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Lost Gold: Treasu

Lost Gold: Treasures of Arlavon

You look out of your bedroom window. Something white is flying toward you. You narrow your eyes, trying to see better.

Suddenly a strong wind pushes open the window and whirls around you. The white thing enters with it and drifts to the ground. When the wind dies, you realize that it is a piece of paper. You pick it up.

Greetings, CBer! you read. You are invited to go on a treasure hunt with six other CBers and the staff of the Lilacgold Hotel. There will be clues along the way to guide you. The treasure, if you find it, will be yours! Only fill out the form below, and you will be on your way.


Pronouns (she/her or he/him, please):


Are you:

Fire or Ice?

Sea or Stars?

Poet or Practical?


Fight or Flight?

Describe your appearance:

Packing list:

Thank you! No AEs, captchas or OCs, please. We will only be accepting seven CBers, so please fill our your form soon! Your journey will begin as soon as everyone's forms have been filled out. We guarantee your saftey while at the hotel. Enjoy!

You turn the paper over in your hands, thinking. It's then that you catch sight of the writing on the other side.

Be careful! The hotel people won't harm you - but what about the dragons that guard all treasures? What if the treasure you're seeking is the one at the end of the perilous rainbow?



-This is basically the same thing as a ski lodge, except a treasure hunt instead of a murder mystery.

-This is being written under an alias. Guess away as to who I really am!

-Please fill out your form as soon as possible if you reserve a place.

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(November 17, 2022 - 5:26 pm)

This sounds cool!

Name: Hex

Pronouns: she/her

Age: still young enough to be irresponsible

Are you: 

Fire or Ice? Well, you can't have popsicles without ice and you can't have pie without fire. Hard choice. Maybe ice.

Sea or Stars? ...I read this and was like "sea stars!" (the animal). At the moment, I'm feeling sea.

Poet or Practical? Practical, although why can't I be both (for all these questions really).

Fight or Flight? Sleep. Otherwise known as fight.

Describe your appearance: Tall, short shaggy black hair, black eyes, silver sweatshirt, black shorts, navy t-shirt, glares at you.

Packing list: Knives, books, necessities, pillow, extra sweatshirt, white picket fence post, banana (hopefully not squished), coffee mug with some nerdy joke on it, and a recycling can to put it all in. If it doesn't fit, so much the better.

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(November 17, 2022 - 8:40 pm)

Personality: Copy-paste is my friend here. Introverted, nerdy and prone to spouting random facts nobody cares about at exactly the wrong moment, morbid, coldly dangerous, crazy + unpredictable, extremely competitive and will not give up, stubborn (and will argue) about the oddest things, an extreme overachiever.

Are you Amethyst? 
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(November 19, 2022 - 10:53 am)

Top, and I think you should change the she/her or he/him part.

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(November 18, 2022 - 11:13 am)

Yea it's kinda messed up to only offer male and female options, although I get it might be easier to deal with what you already know and understand.

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(November 19, 2022 - 5:18 pm)

Name:luna silvermoon


Age:ngsgvuxbjngsfjfbkndjbmcfvnb,bmfbjb,v x bdjhgb xnjffxb nnbcjfmxn bfjmnc 

Fire or ICE?fire

sea or stars:stars



Blue eyes blue hair  

my talking cloak,a celestial bronze dagger.black clothes.a book.

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(November 18, 2022 - 7:05 pm)

ahh then quirky and reckless

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(November 19, 2022 - 5:20 pm)

Oh deary me, how could I have forgotten?! Please say what your basic(ish) personality is. Sorry I forgot...



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Oh dear, how did you guess??!? Yes, I'm Amethyst.

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(November 19, 2022 - 1:39 pm)

Name: Darkvine

Pronouns (she/her or he/him, please): she/her

Age: i look about 12

Are you:

Fire or Ice? Fire

Sea or Stars? Stars

Poet or Practical? Somewhere in between but mostly Poet

Fight or Flight? Fight, but sometimes Flight

Describe your appearance: long black hair with neon green streaks in it, neon green eyes, feet are scaly green dragon talons

Packing list: a computer, several sketchbooks, and wireless headphones.

I'm described as a 'fancy little introvert'. I seem extroverted at first because of my funny jokes, sarcasm, and extensive library of clean insults. I'm in my head a lot, too. 

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(November 21, 2022 - 9:08 am)

I'm going to go ahead and start writing this, but other CBers can join along the way until all the places are filled.

@Luna Silvermoon: I saw in Poinsettia's ski lodge that your talking cloak is called Nightly. Shall I call him that here, or something else?


Day 1, Part 1:

Luna Silvermoon sighed and flung open the window. Days had gone by since the wind had whisked away her form. Was anything ever going to happen? Then she shivered. The gold at the end of the perilous rainbow... There was something sinister in those words, somehow.

Then she forgot it and leaned contentedly on the window sill, looking out across the countryside gilded by the early morning sun. Dew sparkled on the grass; early birds were singing with all the joyous sweetness of midsummer, and a light breeze played with Luna Silvermoon's heair.

