It's so strange

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It's so strange

It's so strange to think that not long ago, you were at home. 

You remember it clearly. After Mrs. White dismissed you, saying that your costume ideas were "unsuitable for Romeo and Juliet", you trudged home defeatedly. After you slammed the door and locked it, you sat down in front of your sewing machine and banged you head on the table. "Ugh. I'll never be able to get into Keckley's now!" you muttered to your cat, who had plopped herself down in front of you. "It's not MY fault that Mrs. White is obsessed with 'VicTORian fashion'!" After months of hearing her bird-like screech, you've mastered her fake sophisticated accent. "Whatever," you thought, and you started to thread the machine. Once it was ready, you set up a white cloth and pushed on the pedal. Suddenly, you couldn't control the needle, and it weaved all over the place, up down, up down, until you saw a message in the black thread. "Look in the button box," it said. When you cracked open the box of buttons, a letter flew out. 

Dear CBer, 

You are cordially invited to the Sewing Shop, where you will be able to sew, knit, embroider without any fuss about what you're making. But most importantly, you'll be able to relax! You may bring one CAPTCHA. Fill the form out below, and place it under your needle. You will be picked up in approximitely 47 hours and 33 minutes. 


CAPTCHA or CBer:  





Trade (embroidery, doll making, knitting, etc;)

Likes and Dislikes:

Favorite color:

Allergic to:

We are not responsible for any and all injuries/deaths, accidental or not. Please excersize caution. 


Hoopie, Ebny, and S.

Then, you remember picking up a pen and filling out the form, desparate to get away from 'VicTORian costumes'. And when you put it under your sewing machine, it poofed up in glitter and sequins, and then it was gone. 

You wish you could go back in time, and tell yourself to stop, to not go. But for now, you're trapped...

in this awful place.


Yes, this is a ski lodge! I hope it goes well. Fill out the form, and have your CAPTCHAS do as well. You are welcome to guess my identity. 

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I'm in like 23,000 ski lodges already, but this one looks so goood. 

Name: Honeybee


Gender: Female, she/her

Appearance: shoulder-length brown hair, hazel eyes, light skin, freckles, blouse with bee and flower patterns, yellow cordouroy suspender skirt with small embroidery of bees and lavender, black leggings, white converse.

Personality: Kind, smart, funny, I kinda hold in my emotions when I'm with anyone besides my family

Luggage: A sword, of course, but it's hidden. Some changes of clothes

Trade (embroidery, doll making, knitting, etc;) Well, ummm, irl I'm not incredibly good at sewing, but I want to get better (I can never commit to a project) but let's say fashion design and making and a little bit of embroidery too.

Likes and Dislikes: Likes: bees, cats, rain, warm tea, books, kind people, landscapes, new pens, thick paper, chocolate cake. Dislikes: spiders, claustrophobic spaces, mean people, heat, fire

Favorite color: Purple. I also like yellow and blue.

Allergic to: Nothing, but I'm vegetarian and I don't like butter, eggs or mayo, unless they're baked into something.

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Wait a moment I forgot to finish the luggage section XD. Ahem so

Luggage: hidden sword, changes of clothes, laptop, sketchbook, brush pens, notebook, pencils, chocolate

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Oooh this sounds awesome! I'm joining!

Name: Tealeaf

CAPTCHA or CBer:  CBer

Gender: female, she/her

Appearance: chin-length brown hair, light skin, hazel eyes. wears a gray turtle neck sweater, long dark purple skirt, black boots, big purple earings and a gold hairclip.

Personality: introverted, shy until I know you well, pretty tidy.

Luggage: ooh lets see, extra clothes, essentials, pocket knife, laptop, my current crochet project with an extra hook and yarn, a notebook, pencil, a purple mug and some teabags.

Trade (embroidery, doll making, knitting, etc;) crochet, but I do know how to use a sewing machine.

Likes and Dislikes: I like thunderstorms, tidy rooms, pumpkin cookies, finishing a project. I dislike fungus of any type, February, the color yellow, and bananas.

Favorite color: purple!

Allergic to:no food allergies, but I am allergic to dust.

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Hi! so I havn't been active but I'm on break so I'll jump in!

Name: Moonlight/Moony (I don't have a preference)

CAPTCHA or CBer:  CBer

Gender: Female she/her

Appearance: shoulder length light brown going into a light pink wavy hair. google shoulder length hair dye ideas. Its the second picture. wide rimmed silver glasses, silver crescent moon earrings. Honey brown eyes, light skin, freckles dotting the nose. A black tank top and ripped jeans. checkered vans. My nails are white but I chip them off easily. 

Personality: a little funky. I like talking to people and can bring up random things in a normal conversation. I love musical theater! I like humming along to songs or just singing quietly but if its like kareoke I will just sing my heart out. I'm kind of sarcastic and reckless. Do first think later.

Luggage: my ornate daggars, crocheting needle, chunky yarn, white polaroid, ukelele

Trade (embroidery, doll making, knitting, etc;): crocheting (I mainly do chunky blankets ya know?)

Likes and Dislikes: I like doggos, crocheting (obviously), soft things and photography. Dislikes are doritos, most bugs, small spaces

Favorite color: a soft lavender


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I forgot to add something, Admins do you mind adding a ukelele to my luggage? Thank you and early Happy Thanksgiving!

