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So...... I had another idea for a contest.
Choose a song that you like a lot, and write a new secnario/really short story for it, with original characters. It doesn't have to be the whole song, it can be just a small piece of it. Please list the song lyrics at the top of your post, and scenarios are due by the 1st of June. Here's an example:
Song: Speechless, from Disney's Aladdin.
Try to put me in this cage,
I won't just lay me down and die.
I will take these broken wings
And watch me float across the sky.
[and this would be my original scenario/ short story] 
Alright, I should not be procrastinating right now- *post* 
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(May 17, 2021 - 10:30 am)

This sounds awesome! I'll join tomorrow after some brainstorming!

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(May 18, 2021 - 1:05 am)
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this sounds like a suuper cool idea!! 

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Song: Wind Blows, by Dreamcatcher (The original song is in Korean, so the lyrics are just a rough translation+my own interpretation. And by the way, I only kept what I needed; that means only using the first stanza and cutting out a couple extra lines between the ones I needed):
<Coming in nonstop, these jumbled sounds ring in my ears like crazy
City lights

Stars that you can’t see

Can I find you?

Everyone’s back somehow makes me think it's you

May the wind blow, so I can reach you

There've been so many nights where I've wandered,

Searching for you, with only a faded star to follow

So even if you pass me by without a glance,

In that moment I will surely recognise you>
Mara's feet swished through a puddle. It was stained with dark grey clouds and the neon lights of the surrounding skyscrapers. She felt the raindrops lightly battering against her back, as if the whole world felt the same as her.
I can't find her.
The hard, dark wall of the alley met Mara's head with a depressing thud.
I've looked everywhere, done everything I could. 

...And it's still not enough.
Mara's stomach mewled out a growl. There was no doubt her small, dreary apartment would swallow the same music tonight later tonight, with no other ears to steal away the sounds of poverty.
The girl let her cloudy eyes wander to the sky, reflecting thick blankets of weeping cumulo-nimbouses(cumulo-nimbai?) that looked like they could suddenly tighten and suffocate the earth at any moment. The world around her might agree that things were tough, but the city itself screamed the opposite. 
Here was life and movement and blinding lights and blaring sounds that would be overwhelming to anyone who cared. But Mara didn't care. Salty water mingled with rain as it ran warm down her cheeks.
Her feet hurt. Her eyes ached. Her hands felt as if they were about to freeze. That didn't seem to matter much, even with the sharp throbbing that pulsed through her head. The only thing she could feel clearly was the emptiness in her chest; the soreness you could never cure by seeing a doctor.
Mara's fingers, scrunched into her jacket's pockets, brushed upon the cool smooth cold of a couple coins, then a crumpled, sticky-ish object. They dug a little deeper to uncover a cracked, but ultimately well-cared-for old phone. She pulled out the device and swiped a calloused thumb over the lock screen. The edge of a looser shard bit into her finger, but she paid it no mind.
How could she focus on anything else when looking at the love of her life, preserved smiling alongside a slightly younger Mara? One hadn't yet had much experience with dry throats or tired panda eyes. One that never bothered to worry about melted gum in pockets or bite her lip wondering when the next paycheck would come, and if it would be enough. One that never spent countless sleepless nights combing the world over, searching for a lost love.
The screen faded to black. She'd been staring for too long anyway. If only she could just… Not think for once.
Her eyes closed as her head flopped back to face the sky again. The rain had diminished to a light drizzle, and then ceased, but it did nothing for Mara as a chill wracked her body. It wrapped its cold fingers around her and squeezed the air from her lungs, like icy water intent on drowning a poor soul.
Mara straightened her back, sparing one last gaze at the now mostly cloudless sky. It was a deep shade of violet-black, sprinkled with flakes of stars.

