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Ski Lodge?

As Myst read the letter, she had far to many questions going through her head... on top of it all was why. Why would someone ask her to host a new Ski Lodge?  Who would do thatHow did they find me? What are they trying to find out or accomplish? She stared hard at the crinkled, but otherwise neat letter, tainted by the slightly scrawled ink, across the parchment-like paper. Biting her lip, she got up, peering out at the quiet gloom through a rain streaked window pane. 

Just then, Myst shot up into a sitting position, awake. Just that dream again... She thought, exasperated. That dream, accompanied by other nightmares reminiscent of the previous Ski Lodge had plagued her ever since it had ended. Myst gazed through one of the many weathered panes of glass, as she had when she first obtained the castle. It once again crossed her mind, that this fairly fragile window was the only thing that separated her from the rather harsh weather that always seemed to consume the world outside of that place. Is it an omen? Tilting her head to the side, as a glimpse of light shone through the thick, dark clouds overhead, she made up her mind. She would bring back the Ski Lodge. Her delicate features expressing her determination, it was clear that she would not stop at anything reasonable to achieve her goals.

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Once again, Myst had everything planned; set and ready to go. All she needed now was receive the new batch of guests. She looked out of the clear but battered glass. This time though, the window, reflecting the dusk's faint light off the drizzly, yet snow-soaked sod, didn't only resurrect the hope that it used to. Now, it was mingled with a lingering sense of dread. Shaking her head as she tried to dismiss such dark thoughts, Myst turned to the surrounding room. Even in the dim lighting, she could see the gleam of the palace ballroom's polished floor, both the brilliant and creamy contrasting wallpapers as she meandered through the velvet-clad corridors. The ornately designed decorations with countless gadgets and trinkets. If she wandered far enough, she'd even glimpse the personalised guest rooms, precisely attuned to basically anything that the future guests might want or need. Perfect.

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