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Moonlit Mansion/Callumial Mansion reboot! 

This is like, what, the fourth reboot? Oh well, here goes, better post regularily, me. 


Day 0: The Letter


You stomp into your house, flinging your heavy backpack on the hard, glossy floor. The contents spill out like a waterfall on the floor. A pristine white test paper slips out, ‘F’ marked on the very top, looming, in a scarlet red color, stamped on the test. You can’t change it. Below it, a loopy handwriting had scribbled, ‘F? Work harder. I have high expectations for you. See me after class tomorrow.’. The teacher had said that you needed to work harder and study more. Everyone expected more from the star student. This wasn’t fair! You’d spent 3 hours last night studying for this test, and it was all for nothing. Some of the questions weren’t even in the textbook! The teacher never explained them! You were thinking about telling the teacher about it, then decided against it. 

You sigh, unzipping your pack and sliding out a smooth midnight blue folder. It has your name on it, and it’s very thick and has many papers sticking out of it here and there. 

Bringing it to your room, you fling it on your desk, where it collided with the other items and knocked them off the desk as well. You drop yourself onto your beanbag chair in the corner. Picking up the book Darkness of Dragons, 10th book in the series named Wings of Fire by Tui T. Sutherland, you immerse yourself in Pyrrhia, the land of dragons. 

You smile wistfully at the end, where *OMITTED BECAUSE OF SPOILERS*. Placing the book carefully on your bookshelf, you take a look at the clock, then jump up.

“Oh my goodness! 6:00 already?!” you shout, flinging open the door and literally flying down the stairs. 

You’d been reading for a good 2 hours already. If your parents were home, they’d be yelling at you for reading fiction too much.

*Interjection by NDF -- *sigh* I can relate.

Quickly, you toss together some scrambled eggs and whatnot, then shovel it all in your mouth.

“Soccer meeting was at 5, missed that, class at 7, have to miss that, and above all, my homework is still unfinished!” you mutter, slamming your itinerary closed with a bang.

A whirring noise sounds in your ears, and you whip around, and see a mysterious black monster with gleaming yellow eyes. Before you can get a closer look, however, it disappears in a column of smoke.

“Probably just my imagination.” you hiss, stomping up the stairs into your room. 

You shut yourself in your room, and begin to browse youtube and whatnot, procrastinating on your homework. A long, neat envelope drifts across the room, catching your attention. 

You rush over and snatch it up, slitting it open with a sharp pocket knife. Suddenly, it bursts into flames, and a fireproof glossy paper floats out. It reads, 

‘Dear Being who has this letter,

Hello! I am Ciraa! My twin sister Celestinaa will be there, awaiting your arrival. You will be given access to a portal, along with as many AEs and CAPTCHAs you have! Oh, along with your luggage, can’t forget about that :). 

Anyways, you will be assigned one out of four rooms -- The Twinkling Star Room, the Asteroid Room, the Supernova Room, or the Moons and Planets Room. The Star Room is moderated by Starflight, the Asteroid Room by Metalloid, the Moons and Planets Room by Saturn, and the Supernova Room by Nova. More details to come, in the welcome letter.

The portal will lead you to Mystic, the Land of Wonder. It’s a gleaming white vortex of light, and once you step in, you’re there. Please fill out the form below if you wish to come. 






Thank you!

--Queen of Firefly Bay, Ciraa.’

Immediately, you scribble the form down and wait. Just as the letter said, a gleaming bright vortex of light~

*Interjection by Nightfall DreamFire -- Hey, that rhymed!

~appeared near the paper. You jump in, and land on a soft, firefly-lit beach. 

You search for memories -- a smoke tunnel, light, a letter? But they all disappear. 

Nothing is left.

Except for a new world to explore. 


Once this posts, I will be posting 5 parts, the 4 welcome letters for the Rooms, and Day One Part One. 

Eeeeek I hope this doesn't die again! 