Until suddenly it wasn't a light breeze. It was a roaring cataract of wind, pouring through the open window with the strength of the sun. Luna Silvermoon gasped and snatched at the window to close it, but her fingers closed only on empty air. She was lifted off her feet and hurled away with the swiftness of a running wolf, the world a blur of blue that she vaguely recognized as the sky. Her hair whipped in her eyes, she was flung from side to side, breathless, afraid. She tightly clutched the book she had been holding, though even it flapped open wildly like some strange bird.

"It's preposterous!" she heard her talking cloak shout above the roar of the air, but the words were spun away into the sky. Her slender fingers clutched for her celestial bronze dagger, but she couldn't quite reach it.

And suddenly the wind had dwindled to something light and soft as a feather, and she was landing gently on a smooth lawn, dotted with evergreen shrubs. Before her was a magnificent building of soft, creamy-colored stone, and close to her, looking as shaken and breathless as she, were two other people.

She stood still for a moment, regaining her breath. Then she made sure she still had her dagger and her book and went toward the others, looking almost witch-like in her black clothes.

"Hi," she said. "Are you - the other CBers?"

"Yes," said one of them, a girl with raven-black hair with a green streak shot through it. "I'm Darkvine. But - "

They were interupted by a pretty young woman with short brown hair and warm brown eyes who hurried towards them from the building. "Hello," she said. "I'm so glad you've arrived. Hex, Darkvine and Luna Silvermoon - ? Yes. Welcome to Lilacgold."

"But weren't there supposed to be seven of us?" asked Darkvine, shooting the woman a critical look out of her emerald eyes.

"Yes," said the woman. "But I'm afraid - circumstances have changed, and we have to start right away. The other CBers will join us during our journey. But for now, you'll want to rest."

"And you are - ?" said Luna Silvermoon's cloak unexpectedly. Everyone looked startled, but Luna Silvermoon laughed.

"Yes, sorry, that's my talking cloak," she said. "Please excuse him."

"Well, I'm very pleased to meet him, too," said the woman, starting to recover from her surprise. "I'm Miss Fern. Please, do come in."

The three CBers followed her to the hotel. Inside, it was luxurious and beautiful, in a simple, cool style. Hex sighed happily as she sat down on the bed in her room. This was going to be fun.

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yes he is called Nightly everywere

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Name: Poinsettia

Pronouns (she/her or he/him, please): She/her

Age: Immortal, thanks very much.

Are you:

Fire or Ice? Fire...

Sea or Stars? Gosh. A bit of both, maybe?

Poet or Practical? Neither practical nor poetic, just warm and imaginative.


Fight or Flight? Flight, probably, unless I'm angry.

Describe your appearance: Dark hair, green eyes with golden flecks

Packing list: Change of clothes, a book or two to entertain myself

Thank you!

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(November 22, 2022 - 9:59 pm)

@Poinsettia, I'm sorry I haven't been able to work you in yet! I hope to in the next part, which I'll probably post later today.


Day 1, Part 2:

Hex sat down on a curved stone bench in the garden, facing open garden in front but with flowering bushes grouped behind it. Very romantic, except for the bees, which eventually irritated Hex so much that she moved away.

Darkvine called to her from a window just then. "Hex! Come in, the hotel people want to talk with us."

Hex moved slowly toward the curved entrance into the hotel. It was afternoon, and the CBers had settled in nicely. Although the hotel people still hadn't said exactly where Lilacgold was, Hex guessed that the wind must have carried her far away from home. The skies here were bluer, the air was more softly warm, and closed, papery pink flowers that she didn't recognize crept over the garden walls. Doves cooed with sweet, dusky, far-away voices, and but for the general appearance of the hotel itself Hex would have said they were in Mexico or Spain or perhaps some Middle Eastern country.

Miss Fern and Mr. Soforth, a busy but kindly man with dark hair and twinkling eyes, were waiting for her in the lobby. Darkvine and Luna Silvermoon were there too.

"Those pink flowers outside are bougainvilleas, a kind of flower that grows in Mexico," said Nightly instructively.

Hex stared at him. "I thought I was the only one who came out with random facts!" she exclaimed.

"Well, from time to time I do too," said Nightly.

"Are we in Mexico, then?" Hex asked.

"No," said Miss Fern. "So, I think we're ready to - "

"There's one thing," said Darkvine. "Sorry for interupting you, but where are we then?"

Miss Fern shrugged. "It's hard to explain," she said. "You're in a land linked to your own world, the land which the winds can reach. But you can get to your world again from here.

"Anyhow, as I was saying - I think we're ready to start the treasure hunt. What do you think?"

"Queen bees stay inside their ant hills for almost their entire lives," said Hex, thinking of the bees that had bothered her earlier. "Oh, um - right, sorry."

"But really that's quite interesting," remarked Luna Silvermoon. "It's fine if we set out now. But I still don't understand. What treasure are we looking for? How are we going to find it?"

"Get your things," directed Mr. Soforth. "We'll tell you as we go along."

Luna Silvermoon was naturally ready first, as she only had to get her book (her dagger and Nightly never left her side). Then she went downstairs again. Pausing unnoticed in the door of the lobby, she heard Miss Fern mumur, "East. It's not much to go on. When do you suppose the next clue will turn up?"

