Marching bands! Don't

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Marching bands! Don't

Marching bands! Don't they rock?! I marched in my first parade yesterday! My band director, the awesome Mr. Nelson, combines all three levels (Varsity, cadet, beginning) (I'm in beginning) of our middle school band and we marched while playing a really cool song called Walkin' and Talkin.' Mr. Nelson changed its unofficially tittle, though, to Marchin' and Playin' because we're not supposed to walk or talk, we're supposed to march and play. We used a glide step technique for marching. At the end of the parade, we were all so tired that instead of calling out "left, left, left, right, left" like he usually does when we're not playing, he called out "left, left, left, right, right, right." So our band went step step step hop hop hop. He had to be super goofy to keep us going!!Then we had a bbq back at school with a gaint water baloon fight, rockband, a movie (Bolt), capture the flag, and strawberry shortcake!!! Have any of you guys marched? Where? Tell me here.

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Awwwwwww! Come on! I know some people must march!!! *big sad eyes* Please post!! Please *(dramatic) sniff sniff* *sigh* *blink blink* *big sad eyes again* Hmmm. Maybe a little dramatic, but....

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