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Name: Princess Juniper

Gender & Pronouns: Female She/Her

Luggage: Golden duffel bag with kindle and sketchbook in it, The girls guide to the wild, The mark of Athena, sewing machine, thread, needles and corny joy

Personality: Fun, sassy, Brave, Leader, obssesed with Rick Riordan books

CBer, CAPTCHA, or AE: CBer

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Name: moondemon

Pronouns: he/him

Luggage: antilife moonblade, (sword that glows blue, and drains life) soul lightning dagger, (lightning dagger powered by souls) snacks, ipad, clothes, dnd stuff, and stuffed animals, (a chinese lion named bubbles, a teddy bear named madame B, and arctic fox named boing bubbles)

Personality: silly, weird, nerdy, oddball

CBer, AE, or CAPTCHA: CBer

can i come? 



*gets ready to sneak into the portal*

Name: sunangel

Pronouns: he/him

Luggage: computer, clothes, snacks, angel battleaxe, (battleaxe that destroys undead and evil creatures) medical kit, and dragonchess set.

Personality: polite, annoying, lawful, good


meef gunna clum?

of course!


Name: stompy, chompy and stampy

Pronouns: they/them

Luggage: socks to chew, a stuffed duck named bellyjean, and tiny kevlar armor

Personality: puppylike, silly, funny



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c'mon guys! plez join? we dont wanna make NDF have to do YET ANOTHER reboot. 

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Name: MoonHalo or Halo

Pronouns: She/Her

Luggage: Five shirts, five pants, five socks, five underwear, five undershirts, five books, two pairs of shoes (one pair of sneakers and one pair of boots), a sketchbook, the latest copy of the New York Times, and toiletries.

Personality: Blank face, barley readable for those who don't know her best. Sad, but happy at the same time. Can't be portraid by normal emotions, always a combination of emotions except when she has none. Loves reading, but can't be captured unless the book is actually good. Is never cheery, always in the border between two emotions that can't collide. 

CBer, AE, or CAPTCHA: CBer

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The Twinkling Star Room

Led By Starflight

Welcome Letter


Hi! I am Starflight, named after the blind NightWing in Wings of Fire. Coincidentally, I am also blind. I’m much like Starflight, except I use they/them pronouns and but look exactly like Starflight, except with silver teardrop scales like Moonwatcher and Darkstalker. I have mind-reading powers, so beware. 

But that doesn’t matter, not right now! I’m pleased to have you in my humble domain. Please refer to this as this as the Star Room. I can’t be bothered with that fancy name. Fancy-ness does not cover up past mistakes. 

Let me give you a little tour! As you can see, this is a large room, since it will contain 10 people. There is a ‘grand room’ where we will be meeting up every morning. There are 10 sub-rooms, one for each of you. On each of the doors, there will be your names engraved on plates, plastered on your doors. I do hope they don’t fall off. 

You’ll be trained for Star powers here! Have a good time! 

The main room contains reading chairs, books, mugs of cocoa, and whatnot. Keys and such will be given upon your arrival. 

-- Starflight

People in the Twinkling Star Room









Girl on the Island


About Starflight

Hi! My name is Starflight, I’m named after the NightWing in Wings of Fire. I am blind, though I can find my way around pretty easily. I look similar to Starflight, almost exactly the same. The only difference is that I have teardrop scales, like Darkstalker and Moonwatcher. I love reading, and the main room has many books, organized in a way so everyone can easily find them, and I’m also very organized. I use they/them pronouns. I don’t know what else to put in here, so this is all. :) have a nice day! 

The Twinkling Star Room -- details

The Star Room is a peaceful place. Absolutely no violence is allowed. The main room is really just a peaceful library, round and filled with books, and with a moving staircase so you can easily access all the books. The books are organized neatly, and you will see a desk at the end of the rounded room. That’s my desk, where everyone may check out books to bring them outside of the Star Room. There are also reading chairs- maybe they should be called bean bag chairs -around the perimeter of the room. Underneath the bookshelves (yes, they do have slots for reading under them, for the shy-er people who hate socializing and prefer to hide in corners), along the inky-black walls, speckled with white. There will also be platters of hot cocoa with marshmallows and whipped cream, vegan, and vegan cookies! Don’t worry, they taste delicious. I also have baskets of berries, fresh, stored inside the fridge. And inside the fridge Vegan. And healthy. And delicious. There are 10 subrooms, one for each person. There are names engraved on the plates, which are plastered on each door. My room is labeled ‘ No Entry. ‘. As it says, do not enter. Please keep to the main room and your own rooms. Thank you. There are also art supplies :)

I think that’s all. Nothing else to put here. 

