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Kyngdom RP ad~

Kyngdom RP ad~

Just want to let everyone know about the Nobyl RP, which has been pretty inactive recently. I suppose it's because it seems rather complicated, being at the top of the society and everything. Well, I'm attempting to revive it with a party that Estrelle, my charrie, is hosting. Basically a casual party to just talk, nothing big, a great way to dive into this RP. Anyone interested? Also ask away if you have any questions and I'll try to answer them the best I can. 

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(April 26, 2024 - 11:40 pm)

ooh yes, I'd be interested!

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(April 27, 2024 - 11:01 am)
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(April 27, 2024 - 5:28 pm)

Yesss the Nobyl RP! It's wonderful, and you should join it. All you need to know is that in a glittering palace, a party is being hosted. That intrigue is everywhere for those who look for it and no one is who they seem to be. That you have to pick your side and trust to fate...

Or, alternatively, that a chat with friends and a good time is in the offing :) Please join it, since now's a good time and there isn't really much (or any) backstory you need to know.

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(April 28, 2024 - 10:54 am)