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Ski Lodge: Vault of Magic

You open the door of your home and then shut it again, fumbling with the lock as you do so. It’s been a long day and you are eager to spend the rest of the time working heart and soul on your latest writing project, which happens to be a novel. It’s afternoon but not for much longer, and the sun has splashed every wall with bits of gold. You close the window blinds tightly, so you can concentrate without having to squint and shield your eyes from the sun.

You open your writing notebook…and almost drop it.

This is not your writing notebook.

The pages are beautifully crisp and browned, like they are centuries old—no, maybe millennia? Cursive that looks like it was written with a needle thin quill is scratched in purple-black ink on the paper, with evident flourishes on many of the letters, especially on the g’s and I’s. It appears to be a letter.

You groan a little. You have to admit that mysterious letters that look like they should be in a museum were intriguing, but what you really want to see is your novel. Nevertheless, you switch on a light (now that you’ve shut the blinds it’s too dark) and read it.


You jump a little at the sight of your name in the letter, complete with your age, location, and various other SI’s you have posted under in parentheses.

“Aren’t you tired of living your life without truly experiencing magic, except for the little you can glean from the pages of books and your own imagination? Oh…by the way, I apologize for temporarily borrowing your notebook in order to deliver this message. Your writing is (mostly) unharmed, so please do not worry.”

You don’t like the sound of “mostly” and worry anyway.

“To summarize briefly, you entered a lottery in the past (and no, you were not conscious of entering it, I entered it for you, you’re very welcome) to stay at the Vault of Magic, (est. ∞ B.C. or B.C.E.) a secret cave that hides all the magic that otherwise is hidden from the rest of modern society. The lottery offers a pre-paid visit to the Vault, complete with free popcorn (within reason), a secret passage or two, a taste of adventure, and the occasional lesson in magic, as well as various other activities and games. You have been fortunate enough to be one of the CBers to win. You may bring along one companion, if you would like, either an AE or a Captcha, who must fill out a separate form to attend. There are 20 spots in total, including AE and Captcha spots. These will close once the Ski Lodge begins. Please fill out the form or forms attached below and burn promptly (Yes, you heard me right. Burn the entire notebook and remember that it will be unharmed. No tearing out the forms please).”

CBer name:



Personality (min. 7 adj./words):

Favorite season:

Favorite fantasy book/series:

Activity suggestions:


Other details:

AE/Captcha name:




Personality (min. 7 adj.)


Way they talk if AE (ex. bold, italics):

Other details:

The forms are directly in the place where there used to be the beginning of your novel.



Keeper of the Vault”

Before you can talk sense into yourself—that the whole letter is slightly disturbing, that your notebook will probably be somewhat charred after filling out the form, that the Keeper of the Vault seems to know more about you then you would like—you are fetching a pen and hurrying to tell your AE/Captcha about it.

You finish quickly, then something inside you flashes a sudden warning while you’re just a few inches from the fire and you pull away, startled.

And that’s when the fire (which is dying down into embers) lashes out of the fireplace, envelops your notebook (which burns…), and then suddenly vanishes, leaving nothing but a pile of ash.


This ski lodge will begin some time after all the spots are filled out. I’ve already outlined the basic plot and inserted variables for guests, but I may need to adjust these according to who signs up to align with personality traits and that will likely take a while. The ski lodge may or may not be a non-death ski lodge. I am still deciding on which will work best for the plot, and if I will be comfortable writing a typical, murder mystery ski lodge (yes, hopefully this doesn’t make me too easy to guess). If it does turn out to be a murder mystery, it will be non-graphic, with no gore.

Parts may take a while to come out, and the ski lodge may or may not end due to writer’s block, schedule difficulties, plot difficulties, and the like. This is why I’ve been delaying posting the ski lodge thread for a month or two, while I try to work out the kinks (I finally realized that I cannot figure out the plot until I know who the guests are, which is why this is being posted, although nervously). And I’ve never written a ski lodge before so if you’re signing up specifically for the mystery aspect, I can’t promise that I’ll be any good at it…


You have been warned.

