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So, heh. This ski lodge will require lots of explaining.

First, I'll start with who the murderer is.

And it is...






Who is a CAPTCHAE now, but was just a CAPTCHA when she first joined.

So, a CAPTCHA is the murderer. Which is what the whole plot of this ski lodge is based off of.

On Micearenice's Lake Lelilo ski lodge, she introduced a type of ski lodge that focuses less on who the murderer is and more on "The Mystery" and the secrets of a ski lodge. I thought that was cool. So, I connected the ski lodges. This has a similar idea to it.

I'll explain.

So, what happens in a ski lodge is that CBers go to some various made-up place with a host, thinking it's really a vacation, and they start getting murdered. On the last day, the murderer is revealed and anyone who's left goes home. That's what the Chatteroxers in the story know.

What they don't know is that The Mystery is present at all ski lodges.... I don't remember if Lake Lelilo said what exactly it is (it, um, hasn't finished yet, which could maybe pose a problem for this one...), but anyways, you have The Mystery, and I think it just like... moves the plot of the ski lodge along. Chooses the murderer, puts them in a murderer-y state. People die, but not really- they become ghosts. Nobody finds out about The Mystery, not even the murderer.

But, in Lake Lelilo- and this ski lodge- the murderer and some others are actually aware of The Mystery, the fact that they're in a ski lodge, that none of it is actually real, that it's part of the Chatterbox, and that murder has to happen for the plot to stay alive. And they know that they aren't supposed to know any of it (or at least, in mine they know all of this. It kinda differs between the two.). 

Still, the murderer is sometimes... how should I say this? Unsconcious of their own actions, just like in a regular ski lodge, so they get along with the murdering, but are also at risk of revealing secrets to the others without realizing.

Following me so far? Good.

So, in my ski lodge, the murderer is out at night on the first day, exploring the woods, when they come to the edge of the little world the ski lodge is on. They look an see a cliff that's oddly perfect, not even a pebble out of place. This sets off something weird, causing The Mystery to pick a CAPTCHA as the murderer, which is not supposed to happen. The Mystery malfunctions. The murderer is made aware of everything. That's how it starts. 

Then, I talk about two women who see this happening and know that something had gone severely wrong. These two women are the hosts of Lake Lelilo. They are the 'link' connecting all ski lodges. They keep things together between ski lodges. They'll pop up some along the way.

The next thing that happened was that the murderer went and got something that would aid them. They put it behind their ear and turned it on, saying "At last...". This was a machine to make Nihil's speech normal when she turned it on, so that's how they've been talking to people.

In the part I just recently posted, Jwyn discovers The Mystery and all of the secrets, as well as who the murderer is.

Here's what I'm planning for the next part, Day Three Part Seven: 

Nihil will sneak up on one of the people who volunteered to be part of Leafy's group and threaten to kill them if they don't tell Nihil what went on in their meeting. In the rest of this part, you see Leafy's group having their meeting and the volunteer/victim reporting back to Nihil.

During the meeting, the members come up with a name- The Anti-Murder Protection Squad, or TAMPS. They decide to patroll the castle at night, interrogate the magic instructors, and request that no-one go anywhere alone anymore. They appoint Leafy as the President, Leeli as Vice President, and either Marigold or Wren as secretary (I haven't decided yet).

I also have a rough plan for day four and an even rougher plan for day five.

I also know who will die which day, and who all will be left on the last day. And speaking of the last day, there's an important plot twist there, too. My PlOt Is A lItTlE CrAzY

I could say those, but my fingers are tired from typing all of this, plus I've already given you an imformation overload. I do have a few questions for you:

~Do you want to join as a second host, or just be a behind-the-scenes person who writes parts of it?

~Am I allowed to guess who you are?

~Do you want to help write the days I've already kind of mapped out, or do you want to wait a little bit?

~Is this overwhelming?

Here's the link to Lake Lelilo. It says alot about The Mystery, plus it's extremely good and I recommend reading it: http://www.cricketmagkids.com/chatterbox/puddingsplace/node/283794?page=38

(You are aware I'm Luna-Starr, right? Just checking.) 

And I can give you a guest list, explain my plans for days four, five, and fourteen, and answer any questions once this shows up.

