee jumping off of a balcony 8 or so floors up, and doors flashed signs promising all sorts of fun. The doorman approaches with an easy smile, extending a hand with a green card in it. 

"Welcome to Lotus Hotel and Casino! Here is your card. You can use it to pay for anything in here, and it doubles as a room key!"

"When does it run out?" you ask automaticlly, smiling slightly at the familiar words, knowing the answer.

"Oh, hey, you're making a joke! That's cool. Enjoy your stay!" the man cheerily waves you on. 

With a mischevious smile, you take the card. This is going to be fun.


Yayyyy hi! I decided to go ahead and make this--- we though about making it before, I believe? You can enter as yourself (honestly, it'd be more fun that way?) but do whatever! Just let me remind you a few things-- One, you never grow old if you come here, two, Rick Rioridan was pretty lax with discribing the features of this place- so let your imagination shape this place even more then it is! And third, have tons of fun! There isn't much of a plot for this, just for enjoyment!



CBer, AE, OC, or CAPTCHA: 




Check in time:

Check out time:


Enjoy! I'll make my form when this comes up! If you have anything to add that I've forgotten, please do!

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Name: Moon Wolf

CBer, AE, OC, or CAPTCHA: CBer

Pronouns: she/her

Personality: thoughtful, creative, shy until talken to, smart, a bookworm

Appearance: sleek dark hair, dark eyes, a moon pendant necklace, lavender hoodie and light blue jean leggings

Check in time: now, i guess? so...3/13/24?

Check out time: undetermined for now

Other: I've actually only read a bit of the first book of Rick Riordan so I hope this doesn't affect anything

Name: Twilight


Pronouns: she/her

Personality: hyper, energetic, optimistic, loyal, adventurous

Appearance: a silver wolf pup with dark indigo eyes and silver wings

Check in time: same as me

Check out time: same as me

Other: <kptye!>

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Name: Eph / Ev (real name: Chiori Akuma) 


Pronouns: she/her 

Personality: generally quiet and serene, disappears occasionally for periods of time and cannot be found, mysterious. her personality will be developed more durng the course of this RP. 

Appearance: albino (white hair, scarlet eyes) down to her waist. Two golden hair pins. Lots and LOTS of necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Wears silky dresses that fall to the floor. They're typically very floofy. 

Check in time: The Beginning. 

Check out time: The End. 

Other: N/A 

Name: Hana Kaboyashi


Pronouns: she/her 

Personality: excitable and sweet, lovable, etc. can be rude / sassy if the times call for it, but generally nice. wouldn't hurt a soul unless they hurt someone else. 

Appearance: purple hair up in a high ponytail down to her shoulders, bright colors (everywhere), bandages (also everywhere, two on her face and a lot on her knees / legs / elbows / arms). Two butterfly rings. 

Check in time: the beginning of time 

Check out time: The [REDACTED] 

Other: N.A 

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Haha, sorry, I was going to make this but totally forgot; thanks for making it though!! I'll put a form later!

Feiya says OKARY :) 

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Name: it's CelineBurning Bright but could I go by Cecelia for this RP? No particular reason, it's fine if that's too confusing though. Actually yeah ignore that let's just do CelineBurning Bright/Celine

CBer, AE, OC, or CAPTCHA: CBer!

Pronouns: she/her/they/them (do whatever with those)

Personality: lazylazylazy :) but just think all personality traits except for disloyalty and you'll have me!

Appearance: Asian, too skinny

Check in time: *whistles a happy tune*

Check out time: well, tomorrow!, ofc! :) whenever that rolls around...

Other: maybe later!

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CAPTCHA says <dryoh>! Two whole words!

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Name: Hawkstar

CBer, AE, OC, or CAPTCHA: CBer

Pronouns: she/her

Personality: Kind, firm, clever and fun. can be very open with laugh and smile, or closed off and mysteriously grumpy. Enjoys company of others usually, and hates to be left out or miss something. Loyal and loves to help whenever I can 

Appearance: Tall and skinny, 5'7, with short, almost shoulder length coco colored hair. Brown eyes, full lips and a normal sized nose. freckles across cheeks and nose bridge. Long, slender and quick fingers. Ears are small and have slight points. My outfit is differnet then ususal- I'm wearing skinny light blue jeans, a tight purple crop top, and an unzipped light blue sweatshirt. Still no shoes, though! I also have a pair of headphones (not wireless) and it's a give or take whether I have them on :)

Check in time: 3/14/2024

Check out time: Huh? What? Check out time? What's that?