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Can I reserve for me and one AE? Thank youuu

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CBer name: Silver Crystal (Silver for short)

Pronouns: She/her

Appearance: Long dark brown hair, brown eyes, silver-white tank top, jean shorts, low-top white converse.

Personality (min. 7 adj./words): Friendly, nervous, competetive, talkative, imaginative, logical, skeptical. Basically, an introvert until I'm comfortable with talking with someone, which is when I start to talk a lot.

Favorite season: Spring!!

Favorite fantasy book/series: Percy Jackson, hands down.

Activity suggestions: Some kind of puzzle?

Luggage: Compass, snacks, camera, notebook, pencils.

Other details: :)

AE/Captcha name: Onyx (AE)

CBer: Silver

Pronouns: They/fae

Appearance:  Fae has curly short hair that is split dyed white on one side and black on the other, usually tied into two low buns. They have medium brown toned skin and dark eyes, and wears whatever fae wants, although they’re usually more comfortable in sweaters, baggy jeans and doc martens. Loves wearing all kinds of jewelry, whether that be chokers or necklaces or chunky hair clips or plastic rings. No coordination between the pieces, just whatever fae is feeling like at the moment. Fae will sometimes put on over-dramatic makeup to compliment whatever jewelry fae is wearing that day. Fae is also very short, which they hate.

Personality (min. 7 adj.): Fae is loud, chaotic, and sarcastic. They don't take much seriously (or at least that’s how they appear), and loves having fun and hanging out with people they like (they can get quite passive aggressive around people they don’t like, though). Gives the impression that they can and will fight someone. 

Luggage: Deck of cards, comic book, laptop.

Way they talk if AE (ex. bold, italics): Bold & Italics

Other details: :)


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CBer name: Pangolin

Pronouns: she/they

Appearance: Slightly taller than average, with shoulder-length tangles of wavy copper hair. My skin is fair and freckled, and burns easily. My eyes change color drastically depending on the lighting. 

Personality (min. 7 adj./words): I'm quiet and somewhat reclusive, and painfully socially anxious. (though I'm good at talking to people if I have a reason for talking to them. I just suck at small talk) I love reading and writing and nature and puzzles and adventure. I'm very logical and level-headed, even (especially) during emergencies, and I'm hard-working. I'm a perfectionist, and a bit of a people-pleaser, and also quite competitive. I don't get angry easily, but when I do, I get very angry. I'm very passionate about causes I believe in. 

Favorite season: autumn!

Favorite fantasy book/series: if I have to choose one, The Raven Cycle. 

Activity suggestions: a scavenger hunt, maybe? 

Luggage: Necessities, my sketchbook, pencils & pens, a stack of books, a journal, a short sword with Celtic engravings, a dagger, and a bow and poison-tipped arrows.

Other details: I'm very excited for this ski lodge :DD

AE/Captcha name: Arum Lily, but goes by Arum

CBer: Pangolin

Pronouns: she/they

Appearance: She has cinnamon skin, and brown eyes. Their hair is dyed a deep crimson color. A favorite outfit of hers is a green varsity jacket with an A on it, blue jeans rolled up at the ankle, and white tennis shoes. They have a scar on the right side of their face, from just below their cheekbone to their jawbone.

Personality (min. 7 adj.): extremely bold and outgoing, brash, fun-loving, energetic, stubborn and determined. Very rebellious, hates school and authority figures, loves making friends. Adventurous, thrill-seeking, definitely a daredevil, headstrong, can & will fight you, argumentative, always honest even if it hurts (literally CANNOT lie for the life of her), blatant disregard for rules, reckless.

Luggage: Necessities, a polaroid camera, a few books, a couple candy bars, magical headphones that play music without being connected to anything, a few fidgets

Way they talk if AE (ex. bold, italics): |Bold with vertical bar, like so|

Other details: n/a

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CBer name: Moon Wolf

Pronouns: she/her

Appearance: sleek dark hair, brown eyes, tan skin, smaller than average

Personality (min. 7 adj./words): creative, clever, impulsive, quiet until talked to

Favorite season: winter

Favorite fantasy book/series: warriors

Activity suggestions: swimming or hiking

Luggage: notebook, pencil, necessities, rope, and a book

Other details: can't wait to see what this is about!