"I don't know," said Mr. Soforth.

Darkvine and Hex came down the steps just then and joined Luna. "What is it?" Darkvine asked softly.

"Look at the way they're looking at each other," breathed Luna. "Do you suppose they're in love?"

"Silly," scoffed Darkvine. "Prob'ly not." And she walked into the lobby.

Miss Fern and Mr. Soforth led them out of the hotel and eastwards. "We're going to leave the hotel permanently, I'm afraid," sid Miss Fern. "My great-grandmother realized that following certain signs will lead you to great treasures, and she founded Lilacgold. There have been several expeditions since then, and they've all brought back wonderful treasures - gold, jewels, things like that. Lilacgold keeps a bit of it, to pay for the maintenance of the hotel; the rest is divided - fairly, of course - " she looked sternly at them - "among the other people in the expedition. Don't worry, as long as you're actually looking for them, you'll know what are clues and what aren't. For the moment, we just know that we have to go east."

Darkvine smiled with a thrill of exhiliaration. Then she remembered something. "Miss Fern," she said guardedly, "is treasure hunting dangerous?"

"Dangerous? No, I believe not," said Miss Fern vaguely. (She was looking at Mr. Soforth.) But Darkvine wasn't satisfied. What if a dragon did guard the treasure they sought?

They went on for the rest of that afternoon through meadows running wild under the sunlight and the songs of birds. But that night they came to the edge of a wood, with mountains rising dark in the distance. They built a fire that leaped and flamed with a strong, comfortable glow, and after supper Darkvine lay back and looked up at the stars. She had never seen them so clearly before, or realized how many they were and how beautiful. After a while, drowsy and happy, she started seeing her own constellations in them. There was one that repeated itself over and over again, and that was one of a bee, buzzing industriously over a flower.

Eventually she fell asleep.

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Day 2, Part 1:

Luna Silvermoon stirred and sat up. Fresh dawn was breaking, and the birds were twittering, and the others had already gotten the fire going. She stretched and went over to them. "Good morning," she said. "You know, I had the oddest dream yesterday - that there were bees and bees, all buzzing around." She sighed. "I might as well have stayed awake for all the rest I got. They were so bothersome."

"That's funny," exclaimed Darkvine, and told them of the constellation she had seemed to see the night before.

"Breakfast!" called Mr. Soforth brightly.

After they had eaten they sat for a moment in silence, enjoying the bright sunshine and the weaving songs of the birds.

"Look!" Luna said suddenly.

"Bzzz," said Something at the same moment.

Darkvine turned from contemplating the forest to see a little bee, sunlight flashing from its wings, hovering near them. As five pairs of eyes turned on it, it flew off a little way, south and right of the forest. There it paused for another moment and watched them with knowing eyes before it flew away, straight towards the heart of the sun, and disappeared, gold blending into gold until you couldn't distinguish golden light from golden bee.

There was no doubt in anyone's minds as to what this meant. A strange, sweet, but not overpowering feeling hung in the air.

"We're supposed to go - south, isn't it?" said Luna.

"Yes, that direction's south," affirmed Hex, glancing towards the sun to get her bearings. "But I don't think we are supposed to."

The others were puzzled. They could feel so clearly that this was the first clue. "Well, let's go south anyway," said Miss Fern after a little pause. "We have to do something, and I think it was a sign." And a suddenly strange wind swirled around them. The first clue had been found.

"Where will it lead us?" Luna Silvermoon wondered to herself. "And what treasures will we find?"

"Stop being poetic," Nightly admonished gently. "The others are leaving you behind." And Luna Silvermoon ran to catch up with them, laughing in exhiliaration, her heart soaring into the sky.

It was a pleasant day for walking outdoors. On one side stretched the short, emerald grasses, with (or so Darkvine said) an occasional pony running across the horizon; on the other side were the woods, full of shifting shadows that were mystic rather than frightening in the daytime; overhead soared the endless blue sky, dotted with cicling swallows gliding on invisible tides of wind.

Far away, a slender girl with waves of dark hair and thoughtful green eyes was riding her mare, Moonwind. She was thinking about the mysterious wind which had sent her an invitation a few days ago, and at the thought her eyes sparkled. Then she realized that Moonwind had stopped. Poinsettia patted her neck. She had just shown up one day, and since then a strong bond had tied the girl and the horse together.

But now Moonwind looked as if she were hearing something Poinsettia couldn't hear, something beneath and beyond the very world. Then a strange joy came into her eyes, and suddenly she began to run - faster and faster, more swiftly than the darting hawk, as if she had to run from the pure joy inside her. The world flashed before Poinsettia's eyes, a strong wind swirled around her, and she couldn't really take anything in.

"What's that?" asked Luna Silvermoon, pausing on the edge of the forest.

A heard of smallish but delicate ponies were sweeping towards them. And in their midst rode a laughing girl with a commanding gaze and a happy smile.


I'd like to write more than this but it's already very long... btw, I promise it's going to get more exciting in the next part.

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oh wow

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