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I know that I already have a thread that I am neglecting, but I had another idea for one that I wanted to here we are! 


What are you folks studying for school? What grades are you in? What are your favorite subjects? Are you in public school, private school, online school or homeschooled? I'm curious! 


I thought this could be a place to talk about school, why we like or don't like it. A place to share inspiration and note taking tips - basically whatever. 


I'm homeschooling in eleventh grade. My main subjects include chemistry, algebra II, the history of the English language and United States history, among others (which I haven't yet started this year)!

I organize my school days to suit me and to work around my jobs and other commitments. I usually tend to start with chemistry or math, but it depends on what I'm feeling. So far my favorite subject has been U.S. History. I've always loved learning about history and now that I know more about world history, it's interesting to learn about the growth of my country. When this thread goes up I will have to post a few pictures of notes I have taken recently - both the good and the bad, haha!

Fun fact that I learned today: Did you know that there are three main scales for reading temperature? There's Fahrenheit, which is what I grew up using (and honestly, the most confusing of all of them!), Celsius (also called Centigrade), which says that the freezing point of water is 0 degrees and the boiling point is 100: and then there is the scale that Lord Kelvin designed - this is the one I didn't know about! - which is 273.15 degrees off set from Centigrade and in which the definition of zero degrees is no molecular motion - it's that cold!


I'm curious, what are you studying? 

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Oh yay! I've been wanting a thread like this. I like talking about my school.

I go to a private classical Christian school. It's really small (there are 18 people in my class this year, and that's normal) but also really nice because like you know everybody.

I'm in seventh grade and we take Latin, Theology, and Humanities among other things. (Humanities is basically Literature, Writing, History, and Grammar all rolled into one. Oh, and geography). Apparently in the spring we have to map out the whole world from memory - like, the basic continents and countries and stuff. I am a nerd - I'm excited!

Uh also at my school there's this thing called League, and it is for people especially interested in Latin, Greek and Roman myths, Greek and Roman history and ancient Greek and Roman culture. It's soooo cool. AND WE ARE GOING TO VISIT ROME, POMPEII, OSTIA, AND HERCULANEUM OVER SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah. Okay. Trying to calm my happy vibes over here.

ANYways in humanities we are learning about the Pacific Northwest, where we live, which is greAt. The Chinookan people flattened their heads as a sign of social status. Random fact for you there. And we are doing a bunch of field trips throughout the year on it we've already visited the Oregon Trail. Its cool.

All of our subjects are Humanities, Art, Latin, Theology, PE, Music, Earth Science and Prealgebra. Apparently we are learning college level math. Who knew? But our prealgebra teacher is SO AWESOME. And I don't usually like math!.... 

Our PE teacher is from the military. Enough said.

We only have art once a week, though! It's an OUTRAGE!!! Like to do they seriously expect us to be able to live this way?!!!!!!!!!.

Tips? You mentioned tips. Uh, well, a few things I have realized this year is:

-a lot of the time they are assuming that you study, even if they didn't outright tell you to, so STUDY.

-even if they don't actually assign homework on the weekends well you will probably still end up doing it on the weekends. 

-if your teacher tells you off for something don't assume they hate you, they will probably not even remember the next morning.

-do not stand between a teacher and their coffee. I have heard it from their own lips. DO NOT. 


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Few things to realize before you read this. It turned out way longer than I thought it would. I am in 8th grade. I like to complain and this turned into a rant of sorts. Kudos to you if you actually read it all.

Well first class of the day is your "special." This changes about every 8 weeks. Last years list was different but this year there is woodshop, health, home ec, career awareness and exploration, and gym. I was really mad this year because we don't get to take art. You took it up until 7th grade and then can't in 8th grade but then can in high school again. In woodshop (which is currently my special) we are making cutting boards in the shape of dominoes and whistles.

My next class is E.L.A. Every other day you have either two periods of E.L.A. or one period of E.L.A. and then science lab which is basically just an extra science class. In E.L.A right now we are talking about text features and structures, reading a book called Stuck in Neutral, and working on a book project. (Mine is a playlist that follows my book of choice Scion of the Fox.) 