Other: @Moon Wolf, LHaC only really appears once in the entire RR world. It does get mentioned over the series once or twice, but they don't go back. You should be good! 

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Aaaand I forgot to say when this is starting! I really don't think it matters, but let's say... Saterday? 16th? Should be fine, since there's already a good amount of guests.

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Starting, then! 

I first want to go to my room, so I go over to the clear elevator, and push the up button. With a quite whoosh, the platform zooms to the bottom before slowly settling and the doors slid open. I step inside, and the doors close. 

I face the number of buttons in front of me, from floor -1 to floor 100.5. I raise my eyebrows in disbelief at the unlikely numbers, and make a mental note to visit both floors at a later date. I look at my card, finding the number 0713. I push the round number 7, and it lights up. A smooth female voice says, "Please choose a speed."

I look over the buttons again, this time my eyes catching on a row of five buttons. Under each there was writing. Snail pace, pleasurable, normal, fast, and extra speedy. I assumed that the elevator had come down to me on 'extra speedy', so I gulp and push 'pleasurable'. The elevator hums, and begins a steadily nice upward pace. 

As I go up, a pair of loud children whip around me on the slide at such a speed, that I know that I have to try it out later. Signs on other floors flash by me- a board game cafe, suana and spa, ice rink, and a library (since when was there all this in a hotel?? I loved this place already.) 

With a pleasant ding, the elevator stopped and the door slid open. I walked out onto the short walkway that went to the main hall walkway. I look at my card again, reminding myself "17, it's 17," before turning down a hall marked 'guest rooms for floor 07'. I stroll down it, before stopping at room 17. I insert my card, and the lock whirs, and I open the door.

I blink in surprise and disbelief. After a short hallway, I enter a large room, at least 3 stories high, easy. On the far wall, floor to ceiling windows went from wall to wall, bringing in bright light. Behind me, the wall was filled of books, also floor to ceiling, wall to wall. Walkways zigzagged with no pattern through the shelves, and there were balchonies and cozy nooks inside the walls were the books paused. Plants grew on some shelfs, drapping over openings of book nooks and wrapping around railings. Where I stood, the floor was a soft carpet, and there were couches and chairs placed strageticly around the large room, with piles of blankets and pillows. I wander over to the opening on the left wall. Over here, it's a kitchen, with a bar open to the library room. (Heck, I don't need the hotel library now! Who knew if I'd even leave my room!! Well, I probably would...) The kitchen was roomy, with a large fridge, and an island with stools. if you went through the kitchen, you would come to a cozy dining room, with a large rectangle table, and arm chairs for the seats. ARM CHAIRS! Amazing.

Exiting that area, I go the the right wall, were there is my bedroom! Inside, there is a swing in the corner, and the bed is at least a god sized bed, which is to say it took up at least half the room. There was a window behind it, with soft, fluttery curtains. There is an armchair in the corner, next to a lamp. A large bathroom with a big bathtub that had water jets came off of my room. I aproved of my rooms. How this room was as big as it was I had no idea, but I loved it. It was much to big for just me, so I just had to hope that I made a lot of friends- fast. I set down my headphones and music player on my bed, slip my card into my pocket, and leave my room. Back in the bookroom, I narrow my eyes in challenge at the books. I'd read most of them later. For now, I was off to see if anyone was worth talking to. Hey, who knew? Maybe I'd run into somebody I already knew. I left my quarters and made my way back to the elevator, planning on zooming from floor to floor.

Okay, WOW I did not mean to write so much. Hopefully you guys got the gists of it all? lol have fun! 

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==== UPDATES ==== 

- eph/ev is now the one with the bandages and color, except she has the personality of a particular gamer girl - always on her switch or a controller or whatever, has bright purple hair with neon green highlights (i'll see if i can draw osmehting up) and she's pretty deadpan and serious (u could say she dresses harajuku but i was thinking more sou's cover of bug/bagu) - will be referring to her as Ev throughout this, but you can choose one. she also has neon green eyes (contact lenses) 

- hana is now the one that looks like an angel / wears pastel lolita stuff [referring to lolita as in the clothing style] and other similarly cute accessories  

- will be rping both of these chars in a combined post bcus im lazy

==== POST ====

The elevator's doors opened and an angelically pastel girl stepped in. Today, she had opted for a white sweater and a pastel pink skirt, along with a pastel pink scarf and a pink bag. And striped pink-and-white leg warmers. Those were essential. As you can see, she really liked pink. 