Other Information

I’d like it if you could be quiet after 10. I sleep at 10, then wake up at 4 to prepare everything. So please be quiet from 10 to 4. I need my rest. 

Thank you :)!

The Asteroid Room

Welcome Letter

Hey. I’m Metalloid. The Mentor of the Asteroid room. Just call me Meta. No need for fanciness. I’m a simple person. Welcome, I suppose. Just, um, enjoy yourselves I guess? You’ll be trained for the power of asteroids here. Yeah that’s all. Done. Short and sweet.

From Metalloid

People in the Asteroid Room

Silver Crystal









About Metalloid

I’m simple. I take the form of a wolf most of the time. A white wolf. With blue and yellow eyes. I hate loud noises. Very ironic, seeing my name is ‘Metalloid’. For those of you who don’t know, metalloids are a group of...elements on the periodic table. I use she/her pronouns. You can call me Meta. I get irritated easily. 

The Asteroid Room -- details

I suppose I have to go into details here. Oh well, first time for everything. 

So it’s a round room. Like an asteroid. Very glinty and has a lot of whatever is inside asteroids embedded in the walls. Simple. It’s just a plain black-ish color. And then there’s a hallway leading to your rooms. Your rooms have your names written on them. And the doors are different colors. You’ll find out the rest for yourself. 

Other Information

Quiet. I NEED QUIET. Or I will get irritated. Then you will regret your choices. 

The Supernova Room

Welcome Letter

Heyyy! I’m Nova! The mentor of the Supernova Room! Nice to meet you! The Supernova Room is most likely the superior room because it has the word ‘super’ in its name! Supernova! See?!! So you’re in the best room ever! 

It’s an awesome place! So it has something for everyone! Welcome to the Supernova room! I should come up with a name for you guys! What about Supernovas?!! Perfect! Welcome to the Supernova Room, Supernovas! 

From your awesome mentor Nova

People in the Supernova Room

Cynthia Maple


Princess Juniper






About Nova

I’m the best Mentor ever! I take the form of a colorful swan, with beautiful rainbow feathers! I’m very peppy and optimistic! The Supreme Guardian says I’m self absorbed but that’s not true! Hahaha!

The Supernova Room -- details

This is fun! The Supernova Room is really pretty with fancy walls painted the colors of supernovas! There’s a beautiful diamond-inlaid hall leading to your rooms and my room is the one on the opposite side! Your rooms will have everything you need! C’mon, Supernovas! Let’s show the other rooms we’re s-u-p-e-r-i-o-r! 

Other Information


(Note -- Nova’s most definitely conceited. Don’t pay any attention to when she says ‘IM SUPERIOR BUT NOT SELF ABSORBED’)

The Moons and Planets Room

Welcome Letter

Hi! I’m Saturn, the Moderator for the Moons and Planets Room. I’m named after the 2nd largest planet in our solar system, Saturn. Saturn is also famous for its many rings. Welcome to the Moons and Planets Room!

Hi! I’m Titan, the other Moderator for the Moons and Planets. I’m named after one of Jupiter’s Moons. You can call me T or something like that. Welcome, again! 

People in the Moons and Planets Room



Cora Bree Underbough






Feline Fantasy


About Saturn

Hey! Saturn here again. I take the form of a coppery-colored phoenix, with green eyes and an emerald on my forehead, surrounded by fire-colored feathers. I’m mostly standing on the twisty tree in the corner of the room. I’m pretty quiet, Titan’s the adventurous one. 

About Titan

Hello! Titan here! I take the form of a gray-scaled dragon. I have dark gray eyes and look like a LeafWing from Wings of Fire. I’m very adventurous and am willing to take a group of beings to venture into the woods. 

The Moons and Planets Room -- details

It’s very beautiful! Like a solar system, with a moon/planet chandelier on the ceiling. Your rooms will be down the hall on the right, our rooms on the left. Have a good day! :)

So for side notes, I'm The Supreme Guardian :D

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I forgot to add MoonHalo to Meta's room. 

