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==== so, i mentioned this - paradise is undergoing a reboot. i will still be posting under "uriel", though.

“Ah– I’m sorry!” 

The stranger laughed as she ran a hand through her blonde hair. Her green eyes sparkled with amusement as she stuck out a hand. 

“That was a rather bad impression, wasn’t it? Hello. My name’s Ariella. Would you like a vacation?” 

You hesitantly shake her hand. Her green eyes are unnerving — they seem to stare into you, as if they know all your secrets. Nonetheless, they are inviting. 

The offer is tempting. Life is hard— as per usual. “Continue,” you say. 

Ariella giggles. “Paradise! That’s what it’s called. We promise you joy, relaxation, and utter, complete happiness! We have 5 stars on Yelp!” She winked as she flashed her phone screen at you. Yup, 5 stars. Honestly… that would be great. You wince as you roll your shoulders back. 

You’ve been particularly tired recently, haven’t you? The temptation of a paradise is certainly alluring. 5 stars… there’s no way this could be a scam. But… the travel costs. Those would be far too expensive. You shudder thinking about the plane tickets. 

Ariella seems to notice your wince. “Fear not! All costs will be covered, including travel!” With a flick of her fingers, she produces a cream-colored envelope with a glimmering golden stamp. “Fill this out and burn it, and you’ll find yourself on the way to Paradise!” 

You take it hesitantly, and the second you do, she winks and disappears into thin air. You unfold it gingerly. What… what is this? Your eyes scan over the shimmering text. 

Welcome, dear recipient! 

You, yes, you! You are cordially invited to the annual Midnight Masquerade in three weeks! Save the date! It’ll be hosted by Eden (courtesy of yours truly, Ariella), at the Ptolomea Masoleum, Ring 9 — we hope to see you there. Oh, did I mention? You’re also invited on a three-week trip to the Midnight Masquerade. We’ll be taking you through the 9 rings, in descending order. 

I know you’re hesitant. This is a vacation! A 5-star vacation! For free!! 

We hope to see you there! Oh— and there’s a form you need to fill out. Second page, please. 







APPEARANCE: (note – please list one “casual” outfit and one “formal” outfit. the formal outfit must include a mask of some sort, otherwise entrance to the midnight masquerade will be denied.) 

PERSONALITY: (details, please.) 




all former participants will be automatically transferred over to PARADISE: REBOOT. i am looking to take on 3-5 more participants, depending on how time allows. no more captchas will be allowed. perhaps more participants will be added! nontheless, enjoy the story. 




ps. "dei messor" means god's reaper, for translation purposes. sorry, admins!  

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Excited to see what direction the new version will go in!

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I’d like to reserve please.

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Sorry for the delay everyone, but it's officially up!!! 

all former participants will be transferred over to PARADISE: REBOOT!! if you were not in the original, feel free to reserve a spot!!! 




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please ahhh 

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NAME: Sempreverde 

PRONOUNS: she/her 

APPEARANCE: (note – please list one “casual” outfit and one “formal” outfit. the formal outfit must include a mask of some sort, otherwise entrance to the midnight masquerade will be denied.) my casual outfit is a pair of blue pants that flare out at the bottom, tall black boots, and a t-shirt with hamsters. My formal outfit is a white kimono with stylized blue flower designs. My mask is a blue and gold venetian cat mask. I wear my hair long and keep it in place with a fancy dark green butterfly pin.

PERSONALITY: (details, please.) clever, observant, fiery temper when provoked, avid reader, usually thoughtful and quiet, creative.

FAVORITE FLOWER: rhododendron




do I need to fill something out for luggage? 

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you're up! :D 

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For appearance, I have golden brown skin, indigo eyes, and sleek black hair that reaches to my waist, with a green streak through it on the left side.

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hey! looking on to take 2 more people into this ski lodge :) everything will be closed on tuesday, and the first installment will come out wednesday <3 

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Evergreen says +izyob+ 

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i'm so excited for this to start up again! the new concept sounds so neat. you're an awesome writer, uriel <3

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awww thank you sm parody!! <3 for these few days, it'll just be rewriting and revising the original PARADISE - and then comes the plot haha 


-- uriel --  

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‿̩͙ ˖ ˖ ‿̩͙


˚₊‧ა welcome to PARADISE. ‧₊˚

``` DAY: ZERO. 

``` PART: ONE, TWO. 

``` DEAD: ZERO. 


``` ALIVE: 16/16. 


·:*¨ ♱✮♱ ¨*:·

apologies if the formatting is messed up. 

authors note: in this alternate universe, all the cbers know each other. so… don’t worry about it. 