I love the ukelele! Done. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Posting comments on Thursday may be a bit slower or sporadic than usual.


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Name: Kitty Cat

CAPTCHA or CBer:  CBer

Gender: non-binary they them

Appearance: brown long hair in a ponytail, hoop earrings and choker necklaces. I wear white, or black high waisted jeans, or black high waisted jeans shorts. I like black pump sneakers and heeled black boots.

Personality: weird, funny, super witty, I like riding a skateboard.

Luggage: phone, tablet, and a sketchbook or two, pencils, inking pens, markers and toiletries, also clothes.

Trade (embroidery, doll making, knitting, etc;) Doll Making

Likes and Dislikes: likes cats, drawing, and waffles, dislikes soymilk, yellow, and dogs.

Favorite color: blue or green but I like black too.

Allergic to soymilk and band aids (Which really sucks.)

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Looks interesting!

Name: Silver Crystal; Silver for short


Gender: Female, she/her

Appearance: Average height, longish brown hair with bleached ends, Asian, brown eyes, usually wearing jeans and a t-shirt, or if the weather's cold, I'll wear a sweater.

Personality: Friendly, a bit shy, talks wayyy too much if you get to know me

Luggage: Kindle, essentials, clothes, flashlights, snacks, an assortment of necklaces, a swiss army knife, cell phone

Trade: Umm... let's just say embroidery

Likes and dislikes: I like pop music, food, the color blue, dogs, among other things. I dislike rude people, liars, neon colors, and most importantly, country music.

Favorite color: Blue or purple, depends on my mood. I generally love pastel colors.

Allergic to: Nothing

Aaaand I'm bringing along Perry, too.

Name: Peridot, aka Perry


Gender: Female

Appearance: A little green dragon with peridots sprinkled throughout her scales. Small wings, can't really fly, dark green eyes, sit on my shoulder.

Personality: Is unusually quiet for a CAPTCHA at first, likes to wait a few minutes before making any movements if she meets someone new. If she trusts them, she'll act normal after a few minutes. As a general rule I don't trust anyone Perry doesn't.

Luggage: She doesn't need much, so pretty much same as me.

Trade: Well, she's a dragon, so none, I guess. Does being cute count?

Likes and Dislikes: The same as me, except she doesn't really like the color blue and she prefers alternative to pop music. She especially hates country music.

Favorite Color: Green, obviously XD

Allergic to: Nothing that I know of.

Can't waaaaiiit.

^Ready^ ^Foran^ ^Adven^ ^Turee^

Yup, I'm ready for an adventure. Bring it ooonnnn.

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This looks so good!!! I love embroidery by the way!

Name: Cynthia Maple


Gender: Female she/her

Appearance: Brown wavy hair, brown eyes, average height, average weight, wears jeans and a purple shirt.

Personality: Kind, once I warm up to people I'm really funny, and don't even think about messing with my friends.

Luggage: Journal, embroidery floss, a couple embroidery hoops, some needles and a water soluble pen for outlining. Also a pen for the journal, a phone (which I don't actually have IRL), clothes and toiletries. 

Trade (embroidery, doll making, knitting, etc;) Embroidery

Likes and Dislikes: Likes: dogs and cats, eggnog, any kind of pasta, books, tea, coffee. Dislikes: rude people, sharks, mess, chocolate milk, and milk unless in something like cake.

Favorite color: Red/Hot pink/Sky blue

Allergic to: Nothing that I know of.

I'm so excited! Also, Happy Thanksgiving! 

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Please fill out your forms by December 6th! Invite your dearest friends, and your most hated enemies. 

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Longer things top faster (or something) sooo here's something:

We're almost ready for the ball. I give my make-up a once over to see if it's doing all right. Then, (this part is a secret, so DON'T TELL ANYONE) I twirl in front of the mirror. Ew ew ew ew ewww I feel so weird. The Stargirl bursts in to my room. 

"Gosh Cem, are you ready yet?" I say. She's been up here for like 30 minutes! She turns around to reveal her face that's as red as Abcde's hair. "Yes I'm ready! Are you ready? You sure don't look ready to me!" Jeez, what's up with her? Anyway, we knock on Penny's door, and she bursts out in herOh dear, I forgot about this place. Well, it's too late to go over now. She's writing, and I don't have the stamina to write..right.. now. 

Well. I guess I can go to my table now!

I plop down and take a sip out of the silvery-blue Silver Linings milkshake. woooow! It's DELICIOUS. I open my sketchbook DrawingWiffWaffles style and lose myself in the paper. Here, it doesn't matter if I don't really like my friends. Here, it doesn't matter if I'm fat. Here, I can be me, without anyone teasing or looking. I pop out of my little world and look up. I see Nightfall, looking down sadly at her muffin. She looks like she could use some company. I put down my sketchbook (reluctantly) and head over. "Heyyy..." I say awkwardly. "You're...that girl, right?" great going, Jubi. "Um, would you like to come over to my table? I have a silver linings milkshake, and you look like you could use it." I notice the other little person sitting across from her. "You could come too, if you like."

I wait for a response.  

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