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just a safe space for the furries of the CB to chat 'bout fursuit making, art, and furry stuff in general!

post anything furry-related here, but please make sure it's your own work.

created on may 6th 2024. <3 


I'm closing this thread to comments for now. Please remember that we do not allow for mean or hateful comments, and that the CB is a place to treat eachother with kindness and understanding. - Admin

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(May 6, 2024 - 9:53 pm)

I’m confused. What is a furry?

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(May 7, 2024 - 10:18 am)
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(May 13, 2024 - 10:50 am)

a furry is a person who cosplays as an animal or their own animal OC (called a Fursona)! they don't think they're animals or bark or anything, they're just cosplayers.


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(May 13, 2024 - 7:56 pm)


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(May 14, 2024 - 9:32 am)


i want my fursuit to look like that!! 

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(May 14, 2024 - 9:41 am)

the guy i really wish was my boyfriend is a furry, beyond that, i'm not terribly familiar with the culture :\


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(May 13, 2024 - 9:33 pm)

At my school, everyone says furries are "bad" and "weird". Why do people hate furries?

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(May 14, 2024 - 4:45 pm)

Some people might think furries are therians, which there not there's a differance. Furries are people who like anthro animal characters and or dress up as their anthro character, which is called a fursuit. Therians are people who believe they are an animal, or were in a past life. Feel very in touch wiht naure and animals, or a specific one. Some people may find that weird of off-putting, I don't. I personally like to draw anthro characters, I would make a fursuit if I had money...I don't. But I'm fine with both. It's really your oppinion, but hating on the community isn't okay.

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(May 14, 2024 - 5:51 pm)


are you a furry, too? :D  

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(May 15, 2024 - 12:47 am)

Sorta, I more like drawing anthro characters.

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(May 15, 2024 - 11:15 am)

Agreeing with Bobcat here... I mean, everyone's entitled to their own opinion, but if you don't like furries or whatever, that doesn't mean you can just... be mean. There's no obligation for you to be on this thread if you don't want to! :)

and btw ty @Gloomy for giving such a thorough explanation of furries I didn't really know what they were before! 

Feiya says WHYKZ

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(May 15, 2024 - 10:25 pm)

Not a furry, but just wanted to say congrats on being willing to be a proud furry! I have a couple of close friends who are furries and I know they're always very worried about people finding out that they're a furry and looking down on them because of the bad reputation furries have.

Id also like to say - if you're going to be mean, at least post under your real CB handle. The furries are risking so much posting under their real handles, and here you are hating on them for it even though you're too scared to do the same. Yes, some members of the furry fandom have done bad things. But so have some members of the Star Wars fandom, or the LEGO fandom --- there are bad people in every fandom out there. But you wouldn't hate on all members of the Star Wars fandom because of what a few people did. Parody, Gloomy, and all of CB's furries and furry friends arent those people, and haven't done anything bad to you or anybody else. So stop hating them. You don't have to support them if you don't want to, but just live and let live. Their choice to be happy and proud doesn't have any negative effects on you. Just leave them alone.

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(May 16, 2024 - 9:59 am)

Alrighty,I know people have already addressed this but I just wanted to say that the CB is supposed to be a safe haven for people so hateing on anybody(even if you have had bad experiences with the community)is NOT okay.I have dealt with hate because of my religion before and let me tell you if you don't already know it is hurtful and definitely not okay.

BUT I also want to tell you that whatever you went through seems like it was pretty bad and we're here for you with virtual hugs and any dessert of your choosing

Sending the love(p/),cocoa cat 

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(May 16, 2024 - 11:36 am)

Yeah im definitely going to have to agree with scuttles and BB on this. If you dont like furries, don't click on the thread. I personally don't fully understand the concept, nor am I one myself, but I'm definitely not going to make a rude comment. 

And its obvious that you know it's not something you should say, because you're not even putting your real CB name.

I understand that furries can seem weird and unnatural to you. but gloomy and parody are really nice people! it's not kind to make comments like that, especially when they're both putting themselves out there in a vulnerable place. 

The CB is supposed to be a safe space, so next time, please think twice before saying something unnecessary such as that. I also wanted to say that everyone makes mistakes, and we still care about you :)

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(May 16, 2024 - 12:08 pm)

I am really, really sorry. I did not mean in any way to imply that I don't love /p Parody and Gloomy. I don't know how to explain how sorry I am right now, like I am almost in tears. Please forgive me. I didn't know and I was wrong. I'm so so so so sorry. Just an fyi, I only posted one thing and it was not one of the meaner ones, but still I did the wrong thing. I'm literally so scared to post this but I will, and please forgive me.

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