@admins, i have

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@admins, i have

@admins, i have a question. i know typically on the CB we aren't allowed to post links to/talk about websites hat are out of your control. however, a while ago on the NaNo classroom a lot of CBers made and posted links to songs they made using a certain website. i have the links to (i think ) all the songs people made, but because the CB NaNo classroom got taken down i don't think many other people have access to them. it's not a social website, and each of the links are just links to songs made by people who are on/were previously on the chatterbox, not made by anyone else. i also wrote down who made them so i can give credit to the people who made each song. could i post those here? if not, i absolutely understand, i was just wondering. thanks!

No. I'm sorry, but we won't post the links. You might post an invitation to the songwriters on Chatterbox, asking if they'd like to post their songs on Chatterbox.


submitted by Fallen Leaf
(May 19, 2022 - 4:01 pm)