My second AE......

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My second AE......

My second AE......

Secret! Secret speaks in bold. (Cilantro speaks in Italics.)

Appearance: Blue eyes, Copper hair, plaid skirts, jeans, and long socks are part of her usual uniform. Also long turtlenecks, sweaters, and polo shirts.

Age: about 15?

Personality: Quiet. Once Secret knows you, she will be rather talkative. When she is excited, she is bubbly and over-the-top. Also, she, unlike Cilantro, is slightly more intrested in guys. 

Habbits: Annoying Cilantro.

Hey! Another AE? What am I, chopped liver?

Ha. Well, I exist now, so step aside.

Arrrrgh! I don't need an internet....sister? Roommate? Oh, what the heck. I don't need her!

That is too bad. I'm here anyway.


*Mimics* Pe-pper St-aarr! Secret is being so mean!

Shut up!

(LilyCat) mrow?

You too, stupid cat-like, lavender scented Captcha!

To your room, Cilantro. Secret, take care of LilyCat.

(LilyCat) snfl

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(November 26, 2016 - 3:58 pm)

Hey! How are you doing?

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(November 26, 2016 - 8:04 pm)