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You're in a

You're in a creepy forest. There's nothing but silence around you, until you hear three distinct shouts of pain. You shout too when you step on a spike on the ground that looks like it was placed there on purpose, then look around you again. You can see three silhouettes in the dark woods, and you see that one of them has black hair and bright green eyes. She's also wear ing a dress that looks like it's made of leaves. Suddenly, four slips of paper flutter down to you and your companions. One lands in front of you . You pick it up and read it. It says, 

You have been chosen for the Century Challenge. You must fill out this form and go straight until you reach a lake. There will be more instructions there. Fill out this form:





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Interesting Fact About Yourself 

I hope to see you soon! - Ms. Thora Sandpiper 

submitted by Cali R., age 12, Everywhere
(September 9, 2022 - 1:42 pm)