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Art Contest

Welcome! There hasn't been an art contest in a while, so I thought it was about time we had one :) If you haven't been in an art contest before, here's how it works: Someone (me) gives a theme. You can use whatever media you want, it just has to relate in some way to the theme. Then whoever gave the theme judges all the entries on a specific day, and the winner gets to choose the next theme. 

Theme: Roots. Judging day: April 19 (if two weeks doesn't seem like enough time, I can change it). I'm excited to see what you come up with!!

submitted by Lupine, Platform 9 and 3/4
(April 5, 2021 - 6:50 pm)

Hi! I saw this and I felt really bad because nobody entered! So I made a drawing for it and hopefully some more CBers will enter. 

Xak says zywim he thinks I'm going to win! I hope so Xak :)
submitted by clover, Neptune
(April 13, 2021 - 4:51 pm)
submitted by cloverTOP!
(April 14, 2021 - 8:49 am)

oh I just noticed this! I'll enter something very soon.

submitted by Hazel Magnolia
(April 15, 2021 - 11:44 am)

I'm working on mine! I'll try to get it done in time! 

submitted by pangolin
(April 15, 2021 - 11:50 am)

Okay, done! It's a staircase made of roots. I made it with Procreate, and it was SUPER fun to draw. 

submitted by pangolin
(April 15, 2021 - 2:05 pm)

Cool! That looks good! Since people just started submitting, I'll change the judging day to April 28 :)

submitted by Lupine, Platform 9 and 3/4
(April 15, 2021 - 3:20 pm)

Heres my entry. My OC, Terra, watercolor style!

submitted by woolly
(April 15, 2021 - 6:23 pm)

I figured out how to do filters and it turned out great! 

submitted by Moonfrost, age Too Old, My Mindscape
(April 15, 2021 - 7:44 pm)

These are all looking great so far!!

submitted by Lupine, Platform 9 and 3/4
(April 15, 2021 - 10:03 pm)

Hi! I made this, it's not great, but it's fine :l

the grey around the edges is because for some reason I did it with the canvas tilted, it's not part of the drawing.


submitted by Hazel magnolia
(April 16, 2021 - 8:32 am)
submitted by THE TOPPING MASTA!!!
(April 18, 2021 - 8:14 am)
submitted by Toppp, age Topest, Topping
(April 18, 2021 - 9:58 pm)
submitted by To the top!
(April 19, 2021 - 8:19 am)

Why is an ocTOPus using my lapTOP and TOPping this thread? 

submitted by The TOPping OcTOPus
(April 20, 2021 - 10:02 am)
submitted by cloverTOP!
(April 20, 2021 - 12:27 pm)