You need someth

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You need someth

You need something from the shop.
Perhaps you have been there before, perhaps this is your first time. Nevertheless, you take the trek. You open the door as snow blows around outside, magical snow. You enter the warm haven where you are greeted by The Merchant.
"Now, new and exciting opportunities await! You will be brought on an all expenses paid trip to Far Away Isle! Such a beautiful, tropical island it is. The cost shall be one magic marble."
You reach into your pocket to find one slightly chipped marble.
"Ahh! Wonderful! I see you have your payment in full, so let me just tell you all the details. You and the others who join you will stay in a first class hotel, and have soooo much fun! Also, there's a tree on the island called the Tree of Tourture, from which one coconut falls each day. If your name is on it, you die. The one left at the end will have to be condidered the murderer! But I'm sure that won't happen to you. So hurry! The boat leaves for Far Away Isle  on May 1st!"
Now that you have paid, you must come.
Or else. 
submitted by The Merchant, age Wonderful, Deepest Desires
(April 22, 2015 - 7:24 pm)

Whoooooo! Another Ski Lodge!

*Packs books, how to survive ski lodge pamphlets that were for $0.10, a jade shamrock (Read aaaah! W...) a bunch of oranges, a magical foghorn that will make anything appear, books, a pen, an everlasting pencil, a bottomless pouch, books, a kit of useful tools, and books*

submitted by NatureWriter, age 13
(April 22, 2015 - 8:58 pm)