I wonder if you can see them, too.
Tears pricked at her eyes. 
Will I ever find you? 
A familiar but blurry song emerged in Mara's head while she thought. "Let the wind blow you to me, it will lead you." She vaguely remembered something of the sort. Something about dim stars serving as a path of lanterns, too. A kind of bittersweet feeling washed over Mara as she recalled. Of course, she had been the one to sing such a thing.
Mara stumbled onward, making her way towards her apartment. She must be crazy to believe some old nursery song like that. Besides, she'd already tried everything before. It was silly to think there was still hope. But that was just Mara for you.
Despite the reduced city-noise during the dark hours, Mara still felt as if it were too loud. She wanted to cover her ears and close her eyes and hide somewhere. But that wouldn't fix anything. And she really didn't want to go home either.
Wandering aimlessly, her weary eyes listlessly scanned the wide street; the wet surface flashing along with the gaudy neon signs. The dripping and swishing of the last cars rushing home seemed to echo around in an echo chamber, piercing the hollow night.
There were only a few more people striding through the streets, but unlike Mara, they were hurried; purposeful.
One of the pedestrians passed by. Then, like a clipboard, something snapped inside. Mara suddenly stiffened, body halting on its own accord.
She couldn't move. She couldn't breathe. Her thoughts raced like a tornado.
That was her. She'd recognise that woman anywhere.
She wasn't seeing stuff, right? Mara whipped herself around, glancing back at the ever-increasing distance between her and the figure.
It was. What should she do? 
The woman continued on at a brisk pace, oblivious to Mara's inner turmoil.
Mara opened her mouth, but nothing came out. What did she really have to say, anyway? "Oh, hey, I've been looking everywhere for you without your knowledge or permission, because… LOVE!!" Anyone would be sent running to the hills if they heard that. The confused girl hesitantly angled herself back towards her route home. She balked.
Mara turned again, if only to catch a last glance of the woman. 
But she was already gone. Swallowed into the still-alive city night.  It seemed like there was suddenly so much more going on.
But in an instant, all of it seemed muted again, melted away under the slashing of the blowing wind.
I'm not really happy with this; It doesn't capture what I wanted to convey, but it'll do. Sorry for taking so long to finish!
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(May 24, 2021 - 1:33 pm)

Oooooh this story is absolutely beautiful! I love the attention to detail and the vibrant imagery.

submitted by Wreeboo, age Immortal, Castle Araluen
(May 24, 2021 - 4:13 pm)

Thank you! 

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(May 25, 2021 - 11:02 am)

This is a very cool idea! I may join if I come up with something good...

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Here's my story! I incorporated one part of the lyrics in it. It's a little sad... Hopefully that's okay. It's funny that I chose this song, because it's not like my go-to song or anything, I just like the sound of these few lyrics in the song.

Dusk Till Dawn (feat. Sia) [Radio Edit] By ZAYN


But you’ll never be alone

I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn 

I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn

Baby, I’m right here

I’ll hold you when things go wrong

I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn

I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn

Baby, I’m right here




  Nora looked out of the small, dirty window. She knew she shouldn’t. It wasn’t safe. Usually she kept the curtains closed up tight so nobody would know where she was hiding, and, more importantly, who she was hiding. 


  She had done a nice job so far, all things considered. She had chosen the attic of an abandoned house for hiding. She had plenty of supplies, and knew every nook and cranny of the town they were hiding in. She knew which places had food and which places were heavily guarded and what lullaby would stop The Guest from crying. 


  The Guest. Nora only referred to her as that in her mind, but it made her feel bad. They’d been on the run together for a good while now. Nora knew everything about The Guest, because she talked a lot for someone with the vocabulary—and the knowledge—of a 4-year-old. 


  Which was reasonable, because, well, she was a four-year-old.




  Nora jumped ever so slightly. “Yes?”


 “I’m hungry. What’re we having for dinner?”


 Nora frowned. “You’re not going to like it.” She turned around and looked at the little girl who was sitting against the wall across from the window. She had short, curly brown hair, a freckled face, a light purple shirt, black pants, and white socks. She was dirty. 