AE/Captcha name: Lyra (AE)

CBer: Moon Wolf

Pronouns: she/her

Appearance: long, wavy dark hair with purple tips, blue eyes, fair skin, usually wearing clothing in various shades of purple, but will be wearing a lavender t-shirt and midnight-purple jean shorts for this ski lodge

Personality (min. 7 adj.): bossy, smart, thoughtful, and shy until you talk to her

Luggage: a book, necessities, snacks, and colorful gel pens

Way they talk if AE (ex. bold, italics): -italics-

Other details: could you possibly be sinusoidal?

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CBer name: WiLdSoNg


Appearance: Short in stature, reddish brown hair tucked into a long braid, golden eyes, pointy ears, freckles, cinnamon colored skin, dark tattoos covering arms.

Personality (min. 7 adj./words): Quirky, intelligent, thoughtful, witty, sassy, weird, and a bit judgmental.

Favorite season: Spring 

Favorite fantasy book/series: 

Activity suggestions: Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, being outside,

Luggage: A satchel containing random trinkets and a journal. And possibly a dagger. 

Other details:

No special guest for me, thanks!

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Reserving for myself and a captcha please!

And btw, this is so me... 

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CBer name: Cloud Bunny

Pronouns: They/them, but she/her or he/him is fine to

Appearance: Short blond hair that looks almost white, pale skin, blue eyes and skinny

Personality (min. 7 adj./words): Kind, funny, smart, serious, brave, and jumpy

Favorite season: Fall

Favorite fantasy book/series: Harry Potter

Activity suggestions: Capture the Flag?

Luggage: Toothbrush, toothpaste, pens & pancils, journal, pocket knife, and a dagger

Other details: Weakness: The DARK


I can't wait! 

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Reserving for myself 

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CBer name: CelineBurning Bright/Celine

Pronouns: she/her

Appearance: long black hair with bangs, average height, leggings and a T shirt with a thick jacket that I shall never take off on top

Personality (min. 7 adj./words): enthusiastic, calculating, calm under pressure, understanding, loyal, honest/true, resourceful, curious/thirst for knowledge

Favorite season: Spring

Favorite fantasy book/series: Between everything Rick Riordan and WoF

Activity suggestions: rope climbing, some kind of contest, campfire stories (w/ smores and hot cocoa!), Board games

Luggage: books, crossbow and a dagger, necessities, Feiya's favorite bouncy ball, towel, a random avocado I forgot to unpack from my last trip

Other details: is very excited

AE/Captcha name: Feiya

CBer: Celine

Pronouns: she/they

Appearance: a bright, normal-sized salamander

Personality (min. 7 adj.) fun loving, attention seeking, KNOWS stuff, alert, constantly moving, energetic, persistent

Luggage: camera

Way they talk if AE (ex. bold, italics): BOLD AND ALL CAPS is that fine?

Other details: allergic to dust so constantly sneezing if dusty, magical so sneezes out magic??, has that extra sense for disaster that other animals have, LOVES to swim

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(July 22, 2023 - 2:43 pm)

Btw, Feiya said: xubzd, which I take to mean: x=excited, u=you, b=be, so: you be excited, z=sleep, d=don't, don't sleep!

now saying cnuuv... cannoe?? 

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(July 22, 2023 - 2:47 pm)

Thank you all very very much for filling out your forms! It's helping me to get a better idea of how the story should turn out, who will have which role in the story, etc.

There should be exactly 9 more spots left, if I calculated correctly (remember that AEs/Captchas each take up a spot as well). *double checks* Yes, 9 spots. Or slots. I think slots sounds better. 

@Moon Wolf, I happen to not be Sine, but I understand why you would think I am. (Perhaps I'm not as obvious as I was worrying about...)

Celine and Hawkstar, your spots are reserved! (At least, until Celine's comment shows up. It hasn't appeared yet as far as I can tell, but I am assuming that it is a form.)


