A Ski Lodge~

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A Ski Lodge~

A Ski Lodge


It's the middle of summer, and you're draped languorously on your couch, a thick book in your hands and a cool glass of lemonade within reach. A small fan whirs, a pathetic rival to the unrelenting heat. Your window is open, although it doesn't make much difference, for the air outside is still and humid. 

Suddenly, you hear the symphonious tinkling of wind chimes. You couldn't remember ever hearing wind chimes around your house before, but this isn't a huge source of concern. The biggest thing interesting you is the cream-colored envelope that has fluttered in from the window and onto your living room floor. 

You set your book down, and pick up the envelope, turning it over in your hands. On the front, in neat black ink, it spelled out your name. Odd. You slit the top of the envelope, and withdraw two pieces of parchment and a small, pressed purple flower - you recognize its delicate floral scent as lavender. You pick up the first piece of parchment and read, 

Dear CBer, 

You are invited on an all-expenses paid vacation at Lockaria House, located within the Osorthe Forest. While there, you will experience a fortnight of fun, adventure, excitement, and, quite possibly, danger. Sign up quickly, only fifteen guests are allowed. This includes any AE companions you may choose to bring. We will begin when spots are filled.

Your hostess,

Ms. Socie Grishelm

- Please note that the popcorn is not free.

- CAPTCHAs and CAPTCHAEs are not allowed. 

- I advise you to pack warmly, the Osorthe Forest is trapped in an eternal autumn. 

- Lockaria House is not responsible for any damage or loss of property or person during your time here.

- Please fill out the forms for both yourself and any AE you wish to attend. 

The second piece of parchment, you soon discover, contains said forms.  





Aura (Basically, what color embodies your personality?): 

Biggest Strength:

Biggest Weakness:

Favorite Flower:



Something about this letter makes you wary, but those thoughts are quickly banished to the back of your mind. It's so hot here, and an all-expenses-paid autumnal vacation is just the thing you need. You grab the writing utensil of your choice and in careful print, fill out the forms. 

Besides, what could possibly go wrong in fourteen days? 


Yep, I’m rebooting my ski lodge from several months ago! I don’t know if anyone remembers it, but I think I got fairly far in it, and it was fun, so I’m rebooting it! I promise this time it will not die! I was guessed last time, but still feel free to guess who I am. ;) 

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(January 18, 2023 - 5:32 pm)

Name: Tsuki

Gender/Pronouns: she/her

Appearance: thick brown hair, forest green eyes, average height for a 14yo, pale skin with freckles

Personality: anxious, ambitious and critical

Aura (Basically, what color embodies your personality?): green

Biggest Strength: intelligent

Biggest Weakness: forgetful

Favorite Flower: either lotus or bluebell

Luggage: clothes, toiletries, notebook, cash


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(January 18, 2023 - 6:27 pm)
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Oh, of course I remember this lodge!

Name: Silver Crystal

Gender/Pronouns: She/her

Appearance: Long brown hair, brown eyes, silver white shirt and bleached jeans. 

Personality: INTP

Aura (Basically, what color embodies your personality?): Light blue/purple

Biggest Strength: Observant

Biggest Weakness: Anxiety (esp around strangers)

Favorite Flower: Daisy!!

Luggage: Notebook, pencils, compass, camera

Other: So glad this is getting rebooted! :)

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(January 18, 2023 - 7:49 pm)

this seems so cool omg

Name: firelily/fire

Gender/Pronouns: genderfluid, so it changes! if that's too difficult then just she/her :)

Appearance: tannish caucasian skin, faded dyed-red hair with blonde roots, hazel eyes, freckles, on the skinnyish side, about 5'2, a white tank top, beige cargo pants, brown converse

Personality: sarcastic, comes off shy but is loud once you get to know them, artistic, (paints a lot) funny, VERY empathetic