Another girl stepped in after her. Well, not stepped, as she seemed to be constantly sitting on a robotic chair that had several gaming devices connected to it. The screen in front of her eyes flashed neon colors. stage 9998 cleared! congrats, eph101! A lollipop stick stuck out of the corner of her mouth as she progressed onto stage 9999, which seemed to be the last stage possible. She flicked a strand of purple-fading-to-neon-green hair over her shoulder as her neon green eyes continued to focus on the screen. 

She wore, quite simply, a neon purple and green version of the Japanese uniform, along with an unhealthy amount of bandages, concentrated around her knees and elbows, though there was one on the bridge of her nose, and one gauze pad along her jawline. Her legs dangled carelessly off the arm of aforementioned robotic chair (which was more like a couch). 

The elevator dinged and the doors opened as another person stepped in. [Hawkstar, this is you, I'm sorry, I'm very lazy and not in the mood to write description today... oops.]

The elevator doors closed and for a minute it was awkwardly silent. Should I say something? Hana thought to herself, twisting together her (white fingerless)-gloved hands. 

"Uh, hi!" she said cheerfully. "Um. I'm Hana! Hana Kaboyashi, she/her, nice to meet you!"

She stuck out a hand and elbowed the other girl, whispering under her breath. "Ev, say something!"

"Huh?" Ev looked up from her controller, her neon green eyes looking up and down at the other. Without stopping the game, she held up a hand in greeting as she looked back down at the game. She put her hand back down and continued to game.  

"Yeah, hi, I'm Eph, or Ev, whatever's fine. Uh, she/her."  

The same neon colors flashed again. stage 9999 cleared! congrats, eph101! 

"So, um, what about you?" Hana asked awkwardly. "Sorry about Ev, by the way, she's a little antisocial." 

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There are already two people inside the elevator. I step inside, and the doors close. I consider saying something, then decided to stay quiet, for now. I didn't know either girls, and I wasn't to great with starting convos with people I didn't know.

"Uh, hi!" I startle slightly, and turn to the girl who spoke."Um. I'm Hana! Hana Kaboyashi, she/her, nice to meet you!"

She elbowed the other girl, the one with the remote game and her eyes glued to the screeen. "Huh?" she said, looking up at me, and waved slightly. She looked back down at her game and said, "Yeah, hi, I'm Eph, or Ev, whatever's fine. Uh, she/her."  

"So, um, what about you?" Hana asked, a little uncomfortable. "Sorry about Ev, by the way, she's a little antisocial."  

I smile and say, "I'm Hawkstar. She/her. Nice to meet you guys! And it's fine. I can tell." I laugh. "I love your style, by the way!"

"Oh, thank you!" Hana replies.

I ask, "What floor were you heading for? I just came back from checking out my room and decided to explore a bit. I could come with you, depending on your destination?" 

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Hana brightens. "We're just exploring the hotel! We've both been here for as long as I can remember, together, so we figured, there's probably something we haven't seen. Right, Ev?" 

The gamer girl nods, her eyes still glued to the screen. "Mm-hmm," she hums absentmindedly.

Hana rolls her eyes. "You are such an idiot," she huffs. "Anyways, um- we were thinking of going to the cafe on Floor 43! I've heard from some other residents that there's a cool secret passageway there. Thoughts?" 


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I enter the Lotus Hotel, and at once, am surprised by all the decorations and features. Everything looks amazing. I glance up at Twilight, my CAPTCHA, who is doing little flips in the air from excitement. 

I check in and go over to a free elevator to set my luggage in my room. The elevator is clear and has quite a few floor buttons, to say the least. I look for the number 9, since my room is on that floor, and click on it. The elevator immediately takes me to that floor.

Smiling, I find my room and enter. It is absolutely amazing, with a mini library, pretty decor that fits my vibe well, and more. I set my things down and decide to go back on the elevator to explore everything else. Twilight agrees, calling out <yhdcb>! 

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