Favorite musicians and

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Favorite musicians and

Favorite musicians and songs, and why?

Sorry if this thread exists or something like that, but why not ask? 

My favorite musician is probably GHOST (look them up on youtube right now or you'll explode-- kidding) because I feel a lot less alone in my situation when I listen to their music, as depressing as it is. Their style is also very interesting and unique, and as dancible as it is sad.

And my favorite song is Animalistic, a collboration between GHOST and Creep-P. It just hits me. That aside, Matryoshka by Hachi is the most dancible thing on the planet. 

What are yours? Admins, feel free to participate. 

OH, I can't name just one or a few favorites. I like so many. I like beautiful melodies, meaningful lyrics, great harmonies, and catchy rhythms. Some are very old. Do any of you know "Jamaica Farewell" by Harry Belafonte?


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I really like TS, but that's obvious. I like Riptide, by Vance Joy, and pretty much every pop song there is. 

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