Aura (Basically, what color embodies your personality?): indicolite

Biggest Strength: empathy, basically able to understand anyone's point of view + easy to talk to + makes you feel better <3

Biggest Weakness: sometimes she sees too much of the good in people, making it difficult to see the not-good aspects

Favorite Flower: oleander

Luggage: iphone, earbuds, sketchbook, paints, paintbrushes, clothes obviously, a few books, pencils, pens, a large box full of snacks, big fuzzy blanket, journal, SO much chapstick, waterbottle, polaroid camera, wood carving kit, party hats just in case, an extra sketchbook

Other: dang i really love creating oc versions of myself 

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(January 18, 2023 - 8:30 pm)

Reserving for me and two AEs!!

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(January 18, 2023 - 8:42 pm)

Name: Echo Hallowswift--or just Echo. Preferably Echo.

Gender/Pronouns: She/Her/Hers.

Appearance: A slim, average-heighted girl with light skin, long and braided blonde hair that shines like sunlight, grey eyes like stormclouds that flash like lightning, and long lashes. I wear a black turtleneck undershirt and a see-through star shirt with flecks of silver on it. I wear jeans and black/silver glasses. My earrings are silver stars.

Personality: I'm a quiet and serious introvert with a knack for deductive reasoning and mystery solving. I enjoy reading in my freetime, as well as drawing.

Aura (Basically, what color embodies your personality?): Honestly? I suppose black with silver specks.

Biggest Strength: I am a seer---which is to say, I am able to see the future. Though in this ski-lodge, it's alright with me if I only see glimpses of it and almost who the murderer is.

Biggest Weakness: My fear of heights and death.

Favorite Flower: I suppose I'll choose the black dahlia.

Luggage: I'll bring the clothes aforementioned, and a silver dagger that I keep with me at all times. And a phone with a case that has silver stars on it, as well as my typewriter, my ink, and my fountain pen from the olden days.

Other: I am a teenager.

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(January 19, 2023 - 8:17 am)

It's back!  Reserving two spots for me and an AE.

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(January 19, 2023 - 10:13 am)

oh, I remember seeing this a few pages back! i don't think i was in it, but i'm definitely joining this time...

Name: Artemis

Gender/Pronouns: female

Appearance: tall and slim, light tan skin, chin-length brown hair, brown eyes, pointed ears. I'm usually wearing jeans, and I'm fond of cardigans and collared shirts.

Personality: introverted, detail-oriented, bookish, a dry sense of humor. i like large words, because i like being able to precisely articulate my thoughts.

Aura (Basically, what color embodies your personality?): purple. shades vary

Biggest Strength: hmm. I'm good at language.

Biggest Weakness: insecurity

Favorite Flower: I like calla lilies, especially the purple ones.

Luggage: various articles of clothing, toiletries, sharpened pencils, a sketchbook, magic headphones, watercolors, and Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes for a bit of light reading. oh, and a chocolate bar.

Other: you're pangolin, if I recall correctly?

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(January 19, 2023 - 10:42 am)

@Writing_in_the_Dark and Sterling: your spots have been reserved!

@Artemis: yep, I'm pangolin :) 

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(January 19, 2023 - 4:18 pm)

here i am for plot convienence

Name: pangolin

Gender/Pronouns: she/they

Appearance: I am slightly taller than average and slender, with a fairly feminine appearance. Wavy copper hair reaches just past my shoulder blades. I have tanned skin and freckles, and a straight nose slightly tipped at the end. My eyes can change color drasically depending on the lighting. For this I will be wearing a black long-sleeved ribbed top, rust-colored corduroy pants, and black high top converse. 

Personality: I am thoughtful, logical, and quiet, and a self-declared nerd. I am socially awkward, weird, and, admittedly, a bit eccentric. I am an outcast, and am often alone, but rarely lonely. I am often found daydreaming about going on an adventure, writing, drawing, reading, or spending way too much time on school assignments. I am adventurous, mischievous at times, creative, quick-witted, and have a slightly dark sense of humor. 

