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Martina McBride is

Martina McBride is now officially one of my favorite singers. I was just listening to some of her songs and oh my gosh dldksjfd;lkd

Her songs are mostly pop/rock, I think, and they're so. good. They have very catchy rhythms and really inspiring lyrics, which is a great change from the depressing songs that most mainstream singers usually have, and all in all they're wonderful. I'd definitely recommend her if you're looking for a new singer to listen to, especially the songs "Ride" and "Wrong Baby Wrong Baby Wrong," which are particularly great.


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Martina McBride's songs are among the best more modern music I've ever heard! I also love "Wild Angels" and "Happy Girl" and "I Love You".

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(May 23, 2023 - 3:09 pm)

I haven't listened to any of her music, but I'll definitely check her out! 

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I listened to "Wrong Baby Wrong Baby Wrong", and it was--wonderful, so thanks for recommending it =)

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If you like Martina McBride, I think you would like Elle King, Regina Spektor, and Lily Allen as well. Their songs are very wonderful because the melodies are great. I would recommend to

Elle King's music ranges from rock to country but I think her first album "Love Stuff" is the best. My favorite songs are "Make You Smile" and "America's Sweetheart."

Regina Spekto's music ranges from Anti-folk to indie-pop to alternative rock. My favorite songs are "Fidelity," "Eet," and "Ballad of a Politician."


Lily Allen's music is mostly pop. My favorite songs are "Chinese" and "Who'd Have Known."


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Thanks for the recommendations, Nerissa! I'll keep them in mind :)

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