Everything around her

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Everything around her

Everything around her was dark.

She had tried to use her phone flashlight to look around the put she had just fallen- well.. A better word, would be dragged. Dragged into this pit. The flashlight revealed nothing. Only a wall, with a tapestry depicting the people who led her to this place.

The young girl shook her head, and got rid of the flash light. Letting out a breath she didn't realize she knew she was holding, she walked back into the darkness, embracing it, accepting that she had fallen into a pit of ships that will never happen... 


yeah okay bye

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Hmm. Intriguing. 

Am I a complete fangirl dork for noticing "pit of ships that will never happen" and thinking of ships, OTPs, NOTPs, and submarines? Is this about shipping? Are you shipping a submarine? Or just something that isn't canon? Or is it a real life ship...

Or I'm completely crazy and you're staring at this screen with confusion and wodnering, "What even?". Laughing Tongue out

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