If you're confused, that would make sense. You can ask any question at all and I'll do my best to answer. Also, if you're just kinda intimidated, it's okay if you don't wanna do this at all.

This is likely the longest post I've ever made. I'm extremely sorry, SSW and Admin. 

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You have my permission and approval.

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I'll let you know when you can jump back in. And (excluding Day three part seven) I think we should start toshare what we're going to post with each other first and get approved, just so there's no more confusion on what's happening. 

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@SSW? If you're still around, do I have permission to post Day Three Part Eight? I have it ready...

Day three, part eight

That night, several people lay awake in the dark, all panicked about the murderer- even the murderer themselves. Jwyn was frantic, knowing who they were and what they were doing and all that was going on- perhaps they were stalking the corridors right now, preying on anyone who happened to be up…

But Dewy, pacing the Life corridor and twisting her hands as she did so, knew that they couldn’t prowl the hallways- she had told them TAMPS’s plan to be on the lookout for that very thing, so the murderer could avoid being caught… all because of her.

The murderer themselves had a sick feeling in their own stomach. They had forwarned Simul of TAMPS’s plan to interrogate her via walkie-talkie, but this whole “Anit-Murder defense” thing could easily kill them all- by trying to save them, which was cruelly ironic. But the murderer was the only one to know it… 

Except, though they didn’t know, Jwyn had all the same thoughts swirling around in her head too…

Sleep was scarce the third night at Magicae Palace.

One of the two women, still flitting through the folds of reality, forever stamped as a ghost in places unseen, pushed through to the place she knew would need her utmost attention. She was less than material, a state of matter unbeknownst to the ordinary human. She glided on air, yet she was the air… she was on a search for the murderer at the dead of night.

But before the could even get to her destination, she noticed The Cliff. Her eyes widened. It was the place the murderer was chosen, and it had since changed for the worse.

Before, the murderer had seen the soil perfectly packed, smooth and sheer, like it was encased in glass. But now it was crumbling, with chunks missing, cracked rocks teetering between falling and resting in the broken cliff. In holes and creavases, the woman could see The Darkness- not normal dark that crawled around when the lights were out, not the dark it becomes at night- no, this Darkness was yet more sinister. It was The Darkness of secrets. The Darkness of truth in a happy utopia version of reality. 

The Darkness drizzled onto every Ski Lodge, The Darkness of everything everyone should never know. 

But this time… someone knew. They knew everything. They knew far too much. Even the murderer should be blind to it all… but here… they were not.

Fearful, the woman approached The Cliff. As she did, she could feel The Darkness around her, like a veil that separated a normal Ski Lodge from what had happened here. She could feel the secrets, she could feel a dark pain building inside of her…

She gasped and pulled away. None of the other guests could ever discover this place. And everything was in danger. 

~I don't think I mentioned this was happening... basically, The Mystery is becoming somewhat unstable, Lilly is discovering this, and now she's going to tell Simul to build a fence around the edge of the forest. 

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I went ahead and posted it, I couldn't stand waiting with a part done and not putting it on the thread. Sorry, SSW.

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Oh, you're perfectly fine. Post whatever you want, just tell me if you need me to post an installment.

Really quickly, who can't die? Rogue, yes, but who else? 

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Marigold, Far, Alex, Catsclaw, and Caribbean are left with Nihil and Rogue on the last day. I've kind of... assigned each person the day they're going to die. It's pretty morbid how organized I am about this, really.

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Just a heads-up, I'm going to post part one of day four.

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~An update: day 4 part 2 was just posted~

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Very good. May I see the list of who-dies-when?

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Yeah, of course! I'm not sure why I didn't post it sooner, actually.


DAY FIVE: Jwyn, Dewy/Song

DAY SIX: Gracia, Leeli

DAY SEVEN: Sea Glass, Night Vision


DAY NINE: Artimerrx, Nymph, Reese

DAY TEN: Boo, Darkking, Wendy

DAY ELEVEN: Levana/Estrella, Caspian


DAY THIRTEEN: Winter, Devin, Mor, Wren (I'm hinking something big happens here, because it's the day before the final day)

Left on final day: Nihil, Rogue, Marigold, Alex, Far, Catsclaw, Caribbean 


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D. 4 pt. 3 has been released

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