Instead of going to science lab with my peers I and one of my friends go to a 9th grade science class instead. We don't go there every day during science class as well because the high school and middle school schedules run at different times and no class coincides with the time allotted for our science lab. It's complicated and boring and inconvenient. Anyway in 9th grade science we are talking about the universe and so far we have covered the big bang, cosmic background radiation, H-R diagrams, the creation process for stars, and the sun.

Then that same friend and I go to a high-school geometry class instead of 8th grade math or Algebra I. We took Algebra I last year even though we were in 7th grade at the time. We have to leave our class right before it about 10 minutes earlier because of the difference in the high school and middle school schedules except on the days when we have 9th grade science right before geometry. In geometry we are talking about triangle congruency and all the ways to prove that two triangles are congruent. After that my friend and I go to the library for about 10 minutes because of again the difference between the high school and middle school schedules.

So after that 10 minutes and my next class actually starts we have band and/or chorus. You can be in either band or chorus or both. It alternates every other day just like science lab and E.L.A. I am in both band and chorus. In band we have mostly Christmas music that we haven't started yet because we are still working on one song called Cavata that none of the 7th graders can seem to get right! The 7th and 8th graders have band and chorus together which doesn't make sense to me but whatever. It is such a simple song too! Anyway in chorus we have Christmas music too but a few songs that are not at all holiday related. One of which is Believer by Imagine Dragons which had a really cool solo in it but I didn't get it even though it was a really good audition. To make it even worse the person who did get it came in 2 PAGES EARLY the first time we rehearsed as a group after the soloist was chosen!! How is that even possible?? Sorry this is turning into a rant.

After band or chorus is lunch. Enough said.

Then there is either math or E.L.A. lab which yep you guessed it alternates every other day and is basically an extension of math and E.L.A. class. The E.L.A. lab teacher is not the same teacher as I have in E.L.A. class which seems strange to me but no one else shares that opinion so whatever. Also this teacher had a baby a few weeks ago so obviously she hasn't been in lately. The substitute is an absolutely horrible woman who drives me insane. There is just something about her that I despise. Usually I'm a good kid. Not exactly goody-goody but I do what I'm told and I do it well. This teacher though drives me over the edge and I start to let out my frustration in the only way I know how to without getting into trouble: becoming passive-aggressive. This sounds ridiculous and petty but it's the truth. Math lab. The worst class of the day in my opinion. I take geometry. I took Algebra last year. I know everything she is teaching and she still expects me and my friend who also takes geometry to participate! Last year I had math lab but with a different teacher who let me do my Algebra homework or Khan Academy or whatever. Apparently this new teacher didn't get the memo. Suffice it to say by about this time of day I'm extremely annoyed.

Then there's American History. This class is pretty good. It's fine there isn't anything that bothers me. BUT this teacher does something called Classcraft which is pretty hard to explain but makes you work in groups a lot and that is the part I hate. Listen, I am an INTJ personality type. I am also no joke 99% introverted! Those two things apart would make working with other people hard but both makes it almost impossible. Anyway in class we are talking about the Revolutionary War Era.

Last class of the day. Science. So now that I take 9th grade science 8th grade science class gets complicated. I still have to take it until the next marking period when the schedules basically flip classes so the classes you had at the end of the day become the ones that you have at the beginning and then 8th grade science class coincides with a 9th grade science class. Sometimes I'll have to do the 8th grade classwork because even though I was deemed advanced enough to take the next grade's class there are these nifty things called PSSAs which are just the Pennsylvania end of the year state tests. Well in 8th grade not only do you have to take the math and E.L.A PSSAs but a science one as well. Everyone has to make sure that I completely understand everything so I get the best grade as possible on the science PSSA. So usually I end up taking 9th grade science work home and completing it and turning it in every other day when I have science lab.

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I was homeshooled half of my life and now im in public school

I study the basics and chamistry , England History ,etc 

We have 2 resess of 20 min .

My favorite asignation is math , and chemirty .


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