I'm starting an

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I'm starting an

I'm starting an RP that isn't based on a book. Your character can be either a human or a Shifter (shape-shifter). Mine is Tala, a girl Shifter who can turn into a wolf. She lives in Vicum Sub Terra (The city under the earth) which is a village of Shifters living in secret. The entrance to the city is under an uninhabited forest. Please join! I will post my bio and a beginning for the story later.

submitted by Tala, age 15, Vicum Sub Terra
(June 22, 2011 - 7:18 pm)

Ooh, this sounds fun! I'll be a shifter too, one that turns into a snake. She could be evil or something, like the bully at the school to learn how to shape shirt currectly. I like the ones that aren't based on books, so you don't have any limits. Is this like a normal day-to-day life, or will there be a plot, like there's a group of mean kids, then the school is going out of buisness and they have to unite to save the school, then they break into a huge musical number and dance the same dance and stuff.



Sorry, I'm in the middle of a drama camp, so I'm thinking about it. xD

submitted by ZB ☮
(June 22, 2011 - 10:26 pm)