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Kyngdom Songs

Kyngdom Songs

Periwinkle suggested doing a Kyngdom playlist for the festival, which gave me the idea to make an ordinary list of songs I associate in some way with Kyngdom. I'm very into making connections between music and writing, so I have quite a collection :) Feel free to listen to some or all of the songs! You can add your own too :)

-My Beloved Country (Russian Imperial Army in WWI) - I don't know who sings this one, it's a song I found when I was studying WWI in school a couple years ago. It has a very stirring, sad feeling, and it seems like something Catastrophe's soldiers or  the Resistance could sing; it would probably be an old traditional song

-A la una yo naci, by Alalumbre Folk; this one's beautifully melodious and soothing, it just carries you along on a tide of voices and guitar and music. (It has a fairly nice music video too) If you go to the Nobyl RP, you'll see that I included a description of a time when Zara listens to a musician; it should be on the first or second page of the RP. The music I describe is pretty much based off this, also on "El romance del Conde Olinos" by the same group.

-Hajde Bukuri by Grupi Albanet - seems like an old traditional song that Kyngdomers might sing, maybe a Nobyl ballad?

-Eleni by Kostas Mantzios -  same thing

-Behet Ghol Midam by Mohsen Yeganeh - in the Nobyl RP I describe the bazaar Caladia goes to, and this sounds a lot like the kind of song people would be playing there

-It's Raining by Wren - just captures the vibe of my charrie Tyra in the BIG Cadet Academy RP. If she were a song, she'd be this one.

-Perfect Love by Trisha Yearwood - if my other charrie Aurora were a song, she'd be this one :)

-Come Cryin' to Me by Lonestar- somehow it seems to encapsulate Colin's (in the BIG Academy RP) kindness and supportiveness (@Peri sorry if this doesn't really suit him, I'm not trying to like define him or anything, it's just it seems vaguely Colin-like to me but if it doesn't really suit him please tell me because like I said I don't want to be portraying him in the wrong way)

Anyway, I think that's it! I might post more if I think of any :)

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