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~Spring Celebration Party~

Hello everyone, AEs, CAPTCHAs, and CBers! So, to celebrate spring, I thought I’d host a party *Actually, it was us! Astra-* ;and Orion-; +And Rigel.+ <andme>! Oh, and Twilight, our CAPTCHA. 

This party will be hosted at the park in CB City with the picnic tables, meadow fields, and leafy trees. Anyone, including CBers and CAPTCHAS, can join, though AEs are preferred. You might be wondering what you will be doing at the party. Well, you can chat, eat, hang out, have fun- +and maybe participate in our egg hunt that has nothing to do with Easter whatsoever.+ 

Ah, forgot to mention that. Basically my AEs and I have hid eggs *biodegradable eco-friendly plastic eggs, by the way* all over the meadows and bushes and trees, filled with all sorts of prizes. +We were originally going to stick to chocolate and candy and little toys, but…well…let’s just say that a certain AE got creative.+ ;That would be me the credit goes to. And honestly, I’ve forgotten what I’ve hid in there. There might’ve been dragon eggs, glitter…basically anything and everything you can fit inside a plastic egg.; 

So, we’ll officially start on the 25th of March, but of course, you can join anytime. And this party is a casual party, so you don’t really have to wear anything special if you don’t want to—*Unless you want to! Then I’d highly recommend you wear something spring-related!*

Really hope I didn’t forget anything!

Anyways, form~





Appearance (and outfit if you have one):


Bringing any food/drink?:



I’ll post my forms after this thread comes up.

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Name: Noche


Pronouns: he/him


Appearance (and outfit if you have one): dark wavy hair, a tanned complexion, and an easy smile; he's pretty handsome. His eyes are dark, and never focus on one thing for very long, which is partly what gives him his suspicious air. He prefers jeans and sweatshirts or jackets

Personality: He's popular and usually can be found in a group of people, making them laugh. He very rarely shows anger or other negative emotions; in fact, he's not very emotional at all, preferring to sort things out logically. While very much a trickster, he isn't evil, though he definetly is what you'd call a bad boy.

Bringing any food/drink?: -Nah-

Shipping?: With girls



Name: Daisy


Pronouns: she/her

Age: 15

Appearance (and outfit if you have one): On the shorter side with golden hair to shoulders. bright green eyes and a bright smile to match. a few scatered freakles on her face. sage green long or short sleeved shirt with lavender vest that has many pockets. blue jeans and a satchel always over her shoulder.

Personality: cheery and outgoing and kind. Can put a smile on any ones face and she loves animals and they do like wise. She's my K-pop lover and book reader!!

Bringing any food/drink?: *Yes! I'm bringing strawberry muffins.*

Shipping?: with boys!

Other: n/a

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Appearance (and outfit if you have one):See photo. I'll just be wearing a soft blue sweater, white tank top and blue jeans. Sandles to go along with it.

Personality:Sweet, kind, softspoken, loving. Adores others for who they are.

Bringing any food/drink?:Blueberry pancakes with mango jelly.

Shipping?:With Rigel <3

Other:Here's the photo

Carm bb.png
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Name: Astra


Pronouns: she/her

Age: 14-15

Appearance (and outfit if you have one):  shoulder-length wavyish light blonde hair, light jade eyes, wearing a flower hair clip and a cute but simple light pink t-shirt with flowers and jeans

Personality: super kind, cheerful, upbeat, understanding, and thoughtful

Bringing any food/drink?: *flower-shaped sugar cookies!*

Shipping?: *open to anyone! recently realized :)*

Other: *talks like this*


Name: Orion


Pronouns: he/him

Age: 15

Appearance (and outfit if you have one): tall, slightly tan skin, dark hair, brown eyes, skinny, wearing t-shirt and jeans

Personality: chaotic, fun, outgoing, troublemaker, however caring and kind to those he knows

Bringing any food/drink?: ;bottle of apple juice;

Shipping?: ;open to girls;

Other: *talks like this*

Name: Rigel


Pronouns: she/her

Age: 15-17

Appearance (and outfit if you have one): a little more than shoulder length black hair, wistful deep blue eyes, wearing silver jewelry with flower designs, light blue simple dress with dark leggings

Personality: thoughtful, kind, quiet but not shy, creative

Bringing any food/drink?: +some muffins :)+

Shipping?: +closed, shipped with Carmen+

Other: +talks like this+

Name: Twilight


Pronouns: she/her

Age: ageless, but appears young

Appearance (and outfit if you have one): silver wolf pup with wings, wearing a small purple flower

Personality: energetic, hyper, loyal

Bringing any food/drink?: <nopee>

Shipping?: <noppe>

Other: n/a

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*I'm super excited for the spring party! I start setting the food we brought on the tables, along with a few decorations. I'm a bit worried that not a lot of people will come since there are two going on at the same time, but I'm sure there will be at least someone. Besides, this park is beautiful!*


+I smile a little as I survey the scene we have set up. Our CAPTCHA  Twilight calls out a <gkiwi>! Even though we don't have kiwis.+

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-We arrive at the Spring party, hosted by some of Moon Wolf's AEs. I walk over to the small cluster of AEs, my hands causually in my pockets. Daisy is behind me, carrying a platter of treats she brought. "Hola, I'm Noche," I greet the AEs. "'Sup?"


*I stagger behind Noche, carring my snacks. The day is bright, and the birds are chirpin'. Once at the tables, I set down the plate and smile at everyone. "Hiiii! I'm Daisy. How's it going?"* 

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well, I'm a bit late to this, but I hope that's okay :)

Name: Ariella


Pronouns: She/her

Age: 15

Appearance (and outfit if you have one): Wavy golden-brown hair, just past shoulder-length; straight, small nose, slightly tipped at the end; pale skin with a very light smattering of freckles; and soft brown eyes. Wearing a pink floral dress.

Personality: Romantic, sweet, fun-loving, easily excited, gregarious, loyal.

Bringing any food/drink?: Yes! Granola bars, cheese cubes, and grape juice.

Shipping?: Open, with boys.

Other: thanks for hosting this party, Moon Wolf!

@Hawkstar, would you like to ship Noche and Ariella...?

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Yay, you found the Outfit Egg! Post "Really surprising how some people dress" on the Egg Hunt thread.

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