Okay so I

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Okay so I

Okay so I am super excited because last night was the second preformance of The Jungle Book that I have done. Our school did The Jungle Book for theater this year and I had a role, a speaking role! In the beginning they wanted to start with two parrots telling bad jokes. They only had one parrot so on Monday they officially made me one. I told four jokes and then flew offstage but it was really exciting! What kinds of roles has everyone else played?

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(March 30, 2014 - 12:55 pm)

That sounds fun and bravo! For me, I have been

-An ensemble member in a musical we did over the summer that had songs from other musicals. A revue, you could call it. I had one line for the audtitons scene "The hills are alive!" I got plenty of laughs from it, and the musical was about a middle school musical!

-A gingerbread cookie in "Hansel and Gretel". That play was very fun!

-An ensemble member in "Huckleberry Finn", a musical. I got to partner dance with one of my crushes, so I was pretty happy. I got to be in a scene were the leads put on a crappy show. My best friend (who was on here once as Fluffeh Bunneh) and I held up stone pieces and pushed them down, making it look like a mess. The lead had to dress like a girl, he had to wear a wig for that scene! I also has a singing line in a song about how confusing boys are and it was "Set down to supper, they eat like hogs!"

-A froglet/ Jay Bird/ Turkey/ Grace/ Blizzard scene chorus member in "Honk! Jr." over last summer.. I was not orginally Grace, the duck queen, but became it when the orignal person had another role with Grace in that scene. There were only about 7 actors, and we were all girls. Mel says Jay Bird, the annoying reporter, is the perfect role for me.

-Panthino in "A Forty-Minute Verison of Two Gentlemen of Verona". Ugh, this play is a mess. It was supposed to be performed in January, but it is not going to be until April 10th and 11th. Long story about the horribleness of it. But, I have the best line in the whole play that everybody agrees on. "Away (the other word for butt and donkey)!" We are not going to have a musical this year. My friends and I are very mad. The 8th graders who are amazing singers are too.

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