Written Picturings!!

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Written Picturings!!

Written Picturings!!

Hey guys! If any of you want a written picturing of you/your AE/your OC, just make a request here!





Location/Time period (optional):

OR you could just ask for one as I imagine you, and that works too :) 

submitted by Silver Crystal, age Milky Way, Infinity
(March 8, 2022 - 2:17 pm)

Could I have one as you imagine me please? I use she/her pronouns. Thank you :D

submitted by Periwinkle, age Pi, Somewhere in the stars
(March 8, 2022 - 4:00 pm)

Let me know if you want anything changed :3


Golden afternoon sunlight spills into the room, filling up the space and pouring into every dark, hidden crevice. The light blue curtain blows in the wind that brushes it from the open window, shuffling the pages of the open book on the desk in front of it. Posters and post-its and an overall riot of colors cover the walls and ceiling, matching the starburst quilt on the bed. In the middle of the bedroom there is a teenage girl, sitting on a fuzzy blanket, scissors in one hand and a magazine in the other. Scraps of cut-up articles and images are scattered around her like a nest of paper, and she is focused intently on her work, flipping through the pages of the magazine. The sunlight catches in her blond hair in two messy ponytails, the illumination making her blue eyes seem almost green. Her periwinkle sweater and jeans are splattered with paint, and multiple friendship bracelets circle her wrists. She smiles, and although the area is splashed with color, it’s the brightest thing in the room.

submitted by @Periwinkle, Silver Crystal
(March 9, 2022 - 10:59 am)

Sorry I took so long to respond--I love this so much! The details are lovely. Thank you so much!

submitted by Periwinkle, age Pi, Somewhere in the stars
(March 12, 2022 - 7:09 am)
submitted by RainTOP!
(March 8, 2022 - 4:59 pm)

Could I have one how you imagine me? Thank you!! 

submitted by LunaWolf , age 12 winters, Narnia
(March 8, 2022 - 5:37 pm)
submitted by TOP!!
(March 9, 2022 - 3:39 pm)

The moonlight is unnaturally bright, shining like liquid silver and pooling in dips in the forest floor. The trees are bare, branches sharp and darker than even the midnight sky. The air is strangely still, not even a slight breeze disturbing the scene, leaving it untouched and looking like a painting of blues and blacks. Suddenly, a creature bounds out of the shadow between two trees and comes to a stop in one of the moonlight-pools, raising its face toward the sky. Its fur is a luminous shade of white tinted blue, like the sky right before morning comes, and it’s dark eyes seem to glow. The wolf tilts its head back to see a second figure come out of the darkness, this time a human. She is dressed in a heavy coat with fur around the hood and her boots crunch against the frozen ground, the only sound in the night. Her hair is the same shade of blue-white as the wolf’s fur, and it seems to glimmer in the moonlight. Her eyes are a deep sapphire color that stands out against her dark skin. She runs a gloved hand over the wolf’s fur, and together, they venture further into the trees, side by side.


Let me know if you want anything changed! 

submitted by @LunaWolf, Silver Crystal
(March 10, 2022 - 12:14 pm)

Oooh i love it!! Thanks so much - you are a beautiful writer! 

submitted by LunaWolf , age 12 winters, Narnia
(March 10, 2022 - 6:21 pm)

Imagine, please!! :D

submitted by Jaybells, age Obscure, Lost in the Universe
(March 9, 2022 - 3:51 pm)

I'm backkkk!

Also, Jaybells, I know you're non-binary, and I'm pretty sure I remember you saying you were fine with they/them pronouns, so I used those, but if you want me to go back change them to something else that would be no problem at all :) (also this isn't how I usually imagine you, but this just seemed to fit better for the scene)


The air crackles with cold, an occasional sharp breeze slicing the stillness of the scene. A thick layer of slate colored clouds muffles the already dim sunlight and mirrors the shimmering white snow far below. Bushes and other plants that would otherwise be laden with evergreen leaves are now lost beneath the snow, which seems to stretch into the horizon, never ending save for the few barren trees scattered over the area. Icicles cling to their branches and reflect the diluted sunlight. There is a single set of footprints that disturb the smoothness of the snow’s surface, and at the end of the trail stands a figure, silhouetted against the colorless sky. They are in heavy winter gear, a mismatched color theme of blues and purples. A knitted teal hat is pulled almost over their brown eyes, and the edges of their short hair, dyed pink, are sticking out. There is a sprinkle of freckles on their nose, and they squint at the horizon scrutinizingly. Then, they take out an object from one of their many pockets in their snow pants and hold it up to their face. It’s a camera, and their gloves hands adjust it carefully and point it at the horizon. They smile as the camera clicks and captures the scene forever.

submitted by @Jaybells, Silver Crystal
(March 17, 2022 - 10:31 am)

I'd love one of however you imagine me! My pronouns are she/they, or fae/faer, whichever one is easiest to use. :) 

submitted by pangolin, age she | they, Outskirts of the Galaxy
(March 9, 2022 - 4:10 pm)

Let me know if you want me to adjust the pronouns in any way :)


The room is awash with brightness from the fluorescent strips of light fixtures lining the ceiling. There are no windows, just smooth, cream colored walls that are bare and plain. Long tables dominate the space, most of them clean and untouched; there is one, however, in the very center, that seems to juxtapose the rest of the area. There are papers strewn across the tabletop, stacks of empty boxes with some partially filled with stacks of little slides of glass. There is a person sitting at the table, dressed in a stark white lab coat that almost glows in the bright light. They have dark brown skin and hair of a matching shade, which is thick and curly and falls to their shoulders, and they keep flicking loose strands away from their dark eyes. They are bent over a microscope, hands intently placed on the knobs, adjusting the minute details of the positioning. They lean back from the scope and reach over to scribble something on a piece of paper that is already crammed with notes and equations. Then, they switch out the glass slide for another and repeat the process, gathering notes and observations and the rest of the world does not exist, just this room, washed in brilliant white light.

submitted by @pangolin, Silver Crystal
(March 18, 2022 - 10:03 am)

I love this so much! Thank you, Silver! Your writing is beautiful, and I love the picture this paints in my mind. I love how detailed the description, and the whole concept of this written picturing - especially because science is my favorite subject. Thank you so so much! :) 

submitted by pangolin, age she | they, Outskirts of the Galaxy
(March 23, 2022 - 4:01 pm)

Can you imagine what you think my OC would be?(I wanna know cause I don't have an OC yet!) My pronouns are she/her. If you can you can draw it with dragon wings.(Dragons are kinda my thing.) 

submitted by Ayles C., age 11, Colorado
(March 9, 2022 - 5:24 pm)

Can you do a short on of Reuby and one of me irl

submitted by Reuby Moonnight, age 11 nebulas, Luanaitaria
(March 10, 2022 - 8:57 pm)