In Hebrew school

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In Hebrew school

In Hebrew school we did a "Round Robin" game where we passed around a notebook and everyone wrote one sentence and it eventually made a story. Some of them were really funny, so I thought you guys might enjoy them. 

• • •

It was a dark and stormy night. The board games were out and the lamp was on, filling the room with a golden hue. "Play the game," Joe said to his terrified hostages, "Or else you'll never leave this room." The little one, who was only 5, looked blankly at Joe's gun to his left. THe emptiness and uncertainty frightened him very much. He then fell down the stairs. His captor was briefly distracted, creating an opening. The oldest hostage, a mailman from Australia, flung himself and his chair into Joe and killed him. Then the police came and the hostages all lived happily ever after and only suffered minor injuries. 

• • •

I walked through the empty airport, desperately hoping to find even one open Starbucks. Instead, an absolutely horrendous horror approaches me: Rachel's inability to write something with even a semblence of something non-dark. Suddenly, Rachel herself appeared in front of me with the Duolingo owl and said, "You shouldn't have said that..."

The owl blinked at me with its luminous orbs and said, "You're behind on your Latvian lessons." And then everything went black. And then it went white and Tom Holland stepped into the light. THe angels sang, and my breath was taken away by his luscious beauty. 

He takes my hand and says, "You're here! You can finally help us take down Thanos." The brightness of his aura hurts my eyes, so I close them. When I open them again, the face of a nurse in blue scrubs hovers over me. 

"Oh my gsh," she says, "You've been asleep for five years." 

• • •

There are more if anyone wants to read more of this chaos. Also, we had to write a scene from a TV show/movie with "Jewish themes", and I wrote one for Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which I'll also post if anyone's interested.


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"My breath was taken away by his lucious beauty."

AHAHAHAHA this is so great! I wonder how your classmates would feel if I told them I think Chris Evans is hotter than Tom Holland?

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Oh wow, these are so hilarious! They sound almost just like Harry Potter and the Portrait of What Looked Like a Large Pile of Ash, a computer-generated Harry Potter chapter. Especially the "he then fell down the stairs" sentence. 

I would love to read more of these, they're so funny! I think one of my favorite lines in the second one is the "The owl blinked at me with its luminous orbs and said, 'You're behind on your Latvian lessons.'" It's just so priceless! XD

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Oh man, these are great. The duolingo owl and falling down the stairs and Tom Holland parts--priceless. XD I would love to read more! 

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Ah, I should try to do a RR with some friends sometime.

‘You’re behind on your Latvian lessons’ *snorts* 

‘The oldest hostage, a mailman from Australia,’ *snickers* 

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