I saw Red

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I saw Red

I saw Red Riding Hood yesterday!!! I had been waiting forever, it seemed, to finally watch it! At first it seemed kinda boring, but it got better, although I still didn't know if I really liked it until afterwards when I could kind of think back on it. I liked how they weren't afraid to kill as many people as they could... That sounded really bad. I also liked the part when Peter and Henry are talking to each other about saving Valerie, and then Peter says, "If you're the werewolf, I'm going to cut off your head," and then Henry says, "And I'd do the same to you." It really annoyed me that no one had an English accent except Father Soloman. Anyone who tells you that it'll have you guessing who's the werewolf until the end, they're not kidding. The entire time you're thinking, It's Peter, no the Grandma, no, no no! It's got to be Peter! Then, Maybe the Preacher, then, It is SO Grandma!!! Then there was a point when I thought it was Father Soloman, but I dropped that idea pretty soon. There were a couple of very romantic scenes, not like any obnoxious ones on Disney channel that are so completely stupid. There were also a few moments where your stomach could feel squeemish. The scenery was wonderful, the clothes amazing, much of the music was pretty, and the acting about average, if not a little above. Did you know there's actually a book that the movie was based on?! I had no idea until after I saw the movie. I hope my Mama will let me read it...

I enjoyed this movie and would watch it again.   

Peacing out for now,

-Hannah ☺☻

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