AE Fantasy AU!!!!

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AE Fantasy AU!!!!

AE Fantasy AU!!!!

I absolutely adore this AU, and love to think about it! But because Parody asked if they could make Fantasy versions of their AEs, I thoughts I'd make a thread for it!

I'll put my Fantasy versions up when the thread goes up! 

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(April 28, 2024 - 3:10 pm)

Lol this is just me and my AEs regularly.

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Here are my fantasy version of my AEs! Some of them are quite similar to my origanal AEs, but it's okay.

Hour - A goddess, who controls the stars. She lives on the top of a mountain, where she does her job.

Agua - A traveling merchent, he sells all types of things! But the real truth behind his job, is trying to get information on Hour. If you want the full story, please ask, because I am not writing all that rn.

Lore - The sneaky heir to the throne of Hadera (A kingdom), he fell in love with Aster on an outing (I have no right to choose what Aster does or who he is in the AU). He is a kitsune and uses Illusion magic.

Strawberry - A baker in Hadera, who also sells healing food. Her bunnies are now a magical version known as Sakura Bunnies, when surprised their pink fur turns in to cherry blossom petals.

Kamryn - A traveling poet, her bird Nevermore is an Ink Raven, who's feathers naturally give off ink. Kam often collabs with Cori to make music about Myths.

Cori - A fairy bard, who's constantly getting lost due to their hair in their face, and no sense of direction. Their dog Mr Bob, is now a Saint Bernard/Dragon hybrid.

Rin - The adopted child of the prince Lore, an actual demon.

Fern - A child of the Unicorn, an apothecary who grows herbs in his garden and sells them along with medicine in his shop.

Tigerlily - A child of the bull, she works on farms and by the docks. But in her spare time, they are training to be a knight.

Clem - A traveling performer, still a vampire. She travels with CeCe.

Crawaline - An undead Necromancer. Necromancy runs in Xer family, and Xe decided to keep the tradition going. Xe runs a bussiness in a town called Stillwater. Xe has two shadow ferrets, ferrets that can fuse and move through shadows.

Carmen - A white magic Cleric, his mice can teleport. He has a resturant in Stillwater.

Earl - A shapeshifter who works as a blacksmith in a town called Glenfarn. she is still genderfluid, but also their appearance is constantly changing.


Yeah! That's it! 

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Sounds cool! If I were to make one, I feel like Lyra would be a definite witch, and Callisto an alchemist or mad scientist of some sort.

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What about Rigel???!!!

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Probably a poet who also gardens in free time and travels from time to time.

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Ooooh! That's adorable!

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I'm not sure about the rest of my AEs, but I think Aster would be a mercenary who dabbles in shadow and fire magic, and just might be the long-lost prince of a fallen kingdom...

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Caspian [He/They] - The sole ruler of the kingdom of Whisperwane. Whisperwane is famous for their elemental abilities, although the royals of Whisperwane are able to control other types of magic--like light magic and dark magic (etc). His family died suddenly when he was a child, murdered--although he doesn't know who. Since he was so young, a steward was installed, and left the kingdom in chaos before leaving. The steward's name was wiped from all records and memories using magic, so Caspian has no clue who it was--therefore, he keeps an eye on all of his regents and subjects. He is a strong but firm ruler and manages the kingdom well, but is constantly stressed and overworked. He met Kamryn O'Conner in the streets of Whisperwane's capital, Wyverlight, and she helped him escape from bandits that were intent on robbing him. Caspian fell first and sneaks into the Wyverlight to see her, but his feelings are only just being reciprocated.

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Staaaahp. Why is this so cuuuuuuutee?????

Question about Caspian. Is his name supposed to pronounced like the sea???

Also, does Cass wear like...fancy royal clothing much??????? 

Just wondering, for um...artistic research. 

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It's not finished yet, but I drew a picture of Kam and Cass sitting together and Cass braiding Kam's hair. 

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