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Power/Creature Roleplay

Power/Creature Roleplay

This is my first roleplay, so I hope it turns out well. I want there to be a bad guy who commands an army and for it to be Medival themed, if that's all right with everybuggy. The reason I said Power/Creature Roleplay is because most people (if not all) should have some sort of power or be some sort of creature. Also, Shapeshifters can't be Invisible. Here's my character:

Name: Lady Clarissa

Age: 15 in human years.

Power/Creature: Werewolf, can resist biting if she tries really hard.

Appearence in human form: Waist-length brown hair, slightly pale peach (white, not literally) skin, blue eyes, freckles, always wears a dress.

Appearence in creature form (if you are a creature): Brown fur, blue eyes, claws same as human skin tone. 

Other: Her mother died when she was 5, and her father married a lady of the castle. This was how she became a lady. Her stepmother is cruel, and beats Clarissa whenever she does something wrong. 

submitted by A.S., age None, Nowhere
(June 17, 2012 - 2:25 pm)

Name: Aurelia

Age: 13

Power/creature:  Controls plants

Appearance: auburn hair to knees, light skin, green eyes, light freckles, average height, often dressed as a boy

Other: Pretending to be stable boy to get food for her large family, who are in poverty 

submitted by Melody, age 13, Just being awesome
(June 17, 2012 - 5:38 pm)