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CBer name: Hawkstar 

Pronouns: she/ her
Appearance: Tall with brown hair cut A line short. Button nose sharp hazel eyes some freckles. wearing forest green leggings and brown tunic with thin leather belt and hunting knife. Barefoot and has a bow and quiver full of arrows. Ears have pointed tips like an elf.
Personality (min. 7 adj./words): firm, stern, but kind and gentle. Proud, understanding, and fun. Can be open with a. Laugh, smile, and comforting words, or closed off and mysterious.
Favorite season: all of them. I find freedom in summer, beauty in autumn, endurance in winter, and new beginnings in spring.
Favorite fantasy book/series: gonna go with Harry Potter, anything by Rick Riordan, Lunar Chronicles 
Activity suggestions: wood carving, hide and seek at night
Luggage: extra arrows and my heavy camo cloak.
Other details: none
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(July 23, 2023 - 2:48 pm)

CBer Name: Rora

Pronouns: she/her

Appearance: Asian girl with longish black brown hair, sky blue dress, shorter than average, gray slippers, often holding a blue book and pen

Personality: Bubbly, giggly, loves to make slime and play with it, gets energy from socializing, scared of snakes and frogs or any other reptiles ro amphibians. Loves to play Animal Crossing. 

Favorite Season: Wintery Fallish Summery Springish

Favorite fantasy book/series: ehhh...maybe my older sister's writing

Activity suggestions: Making slime, art contests, tag games, and shortish skits. Oh yeah, and karaoke!!

Luggage: lotsa stuffed animals, a variety of sky blue clothing, 3 Peachybbies slimes, mechanical pencils, blue sketchbook, electric eraser, slime-making supplies, blue water bottle,  CD player, summer school book, Nintendo DS, iPad, I'll be bringing cash but I won't say how much I'm bringing.

Other details: Is it easy to get bored on this trip? 


AE name: Mira

CBER: Rora, obviously

Pronouns: she/her

Appearance: Long hazel hair, peach colored skin, big brown eyes. Wears a red dress, pink gloves, and leather boots

Personality: energetic, likes to annoy her sister and cousin, can't braid her hair and always needs help. If you give her an inch she takes a mile. Hates gooseberries but LOVES strawberries... Or was it cherries? I can't remember. Best friends with Reuby's AE Strawberry.

Luggage: Baking supplies, Strawberry keychains, extra pair of pink gloves, variety of warm colored clothing, Nintendo switch

Way they talk: ~Like this~

Activity suggestions: Baking, making strawberry keychains, berry picking

Other details: I. Love. strawberries!!!!!!!!!!!



AE name: #Lyre#


CBER: #Rora, obviously#


Pronouns: she/her


Appearance: Braided dark hazel hair with a raspberry colored ribbon braided into it, peach colored skin, dark brown eyes. Wears a gray dress and matching leather boots like her younger sister's


Personality: Sarcastic, doesn't like parties but I usually sign her up for them, doesn't like playing, often bored, somewhat introverted, except around her sister, usually quiet.


Luggage: Variety of gray clothing, book collection, sketchbook and pencil


Way they talk: #like this#


Activity suggestions: Reading, quiet time, berry picking


Other details: #I like cherries.#


Ohhhhh man. I was just about to start on Periculosa's form and then I realized I'm only allowed to bring one companion. Um...I think I'll choose Mira because Lyre always has to look after her and I thought I'd give her a break. Plus Lyre doesn't really like socializing.

Welp, I guess it's just me and you, Mira.

~YAYYY! I GET TO BE IN...How do you say it?~

Independent, Mira. Quiet dow-


#Ugh, Mira. You're still saying it wrong.#

~Oh...wait, Lyre? Can you do something for me?~

#Fine, but stop the puppy eyes.#

~Can you braid my hair for the occasion? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee~

#I said stop the puppy eyes and you should learn how to braid your own hair. It's not that hard.# 

Ok, Mira, Lyre can braid your hair later. We're not leaving yet! I can't wait for this Ski Lodge to start, but I think I need to go deal with Mira. Bye!!

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