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Once upon a

Once upon a time, there was a brilliant young person. They were blessed with many attributes of perfection, the greatest among these being their incredible intellectual aptitude. It is, on this fragile planet Earth, nearly impossible to find a human with a mind that can truly be classified as a genius, but this particular person was among the lucky few possessed with this rare trait. They had the power to do nearly anything, even bring about world peace, and only one thing was stopping them.

This thing is commonly known as the adult who takes care that most wonderful of humans.

That adult would often say  to their brilliant child, "You know I love you, but you still need to..." This sentence could continue in many different ways, from "go to school" to "eat broccoli." The genius did not wish to do those things, but was forced to, against their better judgement. This stopped them from saving the world. Then, one day, a fairy godhuman swooped in...
Sighing, you put down your pen. You are no genius, and no fairy godhuman is going to come save you from anything. You're an ordinary person, going through all of the things that are so common among people your age. You are not in a fairy tale, and, tomorrow, you are going to have to be shipped off to boarding school. Because, apparently, your perfectly adequate schooling situation is not adequate at your age, learning ability, and during widespread virtual learning. And the rest of your family has to take care of a sick distant cousin from Alaska.
So boarding school it is. If you lived in a fairy tale, you would be saved just about now. But, as it is...
A miniature flying horse is at your window. No, wait. Somehow it used its hooves to open your window. A tiny pegasus is in your bedroom. Now it transformed into a letter? You are so confused that the only viable options seem to be screaming and reading the letter, and you decide that the latter would be less embarrassing to look back on once you wake up from what has to be a dream. So, you read.
My dear friend (or, perhaps, despised enemy),

How are you? I'm doing well, thank you for asking, although I have recently been diagnosed with an incurable and deadly allergy to small talk, so it's probably best to move on from this stage. It's best to get right to the point.

I am a fairy. You are in distress. I pick up on distress signals, and I want to save your life, so would you like to come to a ball? I live in palace. I can use my stunning actual magic powers to make you royalty, give you fancy clothes, maybe even some sort of magic power of your own (nothing big, though, that's far too draining.)

So, please. Join me in Lilac Palace for a ball and formal dinner.

But remember.

The magic ends at midnight.

Larom Ross
Yes. This is a ski lodge, obviously. Apologies for throwing another one at Pudding's Place, I know it's overflowing, but I've been thinking about this one for months, and I think maybe it's time to start. Apologies part two for the below-average introduction to the story, it's late and I just did ten pages of math homework, but I want to get this done so I can start on May 1st. I do promise that my writing is at least a bit better than this. Form is below. I will accept about 10-15 people, hopefully enough apply before May, and if not, we'll just make do with what we have.




Preferred Royal Title:


Ballroom garb:

Preferred magical powers (nothing major, please):

Favorite food:

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(April 26, 2021 - 12:43 am)
Name: Honeybee

Age: 12

Gender/pronouns: she/her

Preferred Royal Title: Her Majesty

Appearance: Brown shoulder-length hair, light skin, hazel eyes, normalish height, thin. 

Ballroom garb: A very fancy pink dress :D with blue gloves and a golden crown.

Preferred magical powers (nothing major, please): I'd like to be able to control liquid water, if that's not too major.

Favorite food: Hmm...some kind of chocolate? I'll just say chocolate ice cream for this. 
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(April 26, 2021 - 7:54 pm)
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(April 26, 2021 - 10:36 pm)
Name: Zealatom

Age: 13

Gender/pronouns: he/him

Preferred Royal Title: Viscount( Does this count? I'm not sure of the defenition of 'Royal Title'.)

Appearance: Quite tall, with black hair and brown eyes.

Ballroom garb: A normal suit please.

Preferred magical powers (nothing major, please): Can it be shapeshifting? If it's too much, can it be teleporting?

Favorite food: Cookies!

Other: Can we bring AEs?
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(April 27, 2021 - 4:47 am)
Name: NiteSkiies

Age: Looks anywhere between 13 and 16, it depends on how I feel.

Gender/pronouns: Female, She/Her

Preferred Royal Title: Her Royal Majesty

Appearance:(will fill out underneath later)

Ballroom garb:^^^

Preferred magical powers (nothing major, please): Can I please have the ability to fly and to talk to the stars?

Favorite food: Stardust Muffins
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(April 27, 2021 - 8:04 am)
Name: Leo
Age: 14

Gender/pronouns: any pronouns 

Preferred Royal Title: Lord? Is that a royal title?

Appearance: I am short with short light brown hair, pale skin, and hazel eyes. 

