Hello, I don't

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Hello, I don't

Hello, I don't really know what to do here, I usually post on BAB, but I thought to try something new. So, here do we actually talk to the authors or about them? Either way, I'm a big fan of Rick Riordan. Is anybody else?

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submitted by Sarah
(May 1, 2010 - 10:43 am)

Hey Sarah! Here in Inkwell, we talk about writing and stuff related to that. We don't talk about authors that much, that's what BaB's for. Laterz! 

submitted by Olive
(May 1, 2010 - 3:45 pm)

Inkwell is about writing. We are authors. We talk to each other. Things posted on here include roleplays, where each person creates a character and we write a story together, and round robins, where we take turns writing parts of a story, all about the same character. You can post asking for writing advice, or you can post a story/poem and ask for critique. Does that help?

submitted by ZNZ
(May 1, 2010 - 3:55 pm)

Oh, and there's also TAPM, where people get paired to write stories together.

submitted by ZNZ
(May 1, 2010 - 4:03 pm)