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The 3 Color

The 3 Color Character Challenge

So I was bingeing (?) DrawingWiffWaffles and I was watching the Building a Character from only 3 COLORS?! vid when I was like heyyy I should post a challenge! So here we are! Here are the rules/instructions:

-Get a collection of markers and place 'em in a bin or something

-Close your eyes and pick three randomly

-Then try and create a character!

-You can you use a black pencil/pen to outline it. 

This is not a contest, just a (hopefully) cool challenge that I thought would be fun to share. I'll post mine when this gets posted. 

Happy drawing!

Your friend*,


*I flatter myself 


submitted by Jubilee, age unknown , the stratosphere
(September 6, 2020 - 1:16 pm)

Tofix says acutt; acute.

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(September 7, 2020 - 5:40 am)
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(September 7, 2020 - 5:40 am)
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(September 7, 2020 - 7:59 am)

Why aren't you topping??

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(September 7, 2020 - 1:29 pm)

The top posts don't work until after the first comment shows up. :)

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(September 7, 2020 - 4:17 pm)

Ooh this sounds fun! I'll try! I'm also going to use my colorless blender regardless of what I pick, I hope that's fine.

submitted by Feline Fantasy
(September 7, 2020 - 2:51 pm)

Anything colorless is fine, which means you can use colorless blenders, and black and white. (I assume, at least. Makes sense to me, but whatever Jubilee thinks, this is their thread after all )

submitted by aqua, the person
(September 7, 2020 - 5:20 pm)

Sooo I forgot to mention, you can blend two of the colors you chose and use them as part of your drawing. If you absolutely CAN'T use one of your colors as a skin tone you can pick a skin tone marker. But only in DIRE situations. 

I'm working on mine! Have fun!

Your friend*,


*I flatter myself


submitted by Jubilee, age explaining, and adding
(September 7, 2020 - 6:29 pm)

Oh, you do.

I don,t have any markers. 

submitted by Velvet Serpent
(September 8, 2020 - 7:52 am)

You can do it with colored pencils too! 

submitted by @Velvet Serpent
(September 8, 2020 - 11:23 am)

Or pens! 

Also, I know.  

submitted by @Velvet Serpent
(September 9, 2020 - 6:02 am)

I can't do blending with markers, and most of my markers are Crayola and half- dried up anyway, so I used colored pencils. It was fun so I did 2 of them; here's the first:

Her name is Ashlyn, and I imagine her as being in a fantasy world where she's the niece or something of the king and queen, so not the princess but still lives in the castle or near it. Her parents are pretty modern and let her wear whatever she wants, but the king and queen are much more uptight, and don't approve of their daughter, Marrisa, being best friends with spunky, mischevious Ashlyn.

submitted by DoodleGirl, age 13, Earth
(September 9, 2020 - 11:57 am)

That's really cool that you thought up a whole story behind your drawing!

submitted by Lupine, Platform 9 and 3/4
(September 9, 2020 - 3:01 pm)

Oh, cool, I can layer colors, didn't realize that. I don't exactly have a skin tone except I guess one shade of brown, which my sister took . . . trust me, in the past I have attempted to create a tone with the colors I have which does not work. I decided to just leave most of the skin blank. I recently looked at the design I have so far and realized that the only interesting thing it has about it is patterns -- it's super flat! (Also, I'm not sure why I decided to not make him green hair freindly and instead give him purple bangs.)

My colors are black, green, and purple. 

submitted by Feline Fantasy
(September 9, 2020 - 5:17 pm)

I think you forgot to attach the picture.

submitted by Lupine, Platform 9 and 3/4
(September 9, 2020 - 6:51 pm)