Ballroom garb: I'll wear a cream suit but with a pale orange blouse underneath and cream pants that are very flowy with maybe a bit of orange embroidery at the bottom. 

Preferred magical powers (nothing major, please): Maybe to ability to turn invisible?

Favorite food: Potatoes. 
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(April 27, 2021 - 12:47 pm)


Name: Quill

Age: 16

Gender/pronouns: nonbinary, she/they

Preferred Royal Title: Does this mean title or for announcements? Depending on which one, Lady or Their Royal Highness.

Appearance: Long brown hair with the ends dyed purple, brown eyes, freckles, fair skin, a bit shirter than average.

Ballroom garb: A purple ballgown with long lace sleeves, silver rings and earrings, a silver necklace, and a lavender flower crown.

Preferred magical powers: Hmm, maybe plants/earth magic?

Favorite food: Tacos

Other: n/a

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(April 27, 2021 - 1:44 pm)


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(April 27, 2021 - 3:32 pm)
Name: Rainbow Riot
Age: Between 13-18, whatever's convenient honestly
Gender/pronouns: She/her
Preferred Royal Title: Princess
Appearance: Lots of hair. Lots of it. It's curly, rainbow, and down to my knees. Green eyes, I'm pretty short. I like pretty dresses that are flowy and long, and also I don't wear shoes. Just, like, no shoes.
Ballroom garb: Rainbow dress. With lots of flowers. And it has to be rainbow >:)
Preferred magical powers (nothing major, please): I can summon daisies. Just, specifically daisies. Just that.
Favorite food: Peanut butter
Other: This sounds cool :D
Also I just noticed, there's an option to indent now? I don't want to do it, because I'm scared of messing up the formatting, but was it there before?? Am I just stupid?? XD
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(April 27, 2021 - 3:40 pm)
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Personality: Enthusiastic, high-energy, hyper-aware of everything, and very cheerful and optimistic! Daring and reckless, and easily bored.

And for the royal title thing, uh, princess for both I guess! 

submitted by Rainbow Riot
(April 29, 2021 - 6:08 pm)
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(April 28, 2021 - 2:58 pm)

here we go!

Name: NerdFace "Nerd"

Age: 14 

Gender/pronouns: Female; she/her

Preferred Royal Title: Nerd; Knight of the CB (if this is too OP, then just call me their majesty
Appearance: chin length coppery red hair with a slight curl, pale green eyes magnified by thick black glasses, painfully pale skin (i burn easily :o), lots of freckles, tallish (5' 8"), curvy. wearing high-waisted distressed black shorts, pale green mock-neck t-shirts, knee high black socks, and white platform shoes.

Ballroom garb: Neon-green tuxedo. You know you love it.

Preferred magical powers (nothing major, please): Can I be That One Person who refuses to abide and then caves and would like the magic of strength? If not, then just strength, please.

Favorite food: Sour Patch Kids, Nectarines, something to do with caramel, and/or brussel sprots. I can never choose one

Other: Here's a personality. Why not. INFP-A (70% introverted/30% extroverted) book-smart, complete nerd about almost everything (hence the name), sarcastic, likes to argue for no reason, very tech-y, loves computers and technology, reader. I also love to do the opposite of what everyone says. So. There's that.

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(April 28, 2021 - 10:33 pm)
Name: Kitty Cat
Age: 12 but I look 13
Gender/pronouns: They them
Preferred Royal Title: um, their royal highness?
Appearance: Long brown hair in a ponytail, grey eyes, real brown cat ears, thin, lanky, pretty tall, no freckles, a real brown cat tail, dark green or red painted fingernails, lots of black eyeliner and black or dark purple lipstick
Ballroom garb: a black dress with fishnet leggings underneath (I'm not into big dresses or dresses in general but I don't wanna wear a suit) fishnet-kinda feeling gloves without the fingers in them, grey "small heels", that's as formal as I really get.
Preferred magical powers (nothing major, please): um... lightning? Or if that's too major then can I control fire?
Favorite food: Lo-Mien Noodles
Other: Nope
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(April 28, 2021 - 4:20 pm)
Name: Lightning Girl "LG"

Age: 12 

Gender/pronouns: She/her/female

Preferred Royal Title: Her Royal Majesty

Appearance: Long, sleek brown hair, blue eyes, tan skin, bangs, glasses

Ballroom garb: Fancy shining Blue dress decerated with jewels, mathing blue crown and jewlery, mathing ball shoes

Preferred magical powers (nothing major, please): The power to understand and speak all animal languages 

Favorite food: Croissant

Other: n/a
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(April 28, 2021 - 4:25 pm)