Aura (Basically, what color embodies your personality?): purple

Biggest Strength: intellect and logic

Biggest Weakness: being too hard on myself

Favorite Flower: hyacinth

Luggage: Necessities, my sketchbook, pencils & pens, a stack of books, a journal, a short sword with Celtic engravings, a dagger, and a bow and poison-tipped arrows.


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Name: Daisy

Pronouns: she/her

Appearance: medium height/with shoulder length blond hair. Blue eyes framed by long lashes and a small nose with freakles an her rosey cheeks. Wearing[for this ski lodge] a purple turtle neck sweater and blue jeans with boots that have fake fur lining the top. 

Personality: Cheerful/kind/outgoing/energetic/fun/firey

Aura: Red

Biggest strength: She is really fast with words and on her feet. she also can survive alone for quite a long time.

Weakness: Her speed sometimes gets her into trouble. She can rush into things and not think things over and so she can be reckless

Fav flower: Daisy for obvious reasons

Lugguge:just a turquoise back pack with extra clothes

Other: ty! i'm excited! ~Hawkstar 


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(January 19, 2023 - 5:08 pm)

This was one of my first Ski Lodges. Glad to see it back.

Name:Reuby Moonnight 

Gender/Pronouns: She/her

Appearance:Long, wavy, sily black hair dark as midnight, pale, porcline skin, eyes as pure as gold with fleck of orange, red and black, big wolf ears usually hidden under a black bennie with a Bi pin and a super fluffy black tail.

Personality:Snarky, sarcastic, calm under pressure, snaps at people sometimes, anger issues.

Aura (Basically, what color embodies your personality?):it's sometimes: Red(strong personalitie), Black (darker thoughts) or purple (feeling strong).

Biggest Strength:Pysical combat.

Biggest Weakness:Steady convo

Favorite Flower:Lycoris

Luggage:Four blank sketch books, blackwing pencils, lots of markers, clothing, two daggers.

Other:I would like to bring my very big but very good boi of a wolf. His name is Wiccan, he is black, super fluffy and friendly but will not fail to protect.

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Name: Sterling
Gender/Pronouns: they/them
Appearance: See attached picture
Personality: Reserved and introverted, creative, thoughtful.  I prefer to listen rather than talk and am sarcastic and sharp when I'm upset.  I'm in my head a lot, daydreaming or thinking about things that are more interesting than whatever's going on around me.
Aura (Basically, what color embodies your personality?): Midnight blue
Biggest Strength: Creativity
Biggest Weakness: Self-doubt and overthinking
Favorite Flower: Morning glory
Luggage: Clothes, notebook, pens, a collection of Sherlock Holmes stories, camera, bow and arrows
Name: Kyanite, Kya for short

Gender/Pronouns: they/them

Appearance: Long sleek navy blue hair with lighter teal tips, bronze skin, sharp deep red eyes, freckles, pointed ears

Personality: ENFP.  They're effortlessly upbeat, charismatic, and charming, with a love of mischief and freedom.  Kya has a strong sense of justice and is passionate, unafraid to stand up for what they believe in.  They are sarcastic, confrontational with a tendency to be insensitive, restless, and more than a bit self-centered, with a rebellious spirit.

Aura (Basically, what color embodies your personality?): Teal
Biggest Strength: Charisma

Biggest Weakness: Self-centered

Favorite Flower: Bleeding heart

Luggage: Extra clothes, candy, electric guitar, twin daggers, headphones
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(January 19, 2023 - 6:45 pm)

Forgot to attach the picture smh

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Reserving. This sounds cool!

Nox says {tydie}! Good job! We just have to work on spelling a little bit... OR WAIT, Nox, are you saying "thank you, die" or are you saying "tie-dye" like I thought you were? Hm. I guess we have to work on kindness as well.

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(January 19, 2023 - 10:05 pm)