AE ask meme.

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AE ask meme.

AE ask meme.

I'll list questions below, have one or more of your AEs answer them. I will also be answering these.

This isn't a constest of anything, just for fun! 

Questions below:


How do you celebrate your b-day? 

Who is the most improtant person in your life?

What do you wear when just hanging out at home?

What does your house look like?

Any pets?

What makes you smile

What makes you cry

What's your favorite movie

Favorite book

Do you get along with your parents

Favorite Holiday


You find a genie, what are your three wishes and why?

What's a quote you associate yourself with?

Do you have an accent, if so what?

Most prized posesion

Have you ever stolen something? 


Have fun!! 

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