 “Please don’t say we’re having apple slop.”


 Nora giggled, in spite of herself. “It’s applesauce. And yes, we’re having that for dinner.”


 A small whine came from the little girl. “Awwwww. I miss marshmallow days.”


 Marshmallow days... They were a long time ago. Nora used to be able to find marshmallows and other desserts every now and then, back when it was a little bit easier to be doing what she was doing.


 “I know,” said Nora. “I miss marshmallow days too.” She sighed a little. “Let’s finish your schoolwork. What are the letters of your name?”


 “D-O-R-Y,” said the little girl. “Dory!” She put her hands in the air as if she were saying the most exciting thing in the world. 


 Nora smiled. “Good. Write them down while while I get dinner—“ 




 Nora felt her eyes widen. They’re here, she thought. The MagiTrackers.



  Nora and Dory had been on the run from MagiTrackers ever since Dory had shown up on Nora’s doorstep, confused, scared, and magical. She held a paper in her hands. All it said was This is Dory. She’s magical... I’m out of time. Please, protect her. Nora knew it wasn’t safe to help Magis, because MagiTrackers would severely punish anyone who did. But she also knew that if this little girl was caught, they’d experiment on her until there was no part of her left to experiment on. They would kill an innocent child, piece by piece. Nora couldn’t let that happen. So she had helped Dory. 


  And she would now, too.


  “Dory, listen. Dinner’s... Um... Dinner’s going to have to wait. Remember how I told you to save your magic up until it was safe to teleport?”


  “I think I do... You wanted to teleport to the... What’s it called ‘gain?”


 “SafeSpot. I wanted to teleport to a SafeSpot. Remember? It’s called Gloria Gusts. Gloria Gusts. Okay? Remember that. Gloria Gusts.”


 “Okay!” Why?”


 “Uh... You have enough magic to teleport now! Get your Glow ready.”


  Nora did her best to make it sound like both of them were going to Gloria Gusts. Gloria Gusts was an island. It was impossible for MagiTrackers to get to, because it was a floating island. Only Magis could get there with their teleporting powers. Everyone there was a Magi, like Dory, or a MagiGaurd, like Nora. They called it Gloria Gusts because it was always windy there, but the winds were filled with magic, which was good for Magis. Nora and Dory had been trying to get there, but it was hard. They were a long way from the island, and Dory had enough energy to teleport herself, but it would take time to safe up enough energy to make a Glow for both of them.


  They were out of time. Dory had to make a Glow. 


 “Okie dokie!” Dory closed her eyes. Slowly, a pink bubble formed around her. 


 “I’ll be right back. Dory?”


 Dory opened her eyes. She had put enough energy in that the Glow could form without her focusing too much. “Yeah?”


 “I just want you to know that I’m always here. I’ll always be with you. You’ll never be alone.”


  Dory just grinned. “I know, Nora. ‘Cause you’re my best friend!” 


  Nora smiled sadly. “You’re mine, too.” Then she ran down the stairs. 


 “Oh no,” she said loudly, “They’ve found me!” 


 The door broke open. A group of men and women entered. A man with a clipboard in his hands looked at her. “A Magi?” He asked the others. 


  “Hmm,” a woman said. “What’s your name?” She asked Nora.


  “Dory,” she lied. 


  The man looked at his clipboard. “Yup, we’ve got a Dory on here.” 


  The woman looked at her. “Dory, huh? Well, now she’ll be E163.” 


  The group escorted her out of the house, and Nora took one last look at the attic window. The curtains were drawn, but she could just barely see a small pink glow filling the attic. It then disappeared, which meant that the Glow had successfully teleported Dory to Gloria Gusts.


  And that was how, even knowing she surely wouldn’t live another month, Nora knew everything would be okay.









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That's so good! And I love that song, it's one of the few Zayn songs I listen to.

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Thanks! :D

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