“PARADISE” was what she had called it. Her name… what was her name again? Uriel? Ariella? Yes, that was it. Ariella. Ariella Angelorum. 


It was a strange name, wasn’t it? A strange name befitting of an even stranger person. Nonetheless, she had given you the invitation — an invitation to a vacation that promised joy, relaxation, and complete, utter, happiness. A vacation that had been given five stars on Yelp from everyone that had visited. You couldn’t help but wonder if they were just bots. Were they? 


The 16 chosen souls awaited entrance to this PARADISE in different places. Some had been told to simply stay at home. Others had been told to travel to the nearest body of water. But for everyone, the minute the clock struck 11:11 PM, the journey had started. It took around 30 minutes for everyone— even for those who lived more than 5 hours away from the Destination. Some were stuck in “limbo” for around 30 minutes. Others embarked on a high-speed train that roared at every turn. 


At the end of the 30 minutes, they seemed to reach a rift in the universe. A sudden bump, as if going over a speed bump, and they found themselves deposited on the steps of PARADISE. An empty suitcase with whatever necessities they needed was deposited beside them as well, and in a few seconds, all the others found themselves in a (small) crowd of 16 (mostly) people. 


The “so, how did you get here?” didn’t matter. They were all here — and that was all that mattered. 


“So.” Sempreverde frowned, looking around them. “How did you all get here?” 


Parody shrugged. “I exploded into bio-degradable confetti and found myself on a boat. It took 30 minutes.” 


“Oh.” Sempreverde frowned again. “That’s weird. So… we all got here through different ways?” 


Hawkstar nodded. “Yeah, it seems like it — I went to sleep and dreamed of flying through the air, and then 30 minutes later, I was here.” Her expansive hawk wings fluttered in the wind. “What about you, Sempreverde?” 


“I was walking, and then I found myself here, I think.” 




The doors began creaking, slowly but surely. They were beautiful, grand doors— varnished mahogany with ornate gold decorations and rather ancient gold door handles. In the top-center of both of them, a roaring lion served as a knocker, baring it’s teeth. It seemed to move— no, it did move. The mane flared and fluttered like flames, and once in a while, the lion would abruptly yawn before going back to snarling. You could practically see the smoke of anger coming out of the lion’s mouth. 


The hall inside was even more beautiful — hauntingly so. It was empty, with bare mahogany floors and glossy arches with unlit torches lining the walls, the smoke still spiralling out of the blown-out candles. A dining hall took up the center. Plates were set, and there were namecards placed nearby every plate. At the head of the table sat a figure. 


She was simply ethereal. Not in an angelic way— if anything, she looked more like a demon— but she was ethereally beautiful. She looked as if she could float up to heaven at any given moment. She had the sort of beauty poets would write about, describing her bloodred eyes as pools of rubies, and her dark hair as flowing strands of black silk. 


“Welcome to PARADISE.” 


The figure clapped her hands twice, smiling as the lights were all lit, flames rushing from her end of the hall to the doors. 




The group dispersed and sat down at their respective places. Food had appeared on the table— and it looked delightfully delicious. The hall was filled with silence as they enjoyed their meal. 


In due time, whispers began to fill the hall, replacing the empty void of silence. Scuttles gently elbowed the person sitting next to them [Anastasia] and whispered underneath their breath. 


“Who’s the figure?” 


“Ariella, maybe? Maybe she’s a shapeshifter—” 


The figure stood up and took a bow, her cape sweeping over the floor. “Welcome to the beginning of PARADISE,” she smiled again. 


“I am Lady Chihime Yahiro, the owner of the Bloodmoon Mansion, and the head of the Yahiro Clan. You will all be taking aforementioned Mansion to the Midnight Masquerade— and I hope to see you all there.” 


“I do hope you enjoy the much-needed vacation. Ariella Archangelorum and a few others from Eden will be supervising this trip— although I’m sure you will get a chance to meet some of the members of Olympus, sometime in the near foreseeable future. Please remember that popcorn is strictly banned and will be confiscated if found— unless you can provide a receipt of purchase from one of our lovely popcorn vendors. Masks will be provided to those who have not brought them for the masquerade. Enjoy your meal! You’ll be transported to our living quarters soon.” 




A/N : updates will occur very frequently (once or twice every day) until we have reached the point where the old PARADISE progressed to. From then on, it will be updated once every two days. 


@sempreverde - could you fill out a luggage form? i just realized i forgot to include it in the form, that's my bad ):  

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this is so great and I'm glad to see it all up and running again!!!!!! :DD also Sempreverde immediately being like "how did you get here?" XD

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