Meta: ANOTHER person? Add her to Nova's room! I can't deal with all these people!

I'll add her to Saturn and Titan's room.


Titan: ...sure, more people.  

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Day One, Part One

The CBers, AEs, and CAPTCHAs ended up on a firefly-lit beach. 

“H-hey, do any of you remember a s-smoke tunnel?” asked Feline Fantasy hesitantly.

“Yeah, but only vaguely. There’s..who’s that?!” exclaimed Cynthia Maple, pointing to the silhouette of a person flying on a dragon. 

Another silhouette of a person darted across the landscape, stopping at the huge jumble of CBers, AEs, and CAPTCHAs. 

“Hi! I’m Celestinaa, call me Celesti. I’m the person Ciraa was referring to in the letter!! Follow me. I use ae/aer pronouns.”

With that, the figure with the mysterious midnight-blue cape swished around and began racing towards a mansion. The others could barely keep up.

When they were finally there,  another figure, almost exactly the same as Celesti, pulled up on a winged horse.

“Heyyy! I’m Ciraa! Call me C! I’m the person who sent you the letter! See ya around!”

With that, Ciraa hopped back on the shiny winged horse, who threw its head, mane glinting in the sun’s light, then took off. 

whows thatt” questioned Butternut curiously.

Celestinaa took the liberty of answering and replied, “That’s Moonripple, the Supreme Guardian’s winged horse.” 

oohhh” answered Butternut, quickly losing interest. 

Feline Fantasy, however, had many questions. 

“Who’s the Supreme Guardian? Why do they have a winged horse? What’s the inside of the mansion like? Does it have running water? Is it safe? Is it old? Why did we land on Firefly Bay? Why is it named Firefly Bay? Why are there fireflies?”

Celestinaa laughed a bit, then quickly replied, “The Supreme Guardian is Nightfall DreamFire, they have a winged horse because why not, the inside of the mansion is really beautiful and antique, it does have running water, I think it’s safe, it’s definitely old, you landed on Firefly Bay because that’s where the portal decided to pop up, it’s named Firefly Bay because it has fireflies, it has fireflies because they decided this place was beautiful.” 

“Thank you for answering my questions,” replied Feline Fantasy, falling quiet. 

Celestinaa pushed away a wall of slippery dark green vines, to reveal a towering stone mansion, with twining vines upon it. At the base, weeds and flowers grew, at the top, flags shone. 

For a moment, everyone was speechless. The castle shone like a thousand glittering lights, and it was enveloped in misty clouds, giving it a mysterious appearance. 

Then Wreeboo began exclaiming, “Wow! It’s actually covered by the clouds! I’ve never seen anything like this, this is so beautiful! And how exactly is the castle shining?” 

“Yes, it’s beautiful, isn’t it? Come inside. It’s cozier there.” Celestinaa answered, pushing open a rusty wooden door. 

Many of the CBers, AEs, and CAPTCHAs noticed that Celestinaa did not answer Wreeboo’s question - how did the castle shine? The question began ringing in their ears, repeating itself, begging to be answered. However, it stopped when there was a huge creak near the doorway and Ciraa burst in. 

“Celesti! Gnomes sighted near Tumblefish Stream. Skylar saw them. Sending out squadron 143?” panted Ciraa. 

“Yes. Go ahead.” Celestinaa said, turning back to the guests. 

By now, many of the guests had noticed that Ciraa had thick gloves on. 

Oh, yes, use the thick gloves to capture the gnomes,” commented Rory sarcastically. 

“Yes, that’s right! We use thick gloves to capture them, gnomes aren’t very strong.” 

Ciraa beamed at Rory and barreled out the door. 

Hello y'all! This is fairly short and boring, but it gives out some more info! Also, I've left you on a sort of cliffhanger! Have a good day! 

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This is incredible NDF. I mean it. Just wow.

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wow! amazing! i dont know where you come up with this stuff, but its quite amazing! 

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Thank you! Unfortunately, I'm working on another piece of writing, but The Moonlit Mansion will resume soon! 

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can you use my new name + tails + ears? Thx!

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