"It's been too

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"It's been too

"It's been too long." Ilvi noted, a false smile plastered over her face. She'd kept her composure this far, the silk underskirt of her dress hanging a few inches above the ground. 

Her companion sighed, his brow scrunched. "Ilvi, I warned you. This place isn't; ... It's not how you remember it." He warned, both of his hands held forward placatingly. All she did was nod painstakingly, staring at the park's ornate iron gate.

"I know. That's why I wanted to be here." She stated. Her nobility was audible in her voice, in the way she calmed herself. "Shall we?" A faint smile appeared on her face as she eased the gate open. A round wooden sign clattered against the metal, leaving somewhat of a hollow noise.

She stepped forward, her lips pursed as she followed the narrow path. Childhood memories were moving through her mind; a childhood spent studying rules and laws, then enjoying the luxuries of this garden. All while a tyrant ruled the country in the background. But even he hadn't hurt it-

She froze in her tracks as the garden came into view. A smoky, smoldering smell filled her nose. At the center of it all was a thick tree trunk, charred and unrecognizable beyond belief. She stared, her mouth agape as she stepped onto the scene.

Someone had thrust a spear into the tree at the center of the garden. The flowerbeds, once sprawling, free, and flourescent had been trampled, reduced to a mess of ash. They had once been a perfect circle around the tree, complimenting its fragrant blue leaves; now? The entire garden had been thuroughly ruined, the wrought iron fences torn to pieces and flung about. Not even the Tyrant King-... this garden had been the same way for generations. It had been safe, one spot of safety in all this. And now, the rebels had...

She could hear her companion calling out to her, but she had already turned on her heel, fleeing back towards the gate. Just as she reached to open it, she froze, her gaze slowly moving down to the back of the sign attached. Written in sooty, smudged letters was a sentence.



